Friday, December 31, 2010


Finally it's good to be back home and settled into the ol' comfy chair. Here is the listing of people who entered in no particular order:

the results and the winner picked by

Congrats: Dawgbones!!!

Please email me Dawgbones your mailing info and congrats to everyone for helping to make someone's Christmas a little brighter this year. As always I will not post what the prizes were as I leave that up to the winner to post on their blog. Besides......some prizes are worth being surprised by! Thanks again for all who participated! More contests to come in the future!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Delays....Blizzard....Bologna....SNOW.....Stupid drivers

There has been a slight delay in getting home. Thanks Mr. East Coast BLIZZARD!!! We look to be home by thursday. Will announce winner Friday morning. Thank Goodness they didn't get any snow back home.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Contest reminder- extra day given to enter

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter the big Christmas contest . I ask that you please only enter if you have honestly and faithfully followed the rules of the contest. The winner will then be announced on DEC 26th. I was going to announce the winner on Christmas but we will be leaving tonight and won't be back until late Christmas day and I will not have computer access during that time SO I'll give everyone an extra day to enter. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and be safe in your travels!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We here at Enough Already are die hard NY GIANTS fans (with the exception of my son who likes the Eagles.......and I don't know why. At least my daughter partakes in here daddy's fav teams). We were truly saddened to watch a defense allow 21 unanswered points in less than 9 minutes. Then when it came to the punt at the end of the game why did he not kick it out of bounds? Especially with Desean Jackson Receiving! What was funny though was watching Giants coach Tom Coughlin chew out Matt Dodge on the field immediately after the kick. Hopefully he gave that same speech to the WHOLE DEFENSE who decided to go out for some tailgate food in the fourth quarter!

I also think if I hear another person mention that Michael Vick should be the league MVP I will show up at that person's house and puke on them. Michael Vick should not have even been left back into the league after what he's done. I may have a little respect for his skills as a football player but I have no respect for him otherwise. Anyone that's willing to shoot, electrocute, and do further harm to dogs should not be allowed the luxury of owning dogs ever again and should not be allowed back into sports. Yes I know he's paid his debt to society by serving jailtime. Michael Vick spent almost 2 years in jail after he confessed to charges in his involvement with dog fighting. Michael Vick's dogs that did not perform up to his expectations were killed by electrocution, hanging, drowning and other violent and horrific means by him. He’s another perfect example of the two tiered society that America is defined as.... The rich and famous and well connected have a different set of rules apparently in our society than the rest of us where the rules we are forced to live by don't really even give us second chances at times.

We banned Pete Rose from the HOF and baseball for gambling. Yet we let Mike Vick play. Am I missing something there?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Enough Already's "End of the Year Fools in Sports"

We the collective thought here at Enough Already decided to compile a list of what we felt is the top 15 "FOOLS" in 2010 who made a commotion in the sports world and in the hobby world. We will begin counting down in no particular order a character/company/item that made not only a fool of themselves but truly made us wonder, "what the hell were they thinking?"


I wonder just how many ladies got to see this disturbing facial expression. Looks like the guy in front of him is scared or just wanting to be next in line to pick up a check perhaps.

Tiger seemed to have it all.....a hot Swedish wife, quite a few major golf titles, and lots of endorsement deals that were very profitable for him. However, Tiger also had a lot of other "side projects" that consisted of hitting his balls into more holes than anyone could begin to imagine. His "magical golf course" consisted of hitting endless "holes" with no mulligans and no penalty strokes. Reportedly over 120 holes to boast! Then there was the SUV accident involving him and his wife. Then all of the "lady lions" started coming out of the jungle claiming to be tamed by this "big' ol Tiger".

Long story short: Hit his balls into one to many sand traps and was not given any mulligans and received a multiple penalty stroke!

Outcome: about $90 million lighter in his wallet thanks to the former "Mrs. Woods".

Highlights of foolishness: Was a "guest" on SOUTHPARK. Gatorade drop his endorsements. Gillette had suspended any advertising with him on their products. AT&T dropped him like a dropped call. Golf Digest canceled articles on him. He took the neighbor's 21 yr old daughter and showed her how to use his "1 wood" club. Then there was the bogus "no questions allowed while I read this prepared statement that was written for me by someone else" interview.

We hope that Tiger can turn things around for the better. Perhaps in 2011 he can regain his old form on the golf course and even turn his life around for the better and make better decisions. However he needs to focus on two things more than anything: His children and his Golf game. Let everything else go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R.I.P. HOF Pitcher Bob Feller

On December 15, 2010, Robert William Andrew "Bob" Feller died of pneumonia. He was 92 years old. Robert, may you find peace in the arms of the Angels. Thank you for your generosity which knew no boundaries.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Somebody at Topps is really losing it. Now we have TOPPS GYPSY QUEEN BASEBALL. I do believe that the lameness of Topps has reached an all new high!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Contest is no joke and I am dead serious about it!

It has come to my attention from 2 "kindly worded" emails that I received that apparently they think my contest is a feeble attempt at humor and the prizes are a joke and that no one would be willing to give that much. Here's the funny part.....the joke's on them. This contest is a very serious contest. It's about giving to others who don't have. Instead of wasting $85.00 on a box of cards feeding your card habit why not take into consideration what $85.00 could get someone who is perhaps homeless or living in a shelter due to circumstances beyond their control. That lady in the shelter could have been a victim of abuse and has nowhere else to go. That family of four could've had a fire and lost everything. We don't know all of the stories but they're there for a reason. Some people need blood transfusions and blood supplies are low. Blood donors are badly needed. What about the mother and father of a family that lost their jobs and have not been able to find employment. There are children who will not be getting presents on Christmas Day due to things beyond their control. There are families who will go without a meal on Christmas Day. The point of the contest is to make the holiday good for someone who may not have it so good and to give some a little bit of comfort or happiness in a difficult time. I take this contest very serious and I'll tell you why in the short form. I'm going to expose a little bit of my soul:

On my 10th birthday my parents divorced and my Father chose to leave me out of his life. He paid hardly anything in child support and chose to leave at the worse of times. So I had lived with my mother who had Cancer at the time and I chose to help her since my Father wouldn't. My mother could not work a full time job due to her illness. I know what it's like seeing the opening up of Christmas gifts of others and yet knowing it was ok that my mother did not get me anything because she couldn't and I understood but yet she felt so horrible about it. Between Mom going back and forth for chemo treatments and holding my mother's head in my hands at time because she was puking so much I kind of never got to do most things kid did. I had to be an adult at a young age. My mother is a cancer survivor but she is also Diabetic. She has lost her right leg from the knee down due to infection and just recently had half of her right middle finger removed due to infection settling into the bone. This is another reason why I have listed as giving a donation to Cancer Research or Diabetes research.
I know what it's like to be at the bottom of the barrel. I know what it's like to have nothing. Am I angry? No. Am I sad? Yes. I'm sad because someone would think that giving to someone else would be a joke. Better yet here's my thought:

To Randy & Glenn P. who so kindly wrote me: I'd be willing to bet that you two gentlemen are pack searchers. I'd be willing to bet that you would probably take a 1987 Donruss Greg Maddux rookie and sell it on Craigslist for 100.00 gem mint status. I'd be willing to bet that you when you were kids you stole money from your Mom's purse. I'd also be willing to bet that you don't wash your hands after peeing or wiping.....EVER. I'd be willing to bet that you two are the kind of idiots who praise Beckett and shun EBAY values. I'd be willing to bet that once santa finds out your address you're gonna get more than lumps of coal.

So yes the contest is very real and it is true to my heart.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season to be GIVING AWAY!

It's giveaway time here on "Enough Already". This contest is a special contest. It will require a little work on your part and a little thing called "Honesty and integrity" and little thing called "consideration of others". In order to sign up for this contest you must follow these rules that I have layed out before you-NO EXCUSES:


1. Leave your first name and a comment of any type promoting your blogsite or whatever you feel like letting the world know.

2. Tell your friends and other bloggers about the contest and mention it on your blog.

3. Please pick and do any one of the following letter choices to be entered into the contest:
A. Take 15 canned goods to a food/homeless shelter and donate them.
B. Take 15 canned goods and donate them to a church's pantry for people in need.
C. Take 15 good toys and donate them to the Toys for Tots program.
D. Take 10 good warm wearable coats and donate them to a shelter.
E. Take 30 good presentable wearable clothing items to a shelter.
F. Take 15 Baked good items and Donate them to a food/homeless shelter.
G. Make a donation to the American Diabetes Association
H. Make a donation to the American Cancer Society
I. Donate a pint of Blood or make a donation to the American Red Cross
Here's where it can get fun with a Christmas Bonus: If you do one of these events and include a photo of you doing the event you chose to do you will then be entered for a secret surprise Christmas Bonus prize. If you have a pic then please contact me first and I will send you my email/contact info and then you'll be entered for the Christmas Bonus.

The giveaway prize package will consist of a surprise autographed official mbl baseball player (hint: member of the 500 HR club -no not Gary Sheffield as I will say that much-lol) and 2 other Hall of Fame autographed 8x10 pictures. (HINT): One player is the "most linkable" player in all of baseball history! (HINT 2): Both players are on the 100 Greatest Players of Baseball by The Sporting News. Also included is a package of 100+ varieties of refractor cards of various baseball and football stars and rookies. HOT rookie cards from Football and Baseball. A special Tim Tebow Topps Chrome rookie refractor card and a few other Christmas surprises (we're not telling you everything that's included cause it's CHRISTMAS for pete's sake! As Rod could tell you as he was my last contest winner, here at Enough Already- we like to give generously and surprisingly! Dave from First and Goal can attest to this as well! So can Marie from her blog! By the way...the Prize will be shipped UPS.

Things to remember:
1. Follow the rules of the contest to be officially entered!
2. Deadline for Entry is December 24, 2010 @ 11:59pm
3. Contestants will be listed in no particular order and will select the winner.
4. Contest winner will be drawn on the afternoon of Christmas Day.

We enjoy giving things away here at "Enough Already". With a little help from you and me let's give to those who need a helping hand.

It would be nice if Reps from the card companies (UD, Topps, Panini) would take place in the card contest by donating additional prizes or matching to the charities!

A little help is needed!

I have various years of Baseball, Football, and Hockey sports cards that I have tons of extras from building sets. Hit me up with an email and see if I might have something you're looking for or need to fill a set. If you have something I need then let me know and we'll strike up a deal.

Here's what I need some help with:

2009 Topps Platinum:
1 3 7 8 9 10 11 14 16 17 21 25 26 27 29 33 36 37 38 41 42 43 44 48 50 52 54 55 59 60 63 64 65 68 70 71 75 76 77 78 80 82 87 90 92 99 103 105 108 110 111 112 114 115 117 121 123 124 126 127 128 129 130 132 133 134 136 137 138 141 142 143 145 147 148 149 151 154 155 156 157 159 161 165

2008 Bowman Chrome Football REFRACTORS
58 61 63 65 66 70 72 75 78 81 84 86 89 90 92 95 97 98 101 103 104 105 108 109 111 112 113 118 120 122 125 127 129 130 133 135 136 139 141 144 147 150 152 153 156 158 159 160 163 164 167 168 171 172 177 179 181 185 188 190 192 193 194 196 200 201 202 207 208 214 215 217

2009 Finest Baseball:
1 29 40 52 53 56 62 68 71 76 98 100 101 107 110 112 122 127 134 145 148 149 150 152 153 154 155 156 157 159 160 161 162 163

2008 UD Masterpieces Football:
45 59 65 70 91 92 93 94 95 98 99 101 102 103 104 105 106

2008 SPX Football:
3 7 14 15 17 19 20 21 26 27 30 31 33 35 36 37 40 46 48 52 53 55 57 61 63 64 65 67 70 71 73 74 80 82 83 84 85 86 87

Monday, December 6, 2010

Topps Prime is the Old Stadium Club

Seems as if Topps made Stadium Club a little bit better with the release of "Prime". It Doesn't matter that "Prime" is almost the same photography shots of Stadium Club lore past and present with the action bleeding through the card. Obviously Topps did not get the memo about "sticker auto's" as this product is LOADED with them. It seems that the art of "on card auto" at Topps is non-existive anymore. The odds of you pulling that star rookie autograph of "Ben Dover" makes his return in this product. If and when you decide to purchase this product you get 10 packs per box and 4 serially numbered and or autographs per box with a price of $10.00 a pack. The inserts in this series just plain look blah with the 1,2,3,4 quarters jersey combo's. The only positive highlight of all the inserts is the Red Zone rookie autographs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joe Paterno is coming back ......again!

All the news around here in Happy Valley is that Joe Paterno is coming back for one more year. I suppose now would be the time for him to stock up on his much needed supplies for next year......

Yes folks, at 84, JoePa is going to give it another year. However, that's another year that someone will not be gaining any head coaching experience at PSU. There is much love and respect for what you did it's time to walk away while it's good and enjoy RETIREMENT. Let other kids play Joe!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What? WHO? WhY? WTF? Oh....ok.

This past year my "sports card habits" have truly taken a back seat. Oh sure I picked up a few blaster boxes here and there but I have not spent nowhere near the amount of money I used to spend. Even at my local card shop- all he carries is Topps and I'm not impressed with what he has to offer. With what he carries in terms of products I can find it a lot cheaper by almost 20-30.00 at blowout cards with shipping! I'm even less impressed when he whips out the "Holy Beckett Bible" and looks at the high prices 97.8% of the time for any single cards that I pick out that I want or need. Then when it comes to commons he has to go by the "Beckett Bible" on that as well. I usually walk out at that point empty handed hoping he would catch on to the point of "no one goes by that anymore if you really wanna make a sale" but it seems I would have a better time getting felt up by TSA employees than any hopes of him dropping the whole "Beckett" is the gospel approach. Then he gripes as to why he hardly has any business.....GEE I WONDER.

There is one thing that really bothers me a liitle and that is UPPER DECK. A few weeks ago I took part in a 2010 UD Sweet Spot box break over at First and Goal and I was rather surprised at what I had pulled (actually what Dave pulled for me):

I know UD was (in trouble with the NFL: Read it here) making this a college themed set and by most standards I think they did an okay job. However the one thing I was not impressed by was the fact that the LeSean McCoy jersey swatch is green in color. That's funny considering Pitt's colors are blue and gold. So I posted a message on UD's facebook page asking as to why the color difference and I promptly received a reply of :

Upper Deck commented on their wall post.
Upper Deck wrote: "We can use NFL jerseys, just not images of team logos. This was a Eagles jersey."

On the back of the jersey card it states that this jersey was from a rookie photo shoot.

Hmmmm......on the front of the hobby box it states: 2010 NCAA football
I think it would be nice to actually use the college jersey swatch pieces in a product that is advertised as NCAA FOOTBALL and not use an NFL jersey swatch in a supposed NCAA product. Even my 9 yr old son looked at me confused and asked, "if it's a college card then why do they have a pro jersey on the card Dad?" Is it me or am I missing something?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Henchmeister's Junk Blog's Contest Time!

It's contest time at Henchmeister's Junk Blog. What you have to do is pick the team that you think will have the most cards from half of the box that he is opening and you will win the other 18 packs plus some other surprises. Spread the word folks and check out his site!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird things on NFL Sunday

This past Sunday was very interesting for the NFL. Here are the thoughts:

People are chanting, "The Raiders are back, the Raiders are back"!

Yes, the Raiders did play another good game. Yes, they have a 3 game winning streak which is their best since at least the 2002 season. Yes, Darren Mcfadden is proving that when he's healthy and not making kids or videos or fighting at night clubs that he can produce. Yes, Jason Campbell had another nice passing game with help from Jacoby Ford and McFadden. NO this does not constitute them "being back". Wait until week 14 and then if they make the playoffs then belt the tune out. And just because an offensive lineman scores does not mean they'll make the playoffs.

Did anyone notice that the Cleveland Browns has defeated the New Orleans Saints and now the New England Patriots? They beat the Saints on the road and they beat the Patriots at home this week. It was the Peyton Hillis show again that contributed. Colt McCoy had another start with success. Could this be a new formula?

Did anyone notice that the Houston Texans have now fallen to 4-4 after such a hot start?

New York CB Darrelle Revis: Calvin.....your butt is mine.
Detroit WR Calvin Johnson: Your so slow I could have sex with your mom twice and then
rollover twice and still be on her and then get off and still have time to outrun you.
New York CB Darrelle Revis: Your momma so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone!
Calvin had one catch for 13 yards

BREAKING NEWS: Matthew Stafford was hurt AGAIN. That's right folks....hopefully you chose to double down on the same injured shoulder that kept him out for 5 weeks. ALWAYS double down on the Detroit Quarterbacks in the injury pool because you'll be stinking rich when they go down!

Did you know that the Buffalo Bills had the lead only to blow it again and lose the game? Buffalo has yet to win this year.

The Eagles beat the colts!!! Michael Vick still has no interceptions on the season.

There is job openings available for a Quarterback position in the Carolina Organization. None of ours seems to work.

So........who's gonna lose money this week's episode of "NFL: HARD HITTING LAWMAN"?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


ATTENTION TOPPS: Why do you persist on making the "manufactured" patches? Why are you now making "manufactured" bat barrel cards? It's one thing to have the real thing in your hand. It's no fun when you pull a barrel card and it's a hunk of decorative DAMAGED art junk. Let it be the real thing or don't make it at all. It's worthless and just a filler like the thick white cardboard in a pack of cards or even sometimes the cards themselves!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holy Cow!!! 10,000 VIEWS!

My blog has officially recorded over 10,000 views. I am simply amazed at this because I wouldn't have never expected to see that many people reading my ol' boring site/blog. For those that do I say, "Thank You" and I encourage you to continue to fight the good fight and spread the word at just how bad PANINI really is this year. Would someone please donate some ideas for them. Perhaps if we posted a sign that said, "Listen to the collectors and they will come", they might actually see improvements........Yeah..........and I have 10,000 yen. Perhaps the man on the yen should use his stick on PANINI and teach them how to do cards "THE RIGHT WAY". However, on a serious side.....Thanks guys for the support!

Chicken Scratch: Jordan Shipley Edition

Welcome to another addition of "Chicken Scratch". This week's subject is non other than Cincinnati Bengals rookie Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley. In Jordan's last NFL game against the Falcons, he had 6 receptions for 131 yards which included a beautiful 64 yd TD reception.
His bold signature is almost legible. His "J's" and "S's" are pretty easy to recognize and he does make an effort to sign his last name where as some athletes just write a straight line instead. When you look at his first name you might assume it was "Jim or "Ji" or even "JD". When you look at his last name yeah.......the only thing that I can come up with is "sis". Still his signature is still a far cry better than Chris Johnson's or Amobi Okoye's autograph. For this lovely piece of artwork I give it: 3 sharpies!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The MOJO Fairy has brought me a Tim Tebow EBAY Special

It would appear that the "MOJO FAIRY" has paid a trip to WalMart. The children and I headed up to Wally world to grab a few things and in the checkout isle was one box of 2010 Topps Chrome. I figured....."what the heck...why not!" I really liked what I pulled so far until the very last pack in the box. The last card was a very nice and shiny blue refractor card of one Denver Bronco Tim "monk" Tebow. It was serially numbered (oh wait......I gotta pee from all of the anticipation.......ok....oh wait the dogs have to pee now........ok.... oh wait the kids have to was serially numbered 15 / 199. OH MY...15 is his jersey number! It's an EBAY 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 to the six power special! It's probably worth an estimated shabillion turkish franks or 50000000000000000 grams of beer. Or maybe it might be worth two hot dogs and beer with some sauerkraut!

Yes it's a nice pull. The rest of the box panned out rather quite well and it was loaded and I do mean loaded with rookies.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baltimore ROCKS!

Sunday was a another fun filled day with my better half and her family as we traveled down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Shortly before we arrived at the Aquarium we were stopped by a few police who was stopping all traffic at the redlight because Police bikes were taking either the Ravens or Broncos football team to the Stadium. I thought that was pretty neat to see. However then it donned on me that I could be in trouble. I was proudly wearing my NY GIANTS t-shirt and going into a sea of purple not realizing sunday was a home game for the Ravens. The funny thing is no one said one word to me and perhaps maybe it was due to my size (everyone says I look like I could rip cars apart easily) or else they felt sorry for me and didn't want to express anything for fear I may rip them a new hole. I'm not sure but maybe it was out of respect or something. Although a part of me did feel like taking a dump on the cement plaque that celebrates the Ravens 2000 super bowl victory. However in the midst of all of the white and purple that was everywhere I did manage to meet a few other NY Giants fans later in the day and it was nice to exchange pleasantries and stories with the locals. As for the trip....The aquarium totally rocked! I will be bringing my children down for them to see and share in the awesomeness of the Aquarium! I also need to take them to the Science center as well. The only thing that I did find rather amusing a little was the unexpected cannon going off on the USS Constellation. I suddenly felt like shopping for a new pair of underwear because it felt like I shit my pants when the cannon on the ship went off UNANNOUNCED and we were close by it! I will have alot of good memories from this trip and I promise I will be returning to Baltimore soon with my children!

My picks are in RED

Kansas City at Houston (1:00 PM)
Baltimore at New England (1:00 PM)
Detroit at N.Y. Giants (1:00 PM)
Atlanta at Philadelphia (1:00 PM)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM)
Seattle at Chicago (1:00 PM)
Miami at Green Bay (1:00 PM)
San Diego at St. Louis (1:00 PM)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh (1:00 PM)
N.Y. Jets at Denver (4:05 PM)
Oakland at San Francisco (4:05 PM)
Dallas at Minnesota (4:15 PM)
Indianapolis at Washington (8:20 PM)
MONDAY Tennessee at Jacksonville (8:30 PM)

BTW........The Atlanta Braves will be on the golf courses a little bit earlier this month then they originally planned!

Weight Lifting Workout Rule No. 1: Define Your Goals- It's very important to set realistic and achievable goals so that you don’t get discouraged and walk away from it. By setting these goals it will help you from possibly risking injury to yourself by doing too much all at one time. You have to take small steps and stay focused. Take your time and plan your workouts accordingly so they're effective and not under or over effective.

more to come!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time is Good

Well it's nice to be back into the world of things. I had taken some well earned and deserved time off from work and the novel I am working on and went on vacation with the family and it was great to just gel at the beach and take in "Bike Week" at Ocean City among other things. I really had to let the batteries recharge so to speak cause everything was catching up with me and it was effecting me on more levels then I care to have it do.

The sports world has been buzzing with so many changes and now Brett Favre is back in the spotlight again for 2 reasons:

1. Randy Moss has been traded back to the Vikings.
2. Brett Favre was caught leaving dirty voicemail messages.

Only time will tell if the "Moss Marriage" to the Vikings will end up on Judge Judy's Divorce Court or an assistant's video tape perhaps before the end of the season. Just maybe Randy might finally hang it up at the end of the season for all we know! As for the Brett Favre audio messages.....God I hope the media does not turn this into "The Mel Gibson 3 Ring Circus Tapes".

Starting Monday:
I will be starting up my NFL picks.
A review of my 2 retail boxes of Topps Platinum Football.
Exercise/Weightlifting tips.
Gaming Coma' they exist?

Back to the grindstone! "Bring out your Dead"!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here is the rundown of all NFL roster moves in the last week of the 2010 preseason courtousey of FOX SPORTS. FOX SPORTS gets the credit for the list!

Definitely some notable names of rookies from the last two-three years on this list that were flooded into NFL football card products and autograph cards from the various manufacturers.

NFL Cutdown Deadlines:

* Tuesday, Aug. 31: NFL teams must reduce rosters from 80 to 75 players.
* Saturday, Sept. 4: NFL teams must reduce rosters from 75 to 53 players.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived TE Dominique Byrd, OT Casey Knips, C David Moosman. Traded CB Jorrick Calvin to the Philadelphia Eagles for RB/FB Charles Scott. Signed WR Isaiah Williams.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Moved OLB O’Brien Schofield from Active/Non-Football Injury List to Reserve/Non-Football Injury list. Placed FB Nehemiah Broughton on injured reserve. Waived/injured WR Darren Mougey.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Placed WR Darren Mougey on IR. Extended the contract of DL Darnell Dockett through 2015.

Friday, Sept. 3: Traded G Reggie Wells to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a 2011 sixth-round pick. Moved LB Gerald Hayes from Active/Physically Unable to Perform list to Physically Unable to Perform list, waived/injured LB Mark Washington. Waived WR Onrea Jones, FB/RB Charles Scott, WR Isaiah Williams, WR Ed Gant, LB Stevie Baggs, LB Cody Brown, DE Jeremy Clark, DE John Fletcher, CB Trevor Ford, G Jonathan Miller, G Tom Pestock, OL Herman Johnson. Released TE Anthony Becht, LB Monty Beisel, CB Justin Miller.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Released QB Matt Leinart. Waived/injured LB Chris Johnson, RB Alfonso Smith.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived OT Mark Ortmann, S/CB Gabriel Derricks.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived/injured DT Thomas Johnson. Released S Matt Giordano with injury settlement.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Placed DT Thomas Johnson on IR.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Waived TE Robbie Agnone, WR Troy Bergeron, WR Tim Buckley, RB Dimitri Nance, C Blake Schlueter, WR Andy Strickland, WR Ryan Wolfe, TE Keith Zinger, S Rafael Bush, S Eric Brock, CB Dominique Daniels, CB Chevis Jackson, LB Weston Johnson, DE Maurice Lucas, DE Emmanuel Stephens, G Jose Valdez, LB Bear Woods. Waived/injured WR Brandyn Harvey. Released C Brett Romberg, FB Dan Klecko.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived CB Doug Dutch. Waived/injured C Daniel Sanders and S Marcus Paschal.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Moved LB Brendon Ayanbadejo and RB Matt Lawrence from Active/Physically Unable to perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list. Acquired CB Josh Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a 2011 conditional draft selection. Waived/injured FB Mike McLaughlin.

Thursday, Sept. 2: Placed FB Mike McLaughlin on IR.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Traded LB Antwan Barnes to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a 2011 seventh-round pick. Moved S Ed Reed from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Placed C/G David Hale, OT Ramon Harewood, OL Stefan Rodgers, DT Kelly Talavou on IR. Released K Shayne Graham, CB Travis Fisher, WR Demetrius Williams. Waived QB Troy Smith, TE Davon Drew, WR Justin Harper, CB Chris Hawkins, RB Curtis Steele, WR Eron Riley, OT Devin Tyler. CB K.J. Gerard, OL Bryan Mattison, LB Albert McClellan, OL Joe Reitz, S Brad Jones.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Aaron Rhea, G Kyle Calloway, DT Lonnie Harvey.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Released OT Kirk Chambers. Waived/injured TE Derek Schouman. Moved S Jon Corto from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Waived C Sean Allen, RB Andre Anderson, RB Joique Bell, QB Levi Brown, DE Rashaad Duncan, FB Rodney Ferguson, C Christian Gaddis, TE Andrew George, WR James Hardy, G Nick Hennessey, CB Ellis Lankster, WR Naaman Roosevelt, RB Chad Simpson, LB Donovan Woods, G Andre Ramsey, CB Lydell Sargeant, OT Jason Watkins, WR Chad Jackson.


Monday, Aug. 30: Signed G Tim Duckworth.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived WRs Dexter Jackson and Oliver Young. Placed WR Wallace Wright and DE Hilee Taylor on Injured Reserve. Moved LB Thomas Davis from Active/Physically Unable to Perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to perform list.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Placed G C.J. Davis, S Aaron Francisco, G Duke Robinson on IR. Released OT Rob Petitti, DE Rob Moore. Waived/injured TE Jamie Petrowski, Waived QB Hunter Cantwell, RB Josh Vaughan, G Andrew Crummey, LB Quinton Culberson, WR Trent Guy, G Ray Hisatake, DT Corvey Irvin, LB Mortty Ivy, CB R.J. Stanford, FB Rashawn Jackson, WR Kenny Moore, RB Dantrell Savage, DT Tank Tyler, LB Sean Ware, CB Brian Witherspoon.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived QB Matt Gutierrez, WR Zeke Markshausen, DE Maurice Evans.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived/injured FB Will Ta'ufo'ou.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Claimed OL Edwin Williams off waivers from the Washington Redskins. Waived RB Brandon Minor. Placed FB Will Ta'ufo'ou on IR.

Thursday, Sept. 2: Waived FB Will Ta'ufo'ou off IR with injury settlement.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released TE Richard Angulo. Waived DT Jarron Gilbert, WR Juaquin Igleias, S Al Afalava, WR Freddie Barnes, C Josh Beekman, CB Cornelius Gilbert, OT Levi Horn, QB Dan LeFevour, LB Kevin Malast, OT James Marten, WR Greg Mathews, LB Tim Shaw, S Quentin Scott, LB Kelvin Smith, CB Woodny Turenne, DE Barry Turner, S Aaron Webster, FB Eddie Williams, C Edwin Williams, DE Mick Williams.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived LS Mike Windt, released LB Rashad Jeanty (failed physical). Moved S Tom Nelson from Active/Physically Unable to Perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to perform list. Placed S Gibril Wilson on injured reserve. WR Maurice Purify has been suspended by the NFL for one game for violating the personal conduct policy.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Traded CB David Jones and a conditional draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for S Reggie Nelson. Released WR Matt Jones, LB Abdul Hodge. Waived/injured FB Fui Vakapuna. Waived K Dave Rayner, G Isaac Sowells, S Marvin White, DT Orien Harris, S Kyries Hebert, TE Chase Coffman, TE Darius Hill, RB James Johnson, DT Clinton McDonald, S Rico Murray, WR Maurice Purify, WR Dezmond Briscoe, G Otis Hudson, OT Gabriel Manns, S Jeromy Miles, LB Vincent Rey, OT Chris Rodgers, CB Johnny Sears, FB Joe Tronzo.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived CB John Bowie.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Placed DL Titus Adams on IR. Waived WR Taurus Johnson, G John Malecki, CB Gerard Dawson.

Friday, Sept. 3: Placed RB Montario Hardesty on IR. Waived WRs Syndric Steptoe and Jake Allen, OL Casey Bender, CB Coye Francies, TE Joel Gamble, OL Joel Reinders

Saturday, Sept. 4: Activated DT Shaun Rogers from active/PUP list; released WR Bobby Engram and OL Scott Kooistra; released DL C.J. Mosley (failed physical); waived S Larry Asante, G Paul Fanaika, DE Clifton Geathers, CB Brandon McDonald, RB Chris Jennings, CB Chris Chancellor, DT Travis Ivey, QB Brett Ratliff, S DeAngelo Smith, DE Swanson Miller, C Pat Murray and DE Brian Sanford.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Terrell Hudgins, TE Scott Sicko.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Moved LB Stephen Hodge from Active/Physically Unable to perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list. Released S Patrick Watkins. Placed TE John Phillips on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Traded OL Pat McQuistan to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for an undisclosed 2011 draft pick.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released CB Cletis Gordon. Waived OT Will Barker, G Travis Bright, DE Marcus Dixon, RB Herb Donaldson, TE DajLeon Farr, WR Jesse Holley, WR Manny Johnson, LB Curtis Johnson, CB Bryan McCann, RB Lonyae Miller, LB Steve Octavien, TE Jason Pociask, TE Martin Rucker, DT Jimmy Saddler-McQueen, LB Brandon Sharpe, DL Junior Siavii, OL Mike Tepper, CB Jamar Wall, CB Teddy Williams.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived/injured CB Tony Carter. Released RB Justin Fargas.

Tuesday, Aug. 31:Placed CB Tony Carter on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3:Placed RB LenDale White on IR. Waived CB Tony Carter from IR with injury settlement. Waived WR Alric Arnett, DL Chris Baker, OL Paul Duncan, LB Jammie Kirlew, TE Nathan Overbay, TE Kory Sperry, LB Johnny Williams.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Traded CB Alphonso Smith to the Detroit Lions in exchange for TE Dan Gronkowski. Placed LB Elvis Dumervil, WR Brandon Stokley on IR. Placed DL Ben Garland on Reserve/Military list. Released DE Jarvis Green, LB Darrell Reid. Waived LB Kevin Alexander, TE Marquez Branson, WR Britt Davis, S Kyle McCarthy, C Seth Olsen, DL Jeff Stehle, LB Worrell Williams.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Eric Fowler, LB Lee Campbell, DE Chima Ihekwoaba. Waived/injured TE Jake Nordin. Signed LB Rocky Boiman. Placed S David Roach on IR.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Traded OT Tyler Polumbus to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for an undisclosed 2012 draft choice. Moved CB Jack Williams from Active/Physically Unable to Perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to perform list. Placed TE Jake Nordin on IR

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived DT Jaron Baston. Waived S David Roach from IR with injury settlement.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released CB Dre' Bly, S Ko Simpson, OT Jon Jansen, RB DeDe Dorsey, CB T.J. Rushing, WR Brian Clark, CB Dante Wesley, LB Vinny Ciurciu and CB Eric King. Waived injured DE Korey Bosworth; waived DT Rob Callaway, LB Caleb Campbell, K Steven Hauschka, CB Jonathan Hefney, OT Cliff Louis, WR Michael Moore, DT Landon Cohen, CB Paul Pratt, G Noah Franklin, C Dan Gerberry and WR Tim Toone.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Moved RB James Starks, S Atari Bigby, CB Al Harris from the Active/PUP list to the Reserve/PUP list. Placed RB Quinn Porter on IR.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Placed OL Allen Barbre, CB Will Blackmon on IR. Waived P Chris Bryan, OT Chris Campbell, WR Jason Chery, CB D.J. Clark, OL Evan Dietrich-Smith, WR Charles Dillon, LB Robert Francois, OT Breno Giancomini, QB Graham Harrell, TE Spencer Havner, LB Alex Joseph, S Anthony Levine, RB Kregg Lumpkin, LB Cyril Obiozor, LB Maurice Simpkins, DE Ronald Talley, DT Anthony Toribio, WR Chastin West, WR Patrick Williams, DE Jarius Wynn.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR London Crawford, DE Pannel Egboh, CB Fred Bennett. Placed WR Trindon Holliday and RB Ben Tate on IR. Removed TE Owen Daniels from Active/PUP list.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Signed RB Derrick Ward; placed K Kris Brown and WR Andre' Davis on IR; released C Chris White, CB Jacques Reeves. Waived RB Chris Henry, QB John David Booty, WR Bobby Williams, TE Derek Fine, RB Jeremiah Johnson, LB Isaiah Greenhouse, C Brett Helms, FB Jack Corcoran, OT Steve Maneri, S Nick Polk, CB Mark Parson, S Torri Williams, LB Will Patterson, OT Cole Pemberton, DT DelJuan Robinson, DT Malcolm Sheppard, OT Adam Stenavich, WR Derrick Townsel and DT Mitch Unrein. Moved TE Anthony Hill from active/PUP list to reserve/PUP list.


Monday, Aug. 30: Placed CB Kevin Thomas on IR.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Acquired CB Justin Tryon from the Washington Redskins in exchange for an undisclosed draft choice; released OT Adam Terry; waived DE Ervin Baldwin, QB Tom Brandstater, DE John Chick, CB Ray Fisher, DT Marlon Favorite, TE Colin Cloherty, C Adrian Martinez, CB Glenn Sharpe, S Terrell Skinner, WR Taj Smith, CB Ashton Hall, OT Chris Marinelli, RB Allen Patrick, CB Danny Gorrer, WR Sam Giguere, OT James Williams, RB Jarvarris James, CB Terrail Lambert, S Mike Newton, WR Brandon James, LB Vuna Tuihalamaka and WR Blair White.


Monday, Aug. 30: Placed DT D’Anthony Smith and C John Estes on IR. Waived WR Roren Thomas, DE Julius Williams, rookie CB Josh Gordy. Signed C Bradley Vierling. Waived/injured C Cecil Newton.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Placed C Cecil Newton on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived G Cecil Newton from IR with injury settlement.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Traded S Reggie Nelson to the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for CB David Jones and an undisclosed draft pick; placed LB Kyle Bosworth on IR; released TE Ernest Wilford, S Gerald Alexander, WR Troy Williamson, LB Rod Wilson, DT Atiyyah Ellison, LB Tony Gilbert, G Kynan Forney, LB Teddy Lehman and CB Scott Starks; waived RB Kolby Smith, DT Walter Curry, WR Clarence Denmark, WR John Matthews, OT Daniel Baldridge, TE Mike Caussin, DT Jeremy Navarre, QB Trevor Harris, RB Chad Kackert, DT Ko Quaye, LB Alvin Bowen and C Brad Vierling.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived QB Bill Stull, RB Kestahn Moore, TE Cody Slate.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived WR Lance Long.

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived TE Leroy Banks, WR Rich Gunnell, OL Lemuel Jeanpierre, G Ike Ndukwe, CB Mike Richardson, G Dan Santucci, LB John Russell. Re-signed S Jarrad Page.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Traded S Jarrad Page to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick. Placed CB Maurice Leggett, WR Jerheme Urban on IR. Waived G Colin Brown, DT Garrett Brown, DL Dion Gales, OT Bobby Greenwood, G Darryl Harris, LB David Herron, DT Derek Lokey, S DaJuan Morgan, QB Tyler Palko, S Ricky Price, WR Verran Tucker, LB Pierre Walters, RB Javarris Williams.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived/injured TE Joey Haynos.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Placed DE Phillip Merling on Non-Football Injury list. Placed OT Nate Garner and TE Joey Haynos on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Acquired OL Pat McQuistan from the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for an undisclosed 2011 draft pick.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released TE David Martin, DT Montavious Stanley. Waived Jonathon Amaya, DT Ryan Baker, DE Lionel Dotson, G Ray Feinga. LB J.D. Folsom, OT Andrew Gardner, OL Andrew Hartline, CB Kevin Hobbs, FB Rolly Lumbala, LB Chris McCoy, S Nate Ness, WR Julius Pruitt, LB Austin Spitler, G Donald Thomas, WR Patrick Turner, LB Erik Walden, S Ross Weaver, QB Pat White.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived/injured LB Jeremy Leman.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived WR Marko Mitchell, OT Bill Noethlich. Moved WR Sidney Rice from Active/Physically Unable to Perform list to Reserve/Physically Unable to perform list. Placed LB Jeremy Leman on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Traded QB Sage Rosenfels and RB Darius Reynaud to the New York Giants in exchange for an undisclosed pick in the 2011 NFL draft as well as a conditional pick in the 2012 draft.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released WR Javon Walker, TE Garrett Mills, DE Mike Montgomery. Waived S Colt Anderson, G Thomas Austin, G Adrian Battles, WR Logan Payne, WR Taye Biddle, WR Freddie Brown, OT Patrick Brown, OT Chris Clark, FB Ryan D'Imperio, LB Nate Triplett, OT Drew Radovich, CB Marcus Sherels, WR Marquis Hamilton, RB Ian Johnson, DT Jermaine Johnson, K Rhys Lloyd, CB DeAndre Wright.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived G Brian Simmons. Signed CB Terrence Johnson.

Tuesday, Aug.31: Placed S Josh Barrett, CB Leigh Bodden, S Brett Lockett, DL Darryl Richard on IR. Waived CB Terrence Johnson.

Friday, Sept. 3: Released DL Damione Lewis, C Eric Ghiaciuc.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Acquired LB Tracy White from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for an undisclosed 2012 draft pick. Acquired S Jarrad Page from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick. Placed S Brandon McGowan on IR. Released WR Sam Aiken, LB Pierre Woods, LB Eric Alexander, LB Derrick Burgess. Waived S Sergio Brown, OT George Bussey, TE Carson Butler, RB Thomas Clayton, WR Buddy Farnham, WR Darnell Jenkins, OL Ted Larsen, TE Rob Myers, G Rich Ohrnberger, WR Rod Owens, QB Zac Robinson, RB Chris Taylor, S Ross Ventrone, OL Thomas Welch, CB DeAngelo Willingham.


Monday, Aug. 30: Signed DT Kendrick Clancy.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived QB Sean Canfield, WR Andy Tanner.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Moved LB Clint Ingram, S Darren Sharper from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Placed LB Jonathan Casillas on IR. Released RB Ladell Betts, DT Kendrick Clancy, C Nick Leckey, G Terrence Metcalf, DE Bobby McCray, FB Jason McKie, QB Patrick Ramsey. Waived WR Montez Billings, OL Brandon Carter, OL Na'Shan Goddard, OL Jermey Parnell, LB Harry Coleman, CB Reggie Jones, FB Zak Keasey, TE Tyler Lorenzen, DT DeMario Pressley, DT Al Woods, DT Jay Ross, S Chip Vaughn.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Placed QB Jim Sorgi, WR Sinorice Moss, LB Adrian Tracy on IR. Moved G Kevin Boothe from the Active/PUP list to the Reserve/PUP list. Waived WR Nyan Boateng.

Thursday, Sept. 2: Waived S Michael Greco off IR with injury settlement.

Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WRs Aundrae Allison and Marcus Henry, DE Rodrique Wright. Released WR Laveranues Coles.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived QB Kevin O’Connell. Claimed OLB Ricky Foley off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks

Thursday, Sept. 2: Waived S Michael Greco off IR with injury settlement.

Friday, Sept. 3: Acquired QB Sage Rosenfels and RB Darius Reynaud from the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for an undisclosed pick in the 2011 NFL draft as well as a conditional pick in the 2012 draft.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released WR Derek Hagan, OL Guy Whimper, S John Busing. Waived/injured DE Alex Hall, CB Courtney Brown. Waived QB Rhett Bomar, FB Jerome Johnson, DT Jay Alford, RB Andre Brown, RB Gartrell Johnson, TE Bear Pascoe, QB Dominick Randolph, WR Tim Brown, TE Scott Chandler, OL Jacob Bender, OL Herb Taylor, OL Jim Cordle, OL Dennis Landolt, DL Tommie Hill, DL Dwayne Hendricks, DL Nate Collins, CB Seth Williams, S Matt O'Hanlon, S Sha'reff Rashad.


Saturday, Sept. 4:Placed WR Santonio Holmes on Reserve/Suspended list. Waived S Emanuel Cook, FB Jason Davis, C Robby Felix, S Keith Fitzhugh, LB Ricky Foley, WR Brooks Foster, OT Dan Gay, LB Tim Knicky, DE Jason Lamb, LB Boris Lee, LB Josh Mauga, LB Cory Reamer, LB Brashton Satele, DL Ty Steinkuhler, CB Bo Smith, S Donovan Warren, OT Michael Turkovich, G Chet Teofilo, G Charlie Tanner, WR Larry Taylor.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived RB Chane Moline, WR Paul Hubbard, G Allen Smith. Released TE Tony Stewart.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived DT Eric Butler.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Placed FB Luke Lawton on reserve/suspended list; released DL Chris Cooper, TE John Owens and DT William Joseph; waived K Swayze Waters, CB Joey Thomas, FB Manase Tonga, WR Todd Watkins, WR Shaun Bodiford, S Jerome Boyd, QB Colt Brennan, S Stevie Brown, OL Chris Morris, DE Alex Daniels, DE Greyson Gunheim, DT Kellen Heard, LB David Nixon, OL Alex Parsons, CB Joe Porter, DE Jay Richardson and OL Brandon Rodd.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Jared Perry, C Zipp Duncan, G Greg Isdaner, LB Simoni Lawrence, S Ryan Hamilton. Traded RB/FB Charles Scott to the Arizona Cardinals for CB Jorrick Calvin.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Claimed DE Pannel Egboh off waivers from the Houston Texans. Placed DE Ricky Sapp on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Acquired G Reggie Wells from the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a 2011 sixth-round pick. Released RB J.J. Arrington, TE Nate Lawrie. Moved DE Victor Abiamiri from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Waived WR Dobson Collins, DE Pannel Egboh, Martell Mallett, OT Jeraill McCuller, CB David Pender, CB Geoff Pope, DT Boo Robinson, S Anthony Scirrotto.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Acquired LB Antwan Barnes from the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a 2011 seventh-round pick. Traded OL Stacy Andrews to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a 2011 seventh-round pick. Traded LB Tracy White to the New England Patriots for an undisclosed 2012 draft pick. Released G Max Jean-Gilles, WR Kelley Washington. Waived WR Chad Hall, WR Jordan Norwood, TE Cornelius Ingram, C A.Q. Shipley, C Dallas Reynolds, DE Eric Moncur, DT Jeff Owens, S Macho Harris, OL Fenuki Tupou, S Quintin Demps.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived FB/RB Dwayne Wright, LB Brandon Renkart, CB David Pittman. Released OT Adrian Jones. Moved OT Chris Scott from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Waived LB Andre Frazier from IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived TE Eugene Bright, G Dorian Brooks, OT Kyle Jolly, TE Sean McHugh, WR Brandon London, DT Scott Paxson, S Justin Thornton, RB Justin Vincent, LB Renauld Williams. Released LB/LS Matt Stewart.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Waived G Kraig Urbik, LB Patrick Bailey, CB Joe Burnett, WR Tyler Grisham, FB Frank Summers, CB Da'mon Cromartie-Smith, DE Sunny Harris, DE Doug Worthington, DE Steve McLendon, WR Stefan Logan. Released C Justin Hartwig.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived RB Marcus Mason, WR Gary Banks, G Lee Grimes, LB Darry Beckwith. Placed LB Donald Butler on IR. Signed P Glenn Pakulak. Claimed CB Fred Bennett off waivers from the Houston Texans. Released DL Ryon Bingham.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Released WR Josh Reed, K Nick Novak, CB Nathan Vasher. Waived WR Seyi Ajirotutu, OT Brady Bond, FB Richie Brockel, RB Curtis Brinkley, QB Jonathan Compton, WR Richard Goodman, OL Jeff Hansen, TE Dedrick Epps, DE Derrick Jones, FB Billy Latsko, C Ryan McDonald, RB Shawnbrey McNeal, P Glenn Pakulak, OT Nick Richmond, S Quinton Teal, CB Traye Simmons, G Cam Stephenson, WR Jeremy Williams, LB Kion Wilson, LB Mike Nixon.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Bakari Grant, LB Patrick Stoudamire. Waived/injured LB Brandon Long.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Placed LB Brandon Long on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived K Shane Andrus, LB Mike Balogun, QB Jarrett Brown, FB Jehuu Caulcrick, LB Bruce Davis, G Brian de la Puente, TE Joe Jon Finley, WRs Bobby Guillory, Jason Hill, Kevin Jurovich, OT Matt Kopa, LB Keaton Kristick, S Chris Maragos, FB Brit Miller, DTs Khalif Mitchell, Will Tukafu, DE Derek Walker, C Cody Wallace. Released RB Michael Robinson, LB Matt Wilhelm, CB Karl Paymah.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived WR Kole Heckendorf, K Clint Stitser, G Gregg Peat, LB/DE Ricky Foley. Placed DT Jonathan Lewis on IR.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Acquired OT Tyler Polumbus from the Detroit Lions in exchange for an undisclosed 2012 draft choice. Traded CB Josh Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a 2011 conditional draft choice. Moved CB Josh Pinkard from the Active/PUP List to Reserve/PUP list. Signed DE James Wyche.

Saturday, Sept. 4:Placed LB Leroy Hill on Reserve/Suspended list. Placed OL Ray Willis on IR. Waived DT Jonathan Lewis off IR with injury settlement. Waived/injured DE Nick Reed with injury settlement. Acquired OL Stacy Andrews from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a 2011 seventh-round pick. Released WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, DT Amon Gordon, LB Tyjuan Hagler, WR Brandon Jones, QB J.P. Losman, WR Ruvell Martin, DE James Wyche. Waived RB Louis Rankin, DT Quinn Pitcock, S Jamar Adams, CB Marcus Brown, C Jeff Byers, G Mitch Erickson, CB Cord Parks, LB Joe Pawelek, OT Jacob Phillips, DT Rob Rose, OT Joe Toledo, TE Nick Tow-Arnett.


Monday, Aug. 30: Waived RB Jamie McCoy, OT Joe Brown, CB Marcus Brown. Waived LB Dominic Douglas from IR with an injury settlement. Waived/injured OT Phil Trautwein. Placed WR Donnie Avery on IR.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Placed OT Phil Trautwein on IR.

Friday, Sept. 3: Waived S Brett Johnson, TE Darcy Johnson, WR Jordan Kent, C Tim Mattran.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Placed Kevin Payne and OT Eric Young on IR; released DE Victor Adeyanju, CB Quincy Butler and LB Bobby Carpenter; waived QB Keith Null, DT Ernest Reid, LB Devin Bishop, FB Dennis Morris, TE Darcy Johnson, WR Jordan Kent, WR Brandon McRae, WR Danario Alexander, RB Chris Ogbonnaya, G Roger Allen, C Tim Mattran, OT Ryan McKee, LB Cardia Jackson, S Brett Johnson, CB Marquis Johnson, CB Antoine Thompson and C Drew Miller.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Released RB Derrick Ward, waived WR Terrence Nunn, placed LB Jon Alston on IR. CB Aqib Talib has been suspended without pay has been suspended without pay for the team’s first regular-season game of the 2010 season and fined one additional game check for violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Released WR Michael Clayton; placed OT Demar Dotson on IR; placed CB Aqib Talib on reserve/suspended list; waived injured C Jonathan Compas; waived CB Brandon Anderson, S Vince Anderson, RB Carlos Brown, OL Marc Dile, OT Xavier Fulton, DE George Johnson, TE Ryan Purvis, C Donovan Raiola, TE Jeron Mastrud, LB Rico McCoy, DT Dre Moore, DT Carlton Powell, CB Derrick Roberson, LB Lee Robinson, DE James Ruffin, QB Jevan Snead, FB Redrick Taylor and CB Trae Williams.


Tuesday, Aug. 31: Removed DT Tony Brown from Active/PUP list. Waived/injured DT Kareem Brown, LB Mike Rivera. Waived P Ricky Schmitt, CB Pete Ittersagen, WR Bobby Sewall.

Wednesday, Sept. 1:Placed DT Kareem Brown, LB Mike Rivera on IR.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Moved LB David Thornton from Active/PUP list to Reserve/PUP list. Placed LB Gerald McGrath to Reserve/Suspended list. Released DE Raheem Brock, TE Sean Ryan, RB Alvin Pearman, CB Tye Hill, QB Chris Simms. Waived DE Eric Bakhtiari, WR Dominque Edison, FB Jed Collins, RB Samkon Gado, DE Chris Harrington, DT David Howard, G Nick Howell, DT Joe Joseph, C Kevin Matthews, OT Nevin McCaskill, TE Steven Pfahler, S Myron Rolle, OT Michael Toudouze, LB Patrick Trahan, WR Paul Williams.


Monday, Aug. 30: Traded FB Dennis Morris to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for undisclosed draft compensation. Acquired DE/OLB Hall Davis from the Rams in exchange for undisclosed draft compensation.

Tuesday, Aug. 31: Waived LB Hall Davis, S Lendy Holmes, OL Edwin Williams. Released LS James Dearth. Placed WR Malcolm Kelly on IR.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Extended the contract of QB John Beck through 2012.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Traded CB Justin Tryon to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for an undisclosed draft choice; released RB Willie Parker, S Tyrone Carter, DT Howard Green, DE Darrion Scott and WR Bobby Wade. Waived injured OT Clint Oldenburg and LB Robert Henson. Waived WR Terrence Austin, WR Shay Hodge, LB Rob Jackson, CB Ramzee Robinson, OT William Robinson, S Russell Anderson, QB Richard Bartel, OT Selvish Capers, FB Carey Davis, OL Erik Cook, LB Curtis Gatewood, RB Ryan Torain and TE Lee Vickers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg broken = EPIC FAIL TOPPS

Stephen Strasburg has finally broken!

Like I have said since the beginning of the season, this kid is the next Mark Prior. So who's at fault? Did the Nationals push him up through too fast? Was it all of the hype laying tons of pressure on him? Was Stephen unable to handle the pressure and finally break his body in trying to live up to the hype? Well he has finally broken down and now has to get Tommy John surgery and will be out the 2011 season possibly. I bet TOPPS is sweating and crapping in their pants now. But now that I think about makes perfect sense in a way. Stephen is now a broken over-hyped product much like how TOPPS is kind of right now and Stephen has been slapped on TONS AND TONS of TOPPS PRODUCTS. Yeah.....I wonder how many people are kicking themselves right now. I wonder how many have already begun placing their Strasburg cards with the Mark Prior, Brien Taylor, and Todd Van Popple files? How are them prices on EBAY? Did I just hear a loud clunk? I wonder how long it will be till TOPPS starts removing his image from their products? I wonder how long it will be till TOPPS lowers the price to get his auto? I wonder how many people are slapping themselves with a 2x4 for paying what they did for his card prices? Yes I feel sorry for the guy and it sucks that he has to have surgery but there is a lesson to learned from all of this as well: Patience is truly a good thing. Perhaps now some people will learn of it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UUGGHHHH .....Nervous thoughts, Random Thoughts, Ignorant Thoughts!

Nothing on cards today. Today is a random thought session:

I have been making full use of my XBOX 360 as of late. I recently had completed "Just Cause 2" which is an awesome and fun game to play IMO. I absolutely love having the freedom to do whatever and whenever and shoot whomever I want to in a game. I just recently started playing "Red Dead Redemption" and I'm really enjoying this game so far. I love western themed movies and western themed games and I love how the game has stayed true to it's western roots by doing such acts as shooting the animals and skinning them to sell for cash/supplies. You perform such acts as lassoing a wild horse and then trying to tame it/break him. Heck you even have to learn about controlling the speed of your own horse during missions or else he'll buck you off his back. There's poker, whores, rattlesnakes, wolves, dust bunnies, tumbleweeds, snake oil, and even cattle!

My son found out the hard way on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" that Daddy will get a tactical nuke after 25 kills on the deathmatch/free for all levels. Yes I know....A Dad devastating his son's ego but yet teaching him to be competitive in the long to speak. Sorry but we can't play online out here in Amish Wonderland. We don't have broadband access and my only internet connections are at work and my data phone. However we manage to do just fine without it and we seem to both enjoy working together and playing against one another. He has still yet to beat me in Halo 3, Left for Dead 2, and Smackdown vs Raw 2010. seems that a lot of people have been complaining about how their XBOX 360 has died or has had the 3 RROD or some other godly death issue. I happen to have the 20GB system and I have not had any problems with it at all and it works great! I have both the PS3 and the XBOX360 and both are good systems IMO.

Violence in the workplace seems to be on the raise again. Perhaps I should take a different approach for when I get fired from work. I'll be nice and give AchMed Bullubihabla and Haven Benfocked their tactical nuclear bomb back that I bought off of them and was planning to use on my exit. Instead I think I'll just eat 8 cans of baked beans along with a gallon of milk and some fresh brussel sprouts and then I will light a match. My mushroom gas cloud will be visible from the moons of Saturn. My gas will make the paint peel off of cars and boats and will instantly vaporize cockroaches. Even Bin Laden would go, "Holy Shit I'm outta here! I've never seen terrorist gas so bad!"
Somehow I would still manage to find a way to blame the gas on the dog. I always do!

Brett Favre is like a prom's on it's's on it's's on it's off.

How can a mother can kill her own children? How can any parent kill their own child makes me sick and sadly puzzled. The lady in South Carolina who drowned her own 2 children should go right to the Electric Chair and save the taxpayers a boat load of money.

How about Eli Manning getting his head ripped open? How about them Giants beating the Jets? And who the heck is this Cruz Wide Receiver for the Giants (6 rec 145 yds and 3 td's)? I BE HAPPY!

Tila Tequila going after ICP juggalos......Yeah....I wonder who's gonna win that one. One big clown going after a bunch of smaller clowns. Tila is fake like her tits like the juggalos who are fakes. Fakes going after fakes. What's next...Miley Cyrus at OZZFEST? Then to top it off she takes her top off and you reward her with rocks.......Morons. What if that silicone leaks all over you or worse....they bounce off of her chest and it leaves a dent in your forehead? Morons.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to do oh what to do......We need a Savior (and not Y2J either)!

Today I am officially retiring from purchasing anything that bears the name "TOPPS" on it for the upcoming football season and the remainder of the 2010 baseball season. After seeing the loads of crap today that came pouring out of a case of 2010 Allen & Ginter Baseball and by "crap" I mean poorly cut cards, not getting your "Guaranteed Hit/jersey/auto/someone's swim trunks cards", Coalition issues out the ying yang, and packs of cards missing the proper amount of cards (watched three boxes freshly opened from a case to see 14 packs of cards short 2 cards in the packs to make them full packs). Topps obviously has some serious quality control issues and until things improve I'd rather spend my spare change on toilet paper and tissues then to buy another pack of crap. I felt so bad for my friend Troy after seeing him pull 6 Brian Roberts Game used bat cards, 4 Jay Bruce jersey cards, 3 Matt Kemp jersey cards, 3 Darren Taylor Swim suit relic cards, 2 Adam Dunn game bat cards, 2 Rich Hill auto's, a Cameron Maybin auto, a Ricky Nolasco auto, a Ross Ohlendorf auto, and the BIG PULL: an Avery Jenkins auto. NO MAJOR CASE HITS AT ALL. He took pictures of everything as it was being opened so I hope he'll post it on the web soon. He said he was going to send it to Topps customer service as well. I'm glad it wasn't my money spent! His only bright spot was pulling a David Wright mini limited to 50 for which I may have to kill him for.....I mean trade with him for it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

To all you lovely MORONS posting the links

To all you kind, loving, thoughtful, and 40 yr old virgins with the Stormtrooper cookie jar in your Mom's kitchen while whacking off to the sound of World of WarCraft at your computer while slapping up spam on websites and then using your tears as lubricate while poundin' the Ol'meat stick to pics of a 65 yr old Grandma with floppy knee knocking pancake boobs....GET A LIFE! For the MORON who seems to have a fetish with posting spam comments on my site on a daily basis I leave you this note:

Saturday, July 31, 2010

But I ain't dead yet!

Oh my goodness, where to begin oh where to begin. I kind of let this blog go for a little while because work had me running everywhere and the umpiring little league games gig is now officially finished for the season. I think next year I will take a break from it and look at some other options. I love being an umpire and while it does make life interesting, it also sucks calling my son out at times especially when he makes a big mistake and then just stands there and looks pissed at me for calling him out. But usually by the end of the inning he's asking me what I thought of the plays he made.........sigh. Nothing like going from the good guy to the bad guy back to the dad and then to the bad guy when things don't go his way. My son loves me and that's all that matters.....but the boy was OUT! LOL!

I have kept tabs on a few things that have been happening in the hobby and it seems like Beckett is receiving the ol' loaded boxes again. Pretty sad to see that happening and yet nothing is being done about it. Topps has to fall and fall hard! Gellman had a great article that kind of sums it up! Rob over at Voice of the Collector touches on the subject as well.

Hey did you know that in the 2010 factory sets of Topps Baseball it includes Stephen Strasburg? I saw that in the State College Target store yesterday. Ya know it's funny.....he went on the DL already. Can anybody say, "MARK PRIOR"? And speaking of BIG NAMES falling fast.....anybody hear from Joba Chamberlain lately? And don't even get me started on all of the trades that have been happening in the past 24 hrs. My goodness you need a road map. Kerry Wood and Lance Berkman as YANKEES? UGGGGHHHHH!!! DeWitt went to the Cubs. Chris Snyder went to Pittsburgh. Rick Ankiel went to the Royals. Matt Capps went to the twins. Heck the Baltimore Orioles hired Buck Showalter as a manager.......NO ONE IS SAFE!!! And of course let's not forget Roy Oswalt going to the Phillies. All of these transactions have led to some setbacks for other players though. A bunch of semi stars have been demoted or released. Some have been promoted like Dominic Brown, Logan Morrison, and Brett Wallace. Who knows what will happen at 11:59 on July 31, 2010. WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT THE METS HAVE NOT DONE A DAMN THING!

From the mouths of kids:

My son asked me a question about a game used pants card of Adam Lind that I acquired: "Dad, This piece of pants is not from his butt where he farted on them is it?" I suddenly stopped touching the piece of game pants card and tried to come up with an answer but I failed. He might have a point!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ebay Buyer SCUM and SCAM

I enjoy selling something on EBAY. I enjoy selling sportscards on EBAY. I like taking the time to do everything just right for the customer and clearly stating the requirements in the item description so their is no confusion on the buyers end. By the way.... DOES ANYONE READ THE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS ANYMORE? Then when it comes time for the payment to be due you send out notices and email the winners so they can have the invoice right away. What's that??? I have not heard back from you in 5 days so I'll send out another casual reminder. What's that??? It's been 14 days? Finally after filing a NPB you all of a sudden have contact from the buyer and then you begin having to hear all of the excuses as to why they forgot to pay. Here are some quotes that I received lately:

"Very sorry about that. Payment in full will be received by Friday if that is ok. Had an unexpected auto repair that has drained the wallet. I will not welch on this - I have over 1000 feedback (100%) so I can be trusted." THE GUY NEVER PAID!!!

"hello I have place the wrong click.. i was going to make a counteroffer hit the wrong bottom.. can you cancel this please I will make another offer.. thanks hope to hear from you soon.. I really apoligies for this inconvenience."

"Hello,I thought I had paid for this card as part of a larger payment that I made for several items more than a week ago. Then we left for vacation and I had very limited email access. We got back last night and I am now catching up with emails and discovered that something had gone wrong. I just paid for the other two items for which the original payment had not gone through, but I can't pay for this one because it has been cancelled on account of the unpaid strike that you filed against me.I apologize for the mixup, it was an honest error, though I'm still not certain of what went wrong. If you check my feedback you'll see that I always pay for my auctions and I do so in a timely basis.What can I do about this? Naturally, I still want the card.Please let me know.Again, my apologies for the delay in making payment, it certainly was not intentional." EDITORS NOTE: This JERKOFF then filed a item not received against me three weeks later and I had the last laugh as I produced his signature acceptance and delivery confirmation. He was left speechless when I called him and asked why he filed the "item not sent" complaint when I called his bluff and he didn't say anything for about 5 seconds and then began stating that his wife had picked up the package and took it to his desk and he didn't see it on his desk when I heard his wife in the background hollar that he already got the card. I called him a liar and hung up. ONCE AGAIN BULLSHIT LIES!!!

My favorite part is when you ship the product out and then 3 weeks later you get a claim of the item was not delivered. Here's where I like to stick it to the buyer so I don't get screwed over: I don't charge for delivery confirmation or signature required nor do I describe it in the auction listing. Then when I have the proof that it was delivered and signed for I just simply hand it in to Paypal and I email the buyer the confirmation information and then watch all of the excuses come pouring out again as to how they misplaced it or the signifigant other picked up the card or some other bullcrap excuse of trying to cover their ass cause they were going to rip me off. Then after all the dust has finally settled and another few days has passed I begin to fill out the feedback forms. I do not leave feedback unless it's left for me as I see that's only fair. The feedback the seller left for after attemtping to rip me off left was simply this statement, "thanks".

This is where EBAY needs to allow the sellers the opportunity to leave negative feedback for when the buyers pull this crap. But then again EBAY doesn't care about me, you, the BP oil spill, the gum on your shoe, the dead bird on the front of your car's grill, or how your Mom is making extra money on the side teaching a pole dancing class in your Dad's garage while soliciting Amish men. The fact is once EBAY has "their" money .....YOU ARE A PILE OF STEAMY, SQUISHY, "CORN VISIBLE IN THE PILE" OF SHIT TO THEM OTHERWISE. Prove me wrong!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "Dad Moms"

Sometimes us "Dads" can have moments where we have more than our hands full if our wife or girlfriend is working opposite schedules of us and then we find ourselves being the "Mom" for the daylight or evening hours. It’s even more fun to have our hands extra full when we have two or more children to comfort, shuttle to games, giving hugs to, applying band aids, making supper for, planning evening activities, bath time, reading bedtime stories, drinks of water, cleaning up and making sure everything is in order so Mom doesn’t have to clean up when she comes home. So to help us "Dads" out a little and perhaps understand what the ladies in our lives go through everyday, here’s an "ABC’S" of the daily Dadmom:

A is for Allocate. You wash the dishes while having Ben dry them while Jen puts them away. This is not just a chore, but it’s fun as well because the children will usually end up being more wet than what the dishes were coming out of the dishpan.

B is for band-aids. You will need these at all times. These make little fears disappear. Like kisses these will also make tears stop instantly. These will also be necessary for when even Bobo, the pet goldfish has mysteriously crawled out of the fish tank and had bitten your three-year-old daughter’s finger (according to her testimony. The fish is unavailable for a comment).

C is for ABC Checklist. Unless it has sports scores on it or how to make something more powerful, most of us men will forget the "what to do lists or ABC checklist". This is very vital that we keep this list in sight at all times. Uncompleted lists can result in no kisses from the wife! Throw the penalty flag for husband/male like conduct!

D is for diapers. Don’t forget to change them or you may regret it later.

E is for excessive. Don’t just stop at cleaning the house. Clean the garage and take out the trash as well.

F is for forgiveness. They (the children) really don’t mean to write over your freshly painted wall. They don’t mean to stuff the bologna sandwich you made them 2 days ago into the VCR deck. They don’t mean to have your computer talking to you and writing in three different languages other than English.

G is for Grill. When all else fails in the kitchen, this amazing structure will bring hungry tummies calling. Men are born with an extra chromosome known as the 25th G chromosome. Men can prepare anything on the grill including Chili. No other directions are necessary at this point.

H is for hats. Collect all of these up after your children have tried on each one making for some quite memorable pictures.

I is for Ice cream. This substance (like the band aids) will solve any problem.

J is for Jesus. Make sure you teach the children about what he has done for us.

K is for Kool Aid. Due to the high sugar content, avoid giving this drink mix to children after 7pm. Side effects are hypersensitivity and excessive bouncing on beds and off of the walls and staying up until Mommy gets home which can produce serious "no kisses" overtones.

L is for Love. You can never give enough of this!

M is for mixing. Any vegetable can be mixed with mashed potatoes (see son or daughter for details).

N is for nurse. You will have to tend to broken planes and scraped knees. You may also have to nurse Bobo the pet goldfish back to health after being sucked up into the sweeper because you casually mentioned to your 3-year-old son that you needed to "clean the fish tank".

O is for off. Make sure the TV is in the off position at all times.

P is for paint. Let the children paint pictures for on the fridge and for in your office. There really is such things as a "green sun". And don't worry about the golden retriever you used to have....nothing says, "different" like a purple retriever.

Q is for quiet. Quiet time is for us after the children are asleep. This does mean an option to turn on ESPN and quietly read the ticker scores with the volume turned down.

R is for reading. Make sure you read the children two bedtime stories. Make sure you read over the checklist. Make sure you read your Bible.

S is soap. This will be required for making bubble baths that flow out of the tub and down the steps.

T is for Tantrums. It can be frustrating and there may be name-calling. Objects may be thrown. However, we men must still read the instructions booklet for putting some things together and read the checklists no matter how much intuition us men have. These tantrums must be avoided. Check on the kids for assistance.

U is for Upright. All of the books that were taken off of the shelves will need to be put back in the upright position. This includes the fish tank as well.

V is for VCR. Check the VCR for sandwiches, toys, backward tapes, fish and various vegetables that are easily placed in the cassette slot by "little hands".

W is for wife. Make sure there’s a meal prepared for her. Roses (or flower mixture) in a vase on the table. Make sure the house is cleaned. Make sure she’s got chocolate cheesecake in the fringe (extra kisses for you!). Make sure you pray for her!

X is for … the missing chromosome in us men that was replaced by the 25th G chromosome (see G above).

Y is for Yard. Make sure the toys are picked up and put away. Make sure the yard doesn’t have any hazards in case of cutting the grass. Half a G.I. Joe is not good to play with. The other half that was projectiled through your neighbor’s window via courteously of your lawnmower is not a good thing either.

Z is for ZZZZ. That’s what your wife will probably hear from you when she walks in the door.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ravishing Relics

He made his major league debut on April 16, 1946 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1947, he hit 51 home runs. Many of Kiner's homers were hit into a shortened left-field and left-center-field porch at Forbes Field, originally built for Hank Greenberg, and known in the press as "Greenberg Gardens"; the porch was retained for Kiner and redubbed "Kiner's Korner". Kiner would later use "Kiner's Korner" as the title of his post-game TV show in New York.

In 1949, Kiner topped his 1947 total with 54 home runs, falling just two short of Hack Wilson's National League record. It was the highest total in the major leagues from 1939 to 1960, and the highest National League total from 1931 to 1997. It made Kiner the first National League player with two fifty-plus seasons. Kiner also matched his peak of 127 RBIs. From 1947 to 1951, Kiner topped 40 home runs and 100 RBIs each season. His string of seasons leading the league in home runs reached seven in 1952, when he hit 37. This was also the last of a record six consecutive seasons in which he led Major League Baseball in home runs, all under the guidance of manager Billy Meyer and Pirate great Honus Wagner. He was selected to participate in the All-Star Game in six straight seasons, 1948 to 1953. He holds (by himself) the major league record of eight home runs in four consecutive multi-homer games, a mark that he set in September, 1947. This info is from: