Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption #10....

Topps has announced it's 2009 Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption #10 card as .................drum roll.......... Tommy Hanson AUTOGRAPHED. But wait...wasn't Tommy Hanson already a number 2 Redemption?

1. Matt LaPorta, Outfield, Cleveland Indians
2. Tommy Hanson, Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
3. Andrew Bailey, Pitcher, Oakland A’s
4. Julio Borbon, Outfielder, Texas Rangers
5. Colby Rasmus, Outfielder, St. Louis Cardinals
6. Kyle Blanks, Outfielder, San Diego Padres
7. Neftali Feliz, Pitcher, Texas Rangers
8. Nolan Reimold, Outfielder, Baltimore Orioles
9. Rick Porcello, Pitcher, Detroit Tigers
10. Tommy Hanson, Pitcher, Atlanta Braves (Autographed)

Yep! He was already included. So my question for Topps is why not already include his autograph on the card that was produced for redemption number 2 and leave the tenth redemption for another rookie? Am I not right in questioning this move?

I pulled this redemption from 4 boxes of 2009 Topps Finest Baseball this year:
Baseball 2009 Topps Finest MLB Rookie #10 Red Refractor Pending
Baseball 2009 Topps Finest MLB Rookie #10 05/07/2009 Pending
Baseball 2009 Topps Finest MLB Rookie #2 05/07/2009 Pending
Baseball 2009 Topps Finest MLB Rookie #2 05/07/2009 Pending

I will certainly have my fill of Tommy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Brennan took the time to sign these cards rather nicely. So far from what I've seen with other sticker autos and his "on cards" autos his signature is very consistent.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

EbAy "Hero of the StuPid"

UP FOR BID IS A 2005 ABSOLUTE ALBERT PUJOLS JUMBO LOGO PATCH SERIAL #D 69/100. All cards are NM-MT condition or better unless otherwise specified. Seller reserves right to cancel any bid with under 10 feedback or a negative feedback history. Add $3.00 for shipping USPS with delivery confirmation. Insurance is $7 additional. Seller not responsible for uninsured items. Paypal payments accepted from and shipped to confirmed addresses only.

The card is a fake and there is no doubt about it. There has never been a St. Louis Cardinals design that has ever had the bird feathers on the outside inside portion of the bat at the barrel portion of the bat. Up above is a picture of their current two bird logo since 1998. In the auction it has the bird feathers flipped on the card. Plus the way he states his answers in the questions just leaves something to be desired.

NFL Future Star turns into Terrell Owens? BEER???

Michael Crabtree. Mr. Texas Tech. It seems apparently that Mr. Crabmoneytree cannot get a deal done with San Francisco. I think Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders was smart when it came to passing on him in the 09 NFL draft (did I just call Al Davis smart???). Perhaps the organization could smell the trouble he was going to be brewing and decided to just simply pass on ta....

Oh to hell with Crabmoneytree! ATTENTION ALL BEER DRINKERS

NEW YORK ( -- Beer drinkers beware: The cost of a cold one is going up. Anheuser-Busch InBev., which brews Budweiser, plans to raise prices. "We plan on taking price increases on a majority of volume and in a majority of markets this fall," the brewer said in an email statement. "The increase helps cover some input costs" The U.S.-Belgian brewer said prices will go up "across different price tiers" including its high and low-end brands.

Sorry this was more important of a news breaker than whoever it was that I was talking about.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "porn stache" is back in baseball....well the minors.

Jason Giambi agreed to a minor league contract with the Colorado Rockies today and will be starting in the AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox. I am glad to see he has signed with someone. I hope he can rebuild his confidence again and be back at the pro level at still mash up the ball.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Harry Douglas. Oh how I was surprised when I pulled this lovely little 1/1 last year from Topps Finest. I don't mind printing plates all that much but it is nice when it's a rookie one. AS for his signature...well that seems a little bit like a backward "N" with a loop and three lines. I've pulled three of his auto's and this one is the best by far. His SPX autograph version is pretty consistent with his other signatures. For this Harry gets 2 sharpies.

Forgotten Rookie of the Week

Grice-Mullen was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Houston Texans shortly after the 2008 NFL Draft. However, he was released on June 13. On July 24, 2008, Grice-Mullen was signed by the Chicago Bears. He was waived a month later on August 24. Grice-Mullen was signed to the practice squad of the British Columbia Lions of the CFL on September 9, 2008, and was later placed on the active roster. During the 2008 season, Grice-Mullen caught 9 passes for 175 yards and 1 TD. Grice-Mullen caught a 67-yard TD pass in the Lions' season finale.


Ravishing Relic of the Week

For the RROW I chose to pay tribute to a nice little jersey card I pulled last year from Donruss Threads. I am not a Cowboys fans by any means but you have to respect the legends that are on this card. I also like the various colors and was glad it was not all of the same colors like some of the others I've seen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Topps.....why must you stink with redemptions?

Here's a lovely letter I got from topps this morning. Why even bother making the cards if they can't even get a signature before hand? I hate Topps and their redemption process and redemptions in general.

Dear Consumer.

This email is to inform you that the Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card:

PIN #: Product: Card/Player Name
FBBQ1MCEVB Topps Finest Dexter Fowler AU Rookie Letter Patch

Our staff is working diligently to process and ship your redemption card as soon as possible. Please continue to check your Online Redemption account for updates regarding the status of your card.

If you no longer wish to wait for the redemption card, please contact our Consumer Relations team in order to place a substitution request for a card of equal Beckett value.

Do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations department via phone at 1-800-489-9149 or via email at for assistance. A consumer relations representative will be available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30 pm (ET).


Consumer Relations
The Topps Company, Inc.

Ravishing Relic of the Week

This is how a jersey card should be done. Give us a big piece of jersey and not that little one inch square junk. Props to Leaf/Donruss/Playoff for creating a card that has some meat to it. Now you must sit back and gaze your eyes upon this meaty jersey card FOOL! LOL!

Chicken Scratch of the Day

I pulled this baby out of a box of 2008 UD masterpieces and I was rather amazed not at the fact that it was limited to just 10 copies but rather how beautiful the penmanship was that my very eyes were seeing. Mr. Johnston even put his nickname on the card as well "moose". Today Mr Johnston....I salute you with the first 5 sharpie rating!


Ahhhhhhhhh yessss.......Mr. Brett "I can do no wrong" Favre has come out of his retirementive ways yet again to show us that an old man can truly take another team down the historic path to the holy "Super Bowl". What happens if this experiment fails? What if Favre does not get his daily Metamucil and becomes "backed up"? It's bad enough that Brett Favre qualifies for the "cash for clunkers" program. If Favre were to become injured that means Sage will come in and try to rescue the team until Sage comes to his senses and realizes that he is not the Jedi Apprentice everyone expects him to be since Favre is his Jedi Master. Sage will quietly go and sit down on the bench and begin to suck his thumb and look for a ball to fumble after realizing his skills are feeble. This in turn will regulate the quarterback position to the one....the only.....BOOTY MASTER aka JOHN DAVID BOOTY (Tarvaris Jackson will be a part of the nation's unemployment percentage by Friday anyhow). However back to Brett Favre (he is the news)! What are some things that might be bigger than Brett Favre's ego? Let's see:

A. An extremely large man (500lbs) jumping belly first into a children's swimming pool?
B. Martha Stewart's ego?
C. John Madden's ego?
D. Paris Hilton's ego?
E. The Pope's ego?
F. The last turd that came out of Childress?
G. Nancy Grace's ego?
H. The Eiffel Tower?
I. Niagara Falls?
J. Scott Boras's ego?
K. Bigfoot?
L. Someones ex-wife mother in law?
M. John Holmes?
N. Ron Jeremy?
O. Beckett Sports?
P. Topps?

Unfortunately none of the above mentioned item's can compare to Favre's ego. Did they sign Favre so we could hear John Madden talk about Brett all the time (it's his mancrush)? Will Brett Favre get to have his revenge? Will Brett Favre zigged when he should've zagged? Will Brett Favre ever leave the NFL? Not soon enough.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Pie.....I believe that if you would put a lot of effort into your signature you might be able to actually spell your whole name. If your signature efforts are anything like your playing efforts.....well perhaps then riding the pine is truly for you.

Forgotten Oldies

1959 Topps #196 Billy Moran
Billy was signed by the Cleveland Indians as a free agent in 1952. He then played for the Los Angeles Angels, Toronto International, Los Angeles Angels again, and then in 1965 he finished his career with the Cleveland Indians. He had played Second base primarily, shortstop and third base. In 1962 he was an All Star.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Forgotten Rookie of the Week

"Drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1998 Major League Baseball Draft after attending the University of New Mexico, Serrano pitched for the Single-A Vermont Expos and Cape Fear Crocs in 1998. In 1999, Serrano had a ERA of 2.13 for the Single-A Jupiter Hammerheads in 44 games and was promoted to Double-A Harrisburg to start 2000. He had a 4.20 ERA and stayed at Double-A in 2001 until a promotion to Triple-A Ottawa after recording a 2.18 ERA. On March 24, 2002, he was traded to the New York Mets with Jason Bay for Lou Collier. He pitched for Triple-A Norfolk until the Kansas City Royals purchased his contract on July 5, 2003. He made his major league debut for the Royals on August 7, 2004, appearing in 10 games that season, including 5 starts. Serrano became a free agent at the end of the season.

On November 18, 2004, Serrano signed with the Oakland Athletics, with whom he became a full-time starting pitcher. He was released after 16 starts for Triple-A Sacramento during which, he went 8-3, compiled a 3.91 ERA, and struck out 89 in 92 innings. On July 3, he signed with the Cincinnati Reds. In 12 starts for Triple-A Louisville, Serrano had a 3.75 ERA and became a free agent after the season. On December 9, 2005, he signed with the Boston Red Sox recording a 2.50 ERA for Triple-A Pawtucket. On January 4, 2007, Serrano signed a one-year minor league contract with the Florida Marlins and spent most of the year with Double-A Carolina and only 4 games with Triple-A Albuquerque.

Jimmy Serrano sign a contract for the Atlantic League Southern Maryland Blue Crabs on April 6, 2009."


Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Bush, now that Kim is available perhaps you might be able to play better this year on the gridiron. Hopefully you can stay healthy and mentally focused and remember not to include a certain part of Kim in your signature ( )( ) You get an extra sharpie bonus for that!

Ravishing Relic of the Week

As advertised on the Topps website that this "Patch Card" is supposed to be numbered to 20. However it is not numbered at all and I hope this isn't a screw up like what they did to the 2007 finest football rookies auto's which if you sent them in they hand numbered the cards. We all know how accurate Topps can be!
This card comes from 2009 Topps Football hobby edition. It is a Tony Romo manufactured game patch card (like we really needed more of these).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EBAY "Hero of the Stupid" for this week.

Here we have the most amazing list of excuses for selling a card on Ebay. It's worth reading and laughing over in my opinion. Asking price is 1.5 million and then the seller has this to say, "THE LAST LISTING OF THIS CARD HIGHEST OFFER WAS $2000.00 PLEASE DON'T WASTE TIME OFFERING A DOLLAR OR SO THIS IS A SERIOUS LISTING".
Some people will attempt to scam you any way they can.

Item number: 280293388999
alex rodriguez 2007 moments and milestones 1/1 red auto
Item condition: --

Price: US $1,500,000.00 Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now
Best Offer: Make OfferMake OfferMake Offer
You can also: Watch this item
Now watching in My eBay Now watching in My eBay
Shipping: FREE shipping Other (see description)

You can read the item description at the link below:

I do believe he may be two scoops short of a full bowl of fruit loops.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Dodger Blue or is it the Cleveland Indians or is it the Devil Rays or is it designated for assignment by the Rays on August 7, 2009? Jonathan Meloan had helped lead the Wildcats to the College World Series in 2004 and was drafted by the LA Dodgers in the fifth round of the 2005 MLB draft. Jonathan had bounced around on a lot of minor league teams in 2006. He did manage to win the post-season "Double-A Relief Pitcher of the Year" Award in 2007. He had a brief call up to the Dodgers in Sept of 2007. On August 11, 2009 he did win his second reward: 1 sharpie. His signature looks like he took his first name and wrote it smaller as his last name. Interesting.

This, that , and all things that go..... "well that stinks"

Today Kenny Watson was released from the Bengals. The Harrisburg native had played for Penn State and was an all American at Harrisburg High School. Sad to see his career close with the Bengals. However when one door closes another one opens as I hope he can make another team. You gotta support the locals!

In MLB the Blue Jays placed Alex Rios on Waivers who then was picked up by Chicago White Sox. What in God's name is the Blue Jays doing?!?!?!

I have no love lost for Jason Giambi being released. It happens in the "business".

Armanti Edwards, who is 32-5 as App State's starting quarterback, ran over his own foot while mowing the lawn. OUCH!!!

Amani Toomer signed by the Chiefs....Now I'm Pissed!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Sindey Rice did not put much effort into this autograph. He did manage to squeak in a half S and full size R. Try to imagine what images you see when you look at his auto. I give this auto: 2 Sharpies

Forgotten Rookie of the Week

Allen Patrick
Position: RB
College: University of Oklahoma
Drafted 7th round by the Ravens
NFL Status:
2008- Ravens practice squad
2008- Browns roster
2009- Giants roster

Games Played: 0
Carries: 0
Yards Rushing: 0
Yards Receiving: 0
Touchdowns: 0

Michael "money" Crabtree

A little poem for you:

My name is Michael and I'm the best WR drafted in 2009,
The longer I sit out of camp I surely will ride the pine.

My agent said said I should collect a check like the top 3,
Even though I was picked 10th I can play as the best guaranteed.

"I promise I won't go into the clubs at first glance,
I promise I won't at any point shoot myself in the pants.
I promise I won't take a trip to the Colorado Resorts,
I promise I won't take a hit and get drunk driving reports.
I promise I won't be caught hindering the police or their guns,
I promise I won't be caught with exposure of my sexual organs."

Surely in this day of NFL draft picks that could truly be,
Michael Crabtree is not stepping up and will not succeed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hell has officially froze over

The Topps Company will become the exclusive trading card maker of Major League Baseball next year in a multiyear deal that appears to seriously hurt Upper Deck, its primary competitor in the once-vibrant business. Upper Deck refused to address the Topps deal, which is to be announced Thursday. A spokesman for Upper Deck, based in Carlsbad, Calif., said only that it renewed its trading card license with the Major League Baseball Players Association last month and would keep producing cards. While the union license gives Upper Deck the right to use player likenesses, it will no longer have the rights to team logos and trademarks.

The whole article can be found here:

First off IMO:
1. Topps need to improve the customer service. Fire everyone and hire new.
2. Coalition issues out the ying yang.
3. F$^#% Redemptions that take a year or longer to get filled. Then when the athlete doesn't sign they replace it with the team toilet cleaner's auto and give you his game used toilet brush relic card to keep you happy because that is beckett value in their eyes! used toilet brush....Look dad- I got two brissels on this card and they're multicolored!
4. Topps needs to overhall most of their photography shots.
5. Topps performance = vomit in my mouth. don't ever bring back that set.
6. Topps needs to quit screwing us on the STICKER AUTOS.
7. Topps should be burned to the ground if they release anymore "coach autograph cards". What the heck is next- The team's concession stand workers autos?
8. Topps needs to quit the manufactured letters.....PLEASE for the love of humanity make it stop!
9. Topps needs to show up at the nationals.... oh wait perhaps this is why they didn't show up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tony Bernazard ..... You suck!

Tony Bernazard the NY Mets' vice president of player development is a complete ignorant man. What kind of man tells a chaplain to "F*$# Off" and yells at him when he has a purpose for being there in the clubhouse. He's also the guy who calmly ripped off his shirt and challenged the entire Mets Double-A squad to a fight 10 days before the All-Star break. YOU'VE BEEN FIRED and I can't thank God enough for that one too! Now, if we could only get Mets general manager Omar Minaya fired.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Through the mail autograph success

I thought today I would share with you some of my "through the mail" autograph successes. I always send a SASE and I ask them if they could personalize it to me. So far Joey Galloway and Olandis Gary has done so. Mr. Gary was nice enough to even write a little note on the card for me. I'll have to post it up.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Greg Smith is a pitcher currently on the inactive roster for the Colorado Rockies. Greg's auto looks like he signed it, "grizzly" or something along those lines.

Here we have Mike Minor who is a left-handed starting pitcher selected 7th overall in the 2009 MLB Draft by the Atlanta Braves. As for Mike's auto... well it looks like he enjoys M&M's (USA edition of those crunchy chocolate flavored candies).

I give them both 2 out of 5 Sharpies for their signature efforts.

Ravishing Relic of the Week

This week the relic I present to you is from 2008 Topps Mayo Football and is rather a hard pull according to some hobby scholars (hobbyists A.K.A.). This is a 2008 Topps Mayo Authentic Century Series Memorabilia 5 Cent Stamp Relic Card of Author/Abolitionist Frederick Douglass. According to Topps there was only 100 produced.

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, (born circa 1818 – February 20, 1895) was an American abolitionist, women's suffragist, editor, orator, author, statesman and reformer. Called "The Sage of Anacostia" and "The Lion of Anacostia", Douglass is one of the most prominent figures in African-American and United States history.

He was a firm believer in the equality of all people, whether black, female, Native American, or recent immigrant. He was fond of saying, "I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong."



Just to let you know of another new weekly feature: Cool vintage card of the week.
Each week I will post a vintage card with some info on the card and who the player is on the card. I will be also introducing a relic of the week. Majority of the stuff will be from my collection and my son's collection and whatever else may tickle my fancy. Perhaps I will make my own card company and produce game worn jock cup / jock strap relic cards. More stuff to come!

Cool Vintage Card of the Week

Earl Battey:

Battey was a four time All-Star catcher and a key player on the Minnesota Twins 1965 World Series team. A great fielder, Battey won three Gold Glove Awards. Battey received the most votes by an American Leaguer for the 1965 All-Star Game.

On August 26, 1962 Battey caught Jack Kralick's no-hitter.


This is a 1960 Topps Earl Battey #328 baseball card which I own.

Much needed break

I have not posted anything for a while as I went on vacation with the family to Fenwick Island, Delaware for a much needed break from everything. It was nice to go on vacation and spend time with family and relatives and celebrate my 35th birthday. It has been a good 35 years and I look forward to the next 35 years and however many more the good Lord will bless me with as I take it with a grain of salt and lots of laughs. You only ever live once in this life and I have had my fair share of tears and laughter. Now if I could just keep the weight down..... oh well....can't win them all!