Monday, March 10, 2014

For where did thy blogger go?

You have to learn to love it when life pulls up to you in a big ol "pink pimpin" Cadillac and gets out of the vehicle one leg at a time and then starts to walk towards you in a very swaggered style. It gazes upon you with its yellow dagger eyed stare all while expressing a snarling gold tooth grin as it's stroking the big white feather on its hat. Then when life finally has you within its cold icy grasp, it begins to unleash a fury of things at you like extra work and kids and wave after wave of flu like symptoms among a bunch of other things as well. Your brain is stunned by the massive strikes that life has unleashed onto your soul. You see your money literally flying out of your wallet faster than you can make it due to life throwing more "plunking" curve-balls and then hitting you with everything including the kitchen sink and that "damn dirty bacteria infested" plunger.

So long story short.......I've been as busy as the test springs at the Serta factory. Things will be up and running soon. Till then here is a picture of something different: