Saturday, October 30, 2010


ATTENTION TOPPS: Why do you persist on making the "manufactured" patches? Why are you now making "manufactured" bat barrel cards? It's one thing to have the real thing in your hand. It's no fun when you pull a barrel card and it's a hunk of decorative DAMAGED art junk. Let it be the real thing or don't make it at all. It's worthless and just a filler like the thick white cardboard in a pack of cards or even sometimes the cards themselves!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holy Cow!!! 10,000 VIEWS!

My blog has officially recorded over 10,000 views. I am simply amazed at this because I wouldn't have never expected to see that many people reading my ol' boring site/blog. For those that do I say, "Thank You" and I encourage you to continue to fight the good fight and spread the word at just how bad PANINI really is this year. Would someone please donate some ideas for them. Perhaps if we posted a sign that said, "Listen to the collectors and they will come", they might actually see improvements........Yeah..........and I have 10,000 yen. Perhaps the man on the yen should use his stick on PANINI and teach them how to do cards "THE RIGHT WAY". However, on a serious side.....Thanks guys for the support!

Chicken Scratch: Jordan Shipley Edition

Welcome to another addition of "Chicken Scratch". This week's subject is non other than Cincinnati Bengals rookie Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley. In Jordan's last NFL game against the Falcons, he had 6 receptions for 131 yards which included a beautiful 64 yd TD reception.
His bold signature is almost legible. His "J's" and "S's" are pretty easy to recognize and he does make an effort to sign his last name where as some athletes just write a straight line instead. When you look at his first name you might assume it was "Jim or "Ji" or even "JD". When you look at his last name yeah.......the only thing that I can come up with is "sis". Still his signature is still a far cry better than Chris Johnson's or Amobi Okoye's autograph. For this lovely piece of artwork I give it: 3 sharpies!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The MOJO Fairy has brought me a Tim Tebow EBAY Special

It would appear that the "MOJO FAIRY" has paid a trip to WalMart. The children and I headed up to Wally world to grab a few things and in the checkout isle was one box of 2010 Topps Chrome. I figured....."what the heck...why not!" I really liked what I pulled so far until the very last pack in the box. The last card was a very nice and shiny blue refractor card of one Denver Bronco Tim "monk" Tebow. It was serially numbered (oh wait......I gotta pee from all of the anticipation.......ok....oh wait the dogs have to pee now........ok.... oh wait the kids have to was serially numbered 15 / 199. OH MY...15 is his jersey number! It's an EBAY 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 to the six power special! It's probably worth an estimated shabillion turkish franks or 50000000000000000 grams of beer. Or maybe it might be worth two hot dogs and beer with some sauerkraut!

Yes it's a nice pull. The rest of the box panned out rather quite well and it was loaded and I do mean loaded with rookies.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baltimore ROCKS!

Sunday was a another fun filled day with my better half and her family as we traveled down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Shortly before we arrived at the Aquarium we were stopped by a few police who was stopping all traffic at the redlight because Police bikes were taking either the Ravens or Broncos football team to the Stadium. I thought that was pretty neat to see. However then it donned on me that I could be in trouble. I was proudly wearing my NY GIANTS t-shirt and going into a sea of purple not realizing sunday was a home game for the Ravens. The funny thing is no one said one word to me and perhaps maybe it was due to my size (everyone says I look like I could rip cars apart easily) or else they felt sorry for me and didn't want to express anything for fear I may rip them a new hole. I'm not sure but maybe it was out of respect or something. Although a part of me did feel like taking a dump on the cement plaque that celebrates the Ravens 2000 super bowl victory. However in the midst of all of the white and purple that was everywhere I did manage to meet a few other NY Giants fans later in the day and it was nice to exchange pleasantries and stories with the locals. As for the trip....The aquarium totally rocked! I will be bringing my children down for them to see and share in the awesomeness of the Aquarium! I also need to take them to the Science center as well. The only thing that I did find rather amusing a little was the unexpected cannon going off on the USS Constellation. I suddenly felt like shopping for a new pair of underwear because it felt like I shit my pants when the cannon on the ship went off UNANNOUNCED and we were close by it! I will have alot of good memories from this trip and I promise I will be returning to Baltimore soon with my children!

My picks are in RED

Kansas City at Houston (1:00 PM)
Baltimore at New England (1:00 PM)
Detroit at N.Y. Giants (1:00 PM)
Atlanta at Philadelphia (1:00 PM)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM)
Seattle at Chicago (1:00 PM)
Miami at Green Bay (1:00 PM)
San Diego at St. Louis (1:00 PM)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh (1:00 PM)
N.Y. Jets at Denver (4:05 PM)
Oakland at San Francisco (4:05 PM)
Dallas at Minnesota (4:15 PM)
Indianapolis at Washington (8:20 PM)
MONDAY Tennessee at Jacksonville (8:30 PM)

BTW........The Atlanta Braves will be on the golf courses a little bit earlier this month then they originally planned!

Weight Lifting Workout Rule No. 1: Define Your Goals- It's very important to set realistic and achievable goals so that you don’t get discouraged and walk away from it. By setting these goals it will help you from possibly risking injury to yourself by doing too much all at one time. You have to take small steps and stay focused. Take your time and plan your workouts accordingly so they're effective and not under or over effective.

more to come!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time is Good

Well it's nice to be back into the world of things. I had taken some well earned and deserved time off from work and the novel I am working on and went on vacation with the family and it was great to just gel at the beach and take in "Bike Week" at Ocean City among other things. I really had to let the batteries recharge so to speak cause everything was catching up with me and it was effecting me on more levels then I care to have it do.

The sports world has been buzzing with so many changes and now Brett Favre is back in the spotlight again for 2 reasons:

1. Randy Moss has been traded back to the Vikings.
2. Brett Favre was caught leaving dirty voicemail messages.

Only time will tell if the "Moss Marriage" to the Vikings will end up on Judge Judy's Divorce Court or an assistant's video tape perhaps before the end of the season. Just maybe Randy might finally hang it up at the end of the season for all we know! As for the Brett Favre audio messages.....God I hope the media does not turn this into "The Mel Gibson 3 Ring Circus Tapes".

Starting Monday:
I will be starting up my NFL picks.
A review of my 2 retail boxes of Topps Platinum Football.
Exercise/Weightlifting tips.
Gaming Coma' they exist?

Back to the grindstone! "Bring out your Dead"!