Friday, October 7, 2011

dad is getting beat by the flu

this is scott aka little kahuna and i am filling in for my dad aka big kahuna who is sick. he started getting sick on tuesday and now has the flu. he wanted me to let everyone know that soon as he is feeling better he will post the contest and rules. i love my dad and i hope he gets better soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

and so it daughter's hot pulling trend!

The kids and I were in town on business and on the way home my daughter asks if we could stop at Denny's (LCS- Clark's cards & Creations) since we were going by his place. So we stopped and when we went inside we saw sitting on the floor was 3 cases of 2011 Topps Platinum football. I figured we would try out a pack or two first but Denny did not have any opened yet and told us to pick a case to open. Now my chances of picking things is like NO LUCK AT ALL. So instead I let Caty pick which case since she usually has the hot hand. She ended up picking the middle case and when we opened it she picked a box from the middle of the case.

Here's what we pulled for our first 2 auto's:

Okay.......John Clay........undrafted rookie.........signed to the Steelers practice squad.........not exactly top talent here folks. As for Rahim least he's starting for the Denver Broncos.

Then we move on to our relic/auto pull and I ended up pulling this:
Jamie Harper rookie autograph with a nice thick 3 colored patch. It's the number off of the shoulder pads. He has a total of 4 carries for 12 yards and 1 reception for 21 yards this season. No telling how he might turn out.

Then Caty opens the last pack in the box. She looks at me and says, "Hey Dad, here's an autograph of newton's panthers." Here's what she pulled:
Yeah.......I fell out of my chair as well after seeing what she pulled. Somebody at TOPPS gave us a Christmas bonus! SICK!

I'm letting my daughter pick lotto numbers for the next powerball drawing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

What's that you say boys and girls? A Cam Newton Rookie card contest? Ya don't say!

So..........................who feels like winning a Cam Newton Rookie card (and it's no basic rookie card)? I'm so happy that the NY GIANTS won again this week that I feel like giving away a Cam Newton ********************** (try and decipher that code- ha!) rookie card that I pulled recently. The contest and entry details will be up on thursday night..........stay tuned for more details to come!!!

Thought for the day:     Who really wins when you fish at a nudist colony?