Friday, August 7, 2009

Michael "money" Crabtree

A little poem for you:

My name is Michael and I'm the best WR drafted in 2009,
The longer I sit out of camp I surely will ride the pine.

My agent said said I should collect a check like the top 3,
Even though I was picked 10th I can play as the best guaranteed.

"I promise I won't go into the clubs at first glance,
I promise I won't at any point shoot myself in the pants.
I promise I won't take a trip to the Colorado Resorts,
I promise I won't take a hit and get drunk driving reports.
I promise I won't be caught hindering the police or their guns,
I promise I won't be caught with exposure of my sexual organs."

Surely in this day of NFL draft picks that could truly be,
Michael Crabtree is not stepping up and will not succeed.

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