Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ebay Buyer SCUM and SCAM

I enjoy selling something on EBAY. I enjoy selling sportscards on EBAY. I like taking the time to do everything just right for the customer and clearly stating the requirements in the item description so their is no confusion on the buyers end. By the way.... DOES ANYONE READ THE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS ANYMORE? Then when it comes time for the payment to be due you send out notices and email the winners so they can have the invoice right away. What's that??? I have not heard back from you in 5 days so I'll send out another casual reminder. What's that??? It's been 14 days? Finally after filing a NPB you all of a sudden have contact from the buyer and then you begin having to hear all of the excuses as to why they forgot to pay. Here are some quotes that I received lately:

"Very sorry about that. Payment in full will be received by Friday if that is ok. Had an unexpected auto repair that has drained the wallet. I will not welch on this - I have over 1000 feedback (100%) so I can be trusted." THE GUY NEVER PAID!!!

"hello I have place the wrong click.. i was going to make a counteroffer hit the wrong bottom.. can you cancel this please I will make another offer.. thanks hope to hear from you soon.. I really apoligies for this inconvenience."

"Hello,I thought I had paid for this card as part of a larger payment that I made for several items more than a week ago. Then we left for vacation and I had very limited email access. We got back last night and I am now catching up with emails and discovered that something had gone wrong. I just paid for the other two items for which the original payment had not gone through, but I can't pay for this one because it has been cancelled on account of the unpaid strike that you filed against me.I apologize for the mixup, it was an honest error, though I'm still not certain of what went wrong. If you check my feedback you'll see that I always pay for my auctions and I do so in a timely basis.What can I do about this? Naturally, I still want the card.Please let me know.Again, my apologies for the delay in making payment, it certainly was not intentional." EDITORS NOTE: This JERKOFF then filed a item not received against me three weeks later and I had the last laugh as I produced his signature acceptance and delivery confirmation. He was left speechless when I called him and asked why he filed the "item not sent" complaint when I called his bluff and he didn't say anything for about 5 seconds and then began stating that his wife had picked up the package and took it to his desk and he didn't see it on his desk when I heard his wife in the background hollar that he already got the card. I called him a liar and hung up. ONCE AGAIN BULLSHIT LIES!!!

My favorite part is when you ship the product out and then 3 weeks later you get a claim of the item was not delivered. Here's where I like to stick it to the buyer so I don't get screwed over: I don't charge for delivery confirmation or signature required nor do I describe it in the auction listing. Then when I have the proof that it was delivered and signed for I just simply hand it in to Paypal and I email the buyer the confirmation information and then watch all of the excuses come pouring out again as to how they misplaced it or the signifigant other picked up the card or some other bullcrap excuse of trying to cover their ass cause they were going to rip me off. Then after all the dust has finally settled and another few days has passed I begin to fill out the feedback forms. I do not leave feedback unless it's left for me as I see that's only fair. The feedback the seller left for after attemtping to rip me off left was simply this statement, "thanks".

This is where EBAY needs to allow the sellers the opportunity to leave negative feedback for when the buyers pull this crap. But then again EBAY doesn't care about me, you, the BP oil spill, the gum on your shoe, the dead bird on the front of your car's grill, or how your Mom is making extra money on the side teaching a pole dancing class in your Dad's garage while soliciting Amish men. The fact is once EBAY has "their" money .....YOU ARE A PILE OF STEAMY, SQUISHY, "CORN VISIBLE IN THE PILE" OF SHIT TO THEM OTHERWISE. Prove me wrong!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "Dad Moms"

Sometimes us "Dads" can have moments where we have more than our hands full if our wife or girlfriend is working opposite schedules of us and then we find ourselves being the "Mom" for the daylight or evening hours. It’s even more fun to have our hands extra full when we have two or more children to comfort, shuttle to games, giving hugs to, applying band aids, making supper for, planning evening activities, bath time, reading bedtime stories, drinks of water, cleaning up and making sure everything is in order so Mom doesn’t have to clean up when she comes home. So to help us "Dads" out a little and perhaps understand what the ladies in our lives go through everyday, here’s an "ABC’S" of the daily Dadmom:

A is for Allocate. You wash the dishes while having Ben dry them while Jen puts them away. This is not just a chore, but it’s fun as well because the children will usually end up being more wet than what the dishes were coming out of the dishpan.

B is for band-aids. You will need these at all times. These make little fears disappear. Like kisses these will also make tears stop instantly. These will also be necessary for when even Bobo, the pet goldfish has mysteriously crawled out of the fish tank and had bitten your three-year-old daughter’s finger (according to her testimony. The fish is unavailable for a comment).

C is for ABC Checklist. Unless it has sports scores on it or how to make something more powerful, most of us men will forget the "what to do lists or ABC checklist". This is very vital that we keep this list in sight at all times. Uncompleted lists can result in no kisses from the wife! Throw the penalty flag for husband/male like conduct!

D is for diapers. Don’t forget to change them or you may regret it later.

E is for excessive. Don’t just stop at cleaning the house. Clean the garage and take out the trash as well.

F is for forgiveness. They (the children) really don’t mean to write over your freshly painted wall. They don’t mean to stuff the bologna sandwich you made them 2 days ago into the VCR deck. They don’t mean to have your computer talking to you and writing in three different languages other than English.

G is for Grill. When all else fails in the kitchen, this amazing structure will bring hungry tummies calling. Men are born with an extra chromosome known as the 25th G chromosome. Men can prepare anything on the grill including Chili. No other directions are necessary at this point.

H is for hats. Collect all of these up after your children have tried on each one making for some quite memorable pictures.

I is for Ice cream. This substance (like the band aids) will solve any problem.

J is for Jesus. Make sure you teach the children about what he has done for us.

K is for Kool Aid. Due to the high sugar content, avoid giving this drink mix to children after 7pm. Side effects are hypersensitivity and excessive bouncing on beds and off of the walls and staying up until Mommy gets home which can produce serious "no kisses" overtones.

L is for Love. You can never give enough of this!

M is for mixing. Any vegetable can be mixed with mashed potatoes (see son or daughter for details).

N is for nurse. You will have to tend to broken planes and scraped knees. You may also have to nurse Bobo the pet goldfish back to health after being sucked up into the sweeper because you casually mentioned to your 3-year-old son that you needed to "clean the fish tank".

O is for off. Make sure the TV is in the off position at all times.

P is for paint. Let the children paint pictures for on the fridge and for in your office. There really is such things as a "green sun". And don't worry about the golden retriever you used to have....nothing says, "different" like a purple retriever.

Q is for quiet. Quiet time is for us after the children are asleep. This does mean an option to turn on ESPN and quietly read the ticker scores with the volume turned down.

R is for reading. Make sure you read the children two bedtime stories. Make sure you read over the checklist. Make sure you read your Bible.

S is soap. This will be required for making bubble baths that flow out of the tub and down the steps.

T is for Tantrums. It can be frustrating and there may be name-calling. Objects may be thrown. However, we men must still read the instructions booklet for putting some things together and read the checklists no matter how much intuition us men have. These tantrums must be avoided. Check on the kids for assistance.

U is for Upright. All of the books that were taken off of the shelves will need to be put back in the upright position. This includes the fish tank as well.

V is for VCR. Check the VCR for sandwiches, toys, backward tapes, fish and various vegetables that are easily placed in the cassette slot by "little hands".

W is for wife. Make sure there’s a meal prepared for her. Roses (or flower mixture) in a vase on the table. Make sure the house is cleaned. Make sure she’s got chocolate cheesecake in the fringe (extra kisses for you!). Make sure you pray for her!

X is for … the missing chromosome in us men that was replaced by the 25th G chromosome (see G above).

Y is for Yard. Make sure the toys are picked up and put away. Make sure the yard doesn’t have any hazards in case of cutting the grass. Half a G.I. Joe is not good to play with. The other half that was projectiled through your neighbor’s window via courteously of your lawnmower is not a good thing either.

Z is for ZZZZ. That’s what your wife will probably hear from you when she walks in the door.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ravishing Relics

He made his major league debut on April 16, 1946 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1947, he hit 51 home runs. Many of Kiner's homers were hit into a shortened left-field and left-center-field porch at Forbes Field, originally built for Hank Greenberg, and known in the press as "Greenberg Gardens"; the porch was retained for Kiner and redubbed "Kiner's Korner". Kiner would later use "Kiner's Korner" as the title of his post-game TV show in New York.

In 1949, Kiner topped his 1947 total with 54 home runs, falling just two short of Hack Wilson's National League record. It was the highest total in the major leagues from 1939 to 1960, and the highest National League total from 1931 to 1997. It made Kiner the first National League player with two fifty-plus seasons. Kiner also matched his peak of 127 RBIs. From 1947 to 1951, Kiner topped 40 home runs and 100 RBIs each season. His string of seasons leading the league in home runs reached seven in 1952, when he hit 37. This was also the last of a record six consecutive seasons in which he led Major League Baseball in home runs, all under the guidance of manager Billy Meyer and Pirate great Honus Wagner. He was selected to participate in the All-Star Game in six straight seasons, 1948 to 1953. He holds (by himself) the major league record of eight home runs in four consecutive multi-homer games, a mark that he set in September, 1947. This info is from:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sacrifice. It has many meanings and many purposes. One could say that from a religious point of view that it’s a killing of a victim on an altar. In another sense of terms it means destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else. Another meaning is something given up or lost as for example the sacrifices made by parents. In baseball a sacrifice fly is a batted ball that satisfies four criteria:

* There are fewer than two outs when the ball is hit.
* The ball is hit to the outfield.
* The batter is out because an outfielder or an infielder running in the outfield catches the ball (or would have been out if not for an error).
* A runner who is already on base scores on the play.

It is called a "sacrifice" fly because the batter presumably intends to cause a teammate to score a run, while sacrificing their own ability to do so. Eddie Murray (128), Cal Ripken Jr (127), Robin Yount (123), Hank Aaron (121), and Frank Thomas (121) are the current leaders for most sacrifice flies of all time.

But the kind of sacrifices I’m referring to are one the ones being made every day. White collar and blue collar folks are all making sacrifices on daily basis for their families. A family of four where the husband was a successful business man and now has been unemployed for the last two years because of a failing economy and so the Business he worked for had to “downsize” and as a result he was let go by the business. No severance package and no benefits are given to him for all his hard work and years of dedicated service to the business. Everyday he’s filling out numerous applications and yet no return phone calls or only short interviews that leave him with the dreaded words spoken, “we’ll be in touch”.
What about the hundreds of military servicemen and servicewomen who have paid with their lives to establish freedom and justice in Iraq or other foreign countries? Many have sacrificed their lives so others could have freedom.

What about the police in our country who everyday is fighting a never ending war on crime and drugs?

What about the single mother that holds down two jobs so both of her children can have the things that they need for school and in life in general such as food on the table and clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet? The mother lets go of her own desires and makes sure that her children needs are always met before her own needs and desires are met.

When it comes to sports cards or your sports collection could you make the sacrifice if you needed to? Could you give up something you owned and collected for years so it could help to meet the needs of others or the needs of your own family? In order to meet the needs of my copay for Highmark Blue Cross I ended up having to sell my autographed Adam Lind collection (which Marie from A Cardboard Problem knows and saw the guy who bought my cards-talk about a small world) and a few other things I’ve collected over the years from my personal collection. I did not have a $1,000.00 in banking to meet our deductible and with two kids that kind of leaves me with limited funds 99.9% of the time so I began liquidating my sports card collection and we ended up selling our PS3 that we got for Christmas. It was a gift from my Aunt Pam to me (she said I should have some fun with toys too) and I hated to sell it and it didn’t help seeing my son crying about it but I explained to him it was something that I had to do in order to meet the finances. He cried for a little while but told me it was okay and that he understood. Later that night he was still upset though and it burned a hole in me to have to do it but I had no other choice. The way I see it…. If it’s going to let me pay the copay and give me some extra money to get them both some well needed new shorts and pants for my growing son and growing daughter (they’re both having growth spurts at the same time……argggghh) and a few pairs of shoes for them both then so be it. It’s not easy and it is difficult at times but we get by and I see to it that they have what they need. I’m still hoping to perhaps somehow over the next couple of months find a way to get another PS3 to replace the one we sold as we all miss it dearly. However that just depends upon what’s left after getting our envoy 4 new tires that are badly needed. Just can’t win sometimes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And God said, "Let thoust be a winner"

I would like to say thanks to all of you who entered. There was a few that missed the deadline and tried to make entry into it last night.....the deadline for entry was the 30th of May. Perhaps you can catch the next giveaway I am planning by the deadline this time.

And God Said,

For it is written on this Third day in the month of June in the year 2010 that you and only you Sir Rodney (Rod (Padrographs) ) be granted with the winnings from thy Holy Grail. Remember to send thy note with thy address to me (which is forwarded to Sir Timothy) and we will send to you your fruitful blessings. For it will be up to you to either show off the fruit for which thoust have won or you can choose to hide it to make more people wonder what "MOJO" was given to thee.