Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hell has officially froze over

The Topps Company will become the exclusive trading card maker of Major League Baseball next year in a multiyear deal that appears to seriously hurt Upper Deck, its primary competitor in the once-vibrant business. Upper Deck refused to address the Topps deal, which is to be announced Thursday. A spokesman for Upper Deck, based in Carlsbad, Calif., said only that it renewed its trading card license with the Major League Baseball Players Association last month and would keep producing cards. While the union license gives Upper Deck the right to use player likenesses, it will no longer have the rights to team logos and trademarks.

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First off IMO:
1. Topps need to improve the customer service. Fire everyone and hire new.
2. Coalition issues out the ying yang.
3. F$^#% Redemptions that take a year or longer to get filled. Then when the athlete doesn't sign they replace it with the team toilet cleaner's auto and give you his game used toilet brush relic card to keep you happy because that is beckett value in their eyes! used toilet brush....Look dad- I got two brissels on this card and they're multicolored!
4. Topps needs to overhall most of their photography shots.
5. Topps performance = vomit in my mouth. don't ever bring back that set.
6. Topps needs to quit screwing us on the STICKER AUTOS.
7. Topps should be burned to the ground if they release anymore "coach autograph cards". What the heck is next- The team's concession stand workers autos?
8. Topps needs to quit the manufactured letters.....PLEASE for the love of humanity make it stop!
9. Topps needs to show up at the nationals.... oh wait perhaps this is why they didn't show up.

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