Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sunday night "SLAP SHOT"


Sunday night "SLAP SHOT" edition brought to you Buffalo Sabres Left Winger Victor Olofsson. This is his 2019-20 UD The Cup rookie masterpieces 1/1 card. The plate was used in the production of his Exquisite rookie patch auto card. I am the proud owner of this card which was purchased through Ebay.

Monday, January 16, 2023


FIGHT OWENS FIGHT!!!! I added this card to my wrestling PC last year. My first Kevin Owens autograph!

CHICKEN SCRATCH: Who in the world signed my card?

Welcome to another edition of "Chicken Scratch". This is where we take a look at an athlete's signature and give it a sharpie rating based on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being a lazy signature (a horse could sign better with a pen in it's mouth) and then a 5 being a signature of a nice crisp clean legible signature. On very rare occasions we also have a special reserved 6 sharpie salute for perfect signatures.

Today's star athlete signature is brought to you courtesy of Gabriel Arias who's the shortstop of the Cleveland Guardians. This card below I pulled from a blaster of Absolute baseball (from gamestop of all places - it was in the bargain bin) and I was rather most surprised to pull an actual autograph 3 piece jersey card and not just a single piece jersey card as my luck with blasters is not that great.

Let's take a look at some of his signature across other cards (not mine) since the Absolute autograph was on a sticker.


So it would seem that he really has to cram his signature style together when he's signing on small areas as opposed to larger signing areas. Some folks do that and some do not while others just make a straight line at times. Look at those loops in his signature when he has the space to write.

His "G" is very consistent and his "A" is as well across the signatures.

It would appear the "G" and "A" in his signature is consistent on a baseball as well.

The ball player appears to take a little time to make his signature appear legible with at least 2 letters. I could see the "G" but I would never guess that his name was Gabriel or his last name was Arias from the "A". Some athletes will take the time to make a nice crisp signature and others will just write out their signature in letters. IMO......Gabriel makes an effort in his signatures with emphasis in the first letters of his first and last name and then scribbles out the rest of his name For this reason....the Big Kahuna and the tribe feel that he will be the receiver of 2 sharpies for his efforts.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Holy Moses..........what a heck of time..........Life can be fun

Welcome to what's left of the Big Kahuna's mind....since he was here last. I guess that I took a bit of a vacation in a way from the blog for a slight while......4 years almost.....yikes. I've had so many life changes (including loss of family members) during the pandemic that I just didn't feel like doing much of anything  anymore including this blog. Losing 6 family members during the years of 2020 -2022 (including my father and step father) was a very emotional time for me and I became very withdrawn from a lot of things (long story short) especially with the way the world was at the time. I had to refocus my efforts on improving the quality of my life again so that I could begin to feel "normal" again and get back into life and get back into the things that made me chuckle and enjoy life no matter how small it was. Did I give up on my card collecting? No........heavens to betsy NO..........that's always the one thing that has been a form of therapy for me in weird kind of's kind of hard to explain but reading the stats and the information on the cards has a bit of calming affect on me. Long story short.........I'm back to this blog......I'm here writing these random thoughts at 1:00am in the morning. I have a weird sense of humor (ADHD and few other mental quirks contribute to that) and enjoy posting about sports cards and insulting most politicians and laughing at memes. I still hate the Astros for cheating and I still loathe the New York Yankees. I love Italian food and I enjoy watching virgins being sacrificed into volcanoes. I still love watching Monty Python and Mel Brooks and funny fart vids. Sarcasm is my friend and I love life no matter how hard it throws the screwballs, sinkers, spit balls, fastballs, and knucklers my way. Adapt.......Change.......and overcome. That is how we survive.......and on some occasions.....a shot or two of whiskey.....Jim Beam Red Stag is my choice before bed (helps to calm my racing mind). A lot more to come...........I promise.

So to get things started I am going to share the YouTube channel I have started. Only a few vids but I'm working on it so bear with's all new to me so feedback is welcomed whether it's positive or negative.



And we also have an Instagram page as well :


Oh and I had a little fun pulling a 1/1 from a 2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball hobby box this year. 

Great way to start the year imo.