Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What? WHO? WhY? WTF? Oh....ok.

This past year my "sports card habits" have truly taken a back seat. Oh sure I picked up a few blaster boxes here and there but I have not spent nowhere near the amount of money I used to spend. Even at my local card shop- all he carries is Topps and I'm not impressed with what he has to offer. With what he carries in terms of products I can find it a lot cheaper by almost 20-30.00 at blowout cards with shipping! I'm even less impressed when he whips out the "Holy Beckett Bible" and looks at the high prices 97.8% of the time for any single cards that I pick out that I want or need. Then when it comes to commons he has to go by the "Beckett Bible" on that as well. I usually walk out at that point empty handed hoping he would catch on to the point of "no one goes by that anymore if you really wanna make a sale" but it seems I would have a better time getting felt up by TSA employees than any hopes of him dropping the whole "Beckett" is the gospel approach. Then he gripes as to why he hardly has any business.....GEE I WONDER.

There is one thing that really bothers me a liitle and that is UPPER DECK. A few weeks ago I took part in a 2010 UD Sweet Spot box break over at First and Goal and I was rather surprised at what I had pulled (actually what Dave pulled for me):

I know UD was (in trouble with the NFL: Read it here) making this a college themed set and by most standards I think they did an okay job. However the one thing I was not impressed by was the fact that the LeSean McCoy jersey swatch is green in color. That's funny considering Pitt's colors are blue and gold. So I posted a message on UD's facebook page asking as to why the color difference and I promptly received a reply of :

Upper Deck commented on their wall post.
Upper Deck wrote: "We can use NFL jerseys, just not images of team logos. This was a Eagles jersey."

On the back of the jersey card it states that this jersey was from a rookie photo shoot.

Hmmmm......on the front of the hobby box it states: 2010 NCAA football
I think it would be nice to actually use the college jersey swatch pieces in a product that is advertised as NCAA FOOTBALL and not use an NFL jersey swatch in a supposed NCAA product. Even my 9 yr old son looked at me confused and asked, "if it's a college card then why do they have a pro jersey on the card Dad?" Is it me or am I missing something?


Play at the Plate said...

Typical BS.

The Big Kahuna said...

Yes.....yes it is so it seems.

John Bateman said...

It states "it has been certified to us that this Jersey was used in the Rookie Photo Shoot".

What is that really saying. I read that as saying absolutely nothing. What does the word used refer to. Did McCoy actually touch it. It does not say that. When did this rookie photo shoot (event) happen. Is this from 2009. Upper Deck could have bought this jersey at Sears and brought it to the 2010 NFL rookie photo shoot and still fit within the framework of what they say on the back of the card without lying.

Community Gum said...

It's all a cost saving technique, and can you blame them for trying to save some pennies these days considering the lawsuits? (Yes, you still can.)

They already had the pro jerseys and rookie shoot stuff bought and cut, then when they lost their license, instead of buying new stuff to make it match, they used the stuff they had.

Still off-putting, and I'm with you that it should basically be college swatches or nothing.