Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally things can get back to normal

Well the softball and baseball season is finally all wrapped up around the Kahuna's household for this year. No longer do I need to hear girls saying,"it's too hot to be a catcher" or "I'm missing a pool party ya know" or "can I just sit in the dugout cause I don't want to over tan myself." So far this past week alone I've already ran into two of my players and they both told me: "you made practices fun Tim and we miss that." I was happy to see them and I was glad to hear that they were both having a pleasant summer. I couldn't help it but as I was walking away from them I began tofeel a little tear forming in my eye.........because yeah...... I missed it too. There's next year to look forward to I guess!

As for the Mini-Me Kahuna......I was very proud of my boy and how his team ended up in second place in the playoffs. You see this team started out playing like the Bad News Bears (minus Billy Bob Thorton) and halfway through the season the team (Belleville Tigers) somehow found the divine Holy Mother of Baseball sparks and started playing better than the Major League level teams and most of the other teams in the minor league level as well. These kids were tearing up the score board 19-1, 18-6, 17-2. They were knocking off the top teams and went from last place to third place in the league. Well the playoffs started and in the first round they ended up blowing out their first round opponents 17-6. They advanced into the second round of the playoffs and they ended up knocking off the 2nd place team as well 18-7. Then it came time for the Championship game against the number one team (Longfellow Cubs) in the league who less than two weeks ago was undefeated and lost to these "Bad News Bears" just prior to the playoffs starting. This Championship game was going to be a fun filled ride and needless to say it was a back and fourth game. 4-0 and then 4-5 and then 5-7 and then 7-7 and then 7-9 and then 9-9. Finally after 6 innings of back and fourth "base stealing while scoring as the balls are flying everywhere while the parents are freaking out in the stands while some parents blame the umpires for their kids getting called out while other parents complain about the umpire being blind" baseball the final score was...... 11-10 and the winners were the Longfellow Cubs. The Belleville Tigers had played their hearts out and just could not muster up a last inning hit. Lady luck seemed to have sided with Longfellow.....even when the ball was caught by the right fielder who has not caught a ball all year long as we were told by one of the coaches after the game. He missed two fly balls earlier in the game and everyone thought it was gonna be a guaranteed hit when the ball popped out towards his direction again. I guess the kid finally learned to catch a ball and it couldn't have come at a better time for him. The Belleville Tigers players played their hearts out, they were energized the whole entire game, and they never quit. No matter what happened they never quit and kept playing. I tip my hat to the coaches, the players, and to the 5 tons of sunflowers seeds this team has ingested.

As for the Stockholders in Exxon/Mobil and Citgo......I apologize but your profits will drop for a little bit as my children have no summer sports and nothing till soccer in the fall.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This card is cool!

Today I came across a new blog: This card is cool

He's having a sweet little ol contest that I suggest you take a shot at here.

my favorite all time baseball "screw ups" list.

Nothing says fun in baseball like scandals and stupidity. Here is my list of players that I felt have earned a position on the Big Kahuna's "Screw ups, Lame Ducks, and other Little Liars of the Baseball Diamond."

CATCHER: Eddie "The Model" Taubensee
Part of the Kenny Lofton trade with the Astro's in the 1990's. I wonder who got the better end of that deal?

PITCHER: Roger Clemens
"It is what it is." Claims to never have used HGH or steroids. Funny......what is a 6-count indictment against "The Rocket" for then? Two of them which include perjury as well. It's not like there is any overwhelming evidence or DNA linked evidence.

RELIEF PITCHER: John "7-Train" Rocker
Between his mouth, racial slurs, HGH use, and whiny little bitch ass....this guy deserves "Hell's Humanitarian of the Year Award."

FIRST BASE: Mark McGwire
"I'm not here to talk about the past."

Said he never used steroids at a congressional hearing. 10 days later he failed a pee test by taking stanozolol! OOPS!

The all time "Hit King" had a little problem with tax evasion. I bet he forgot to pay his taxes again. I bet he will never make it to the hall of fame as well. I bet that he will also lose that "Playboy Mistress" of his very soon. Did I happen to mention that he placed bets on baseball games? Did I mention he made bets on his own team? That's just wrong!

SHORT STOP: Miguel Tejada
On February 10, 2009, Tejada was charged with lying to Congress about performance enhancing drug usage in Major League Baseball. On February 11, Tejada pleaded guilty to charges that he lied to Congress in 2005. Also can't seem to get his age right as well.

THIRD BASE: Alex Rodriguez
In a 2007 interview with Katie Couric, Alex Rodriguez flatly denied ever having used performance-enhancing drugs. Some 2-3 years later Mr. Rodriguez made this statement when BALCO was busted: "Back then, baseball was a different culture, as it was very loose. I was young, I was stupid, I was naïve. And I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time. I did take a banned substance. And for that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful."

LEFT FIELD: Manny Ramirez
Let's see......"Prima Donna", HCG user, steroid abuser, con artist.....need I say more? Perhaps Bi-polar even?

CENTER FIELD: Carlos Gomez
Cocky ball player who only enjoys cheering for.........HIMSELF. Acts like he's Gods gift to baseball.

RIGHT FIELD: Gary Sheffield
Very vocal about how much money "he wants" in order to play. Has no respect for other players or fans. Has no respect for himself as he was a steroid user as well.

MANAGER: Bobby Valentine
What manager gets ejected from a game and then returns to the dugout wear a disguise? 

SCUM AGENT: $cott Bora$
"Show me the money!"

Barry Bonds (ROIDS)
Milton Bradley (what's next....MMA? Here's the middle finger to you too)
1994 season (strikes suck: Million dollar cry babies)
Michael Jordan (what the heck.....stay in basketball. Besides....your name is not Dion Sanders)
Logan Morrison (self absorbing and arrogant on twitter at times)
Joba Chamberlin (where did the phenom go?)
Carlos Zambrano (I'm gonna punch some gatorade containers and call my coach a cunt)
Hanley Ramirez (takes the time to smell the roses before running to the next base: cocky with a big ego)
Miguel Cabrera (he's going to kill you!)
Bryce Harper (King of Cocky in the making)
Jose Canseco (My God.....he told the truth in his book)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's over.....Finally done.....It is complete.

Yesterday was the closing of another chapter in my life........helping with coaching my daughter and her softball team mates. Thanks to "Mother Nature" this past spring most of our games had to be rescheduled and since May 16th we have had a game almost every day or prolonged practices. This past weekend wrapped up our playoff system and despite the girls playing their little hearts we couldn't advance past round three. The tournament started on Friday night and we lost the first game but it was a double elimination so we still had a second life to play on Saturday. Well......wouldn't you know ended up raining on Saturday and everything was moved to Sunday and the time limits were shortened for the games (basically you got to play 3 innings). I will say one thing: little girls are not meant to play ballgames at 8am on Sunday mornings because that means being there at 7 am and let me tell you there are some cranky 7-12 yr olds at that hour. Unfortunately we fell victim to the time frame and lost that game due to it.

My schedule was at an all time high with work, ballgames, practices, chaperoning school trips, tending to the Future Mrs. Big Kahuna, tending to being called into work on my days off, and somehow managing to find a little time to get some sleep in between the craziness. Now I will finally have a chance to get caught back up with everything as my son will be finishing out his ball season on next Friday and then their playoffs begin that following Saturday.

BRIAN-PLAY AT THE PLATE: I received a package in the mail from you on monday and just got to it today. Thank you my friend for filling in my checklists. I will return the favor! BTW Your prize package was shipped out today! Sorry for it being a little late but we wanted to add a few more goodies before it shipped out. The lady at the post office asked how the box could be so heavy for the flat rate priority mail. She asked me if I had weights in it and I said, "No ma'am......just sportscards".

I had emailed a few bloggers requesting some addresses and I did not forget about you! The little surprise packages I have for you are going out the end of the week. I'm just playing catch up with everything and the kids were filling up the bubble mailers today.

BTW.....DID YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND WHY I ASKED IN THE LAST CONTEST I HAD: HOW MANY GAMES WILL IT TAKE TILL BRYCE HARPER GETS SUSPENDED? There is always a reason for the method of my madness. Bryce Harper is Capt. Attitude (especially with that gay porn-stache he was sporting). He's so macho he even blew the pitcher a kiss!