Monday, November 19, 2012

Doe....a deer....a female deer.....bleeding all over the road

Well the score goes like this: Mother Nature (deer) -3  Tim's Envoy-0

Friday night when I was going to work I had a herd (about 6-7) of deer jump out in front of me. I'm already going 50 mph and I have three choices:

1. There was a car coming in the other lane so I had go straight in order to avoid a collision.

2. There was a hill to my right that I could go up and possibly roll the envoy and hit some deer.

3. Take my chances and slow down and try to go into between at least some deer.

I slowed down and tried to go into the middle of the heard where I saw a little space but then one doe stopped and the one behind her stopped and then....... POW BOOM SMASH.

The other guy that was coming in the opposing lane ended up hitting the back end of a spiked buck. He had sustained some damage to the front right corner of his Ford Taurus. He was okay though. He was surprised to see a "6 pack of deer" as he called it running like that. He asked if I was okay and I said, "yeah......but those two doe lying there on the road.....well......they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Come to think of it neither will I probably." Basically the whole right front corner is missing from my vehicle. No headlight, no fog lights, no bumper, no signal lights, no headlight washer, and no grill. Everything was smashed. The funny thing about this (well not really) is last year the day before Christmas I hit a deer going to my children's Christmas program and did $3700.00 worth of damage on the driver side from one big buck. I can't wait to see the cost for this one one the passenger side. I have a Progressive agent coming this morning to see what the damages are going to be this time.

I'm glad we were both okay (the other guy and me; screw the deer). I'm glad the kids were not with me because my daughter would've been really upset and I can just imagine my son standing there saying, "can I gut them Dad can I can I" as he's at the first year stage of hunting and that is all he has been talking about lately. Then more thoughts rush my head like, "oh great Tim, you're supposed to go to Philly the end of the month. You have to take the kids to Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. How will you get to work?" I stop and take a deep breath and just think to myself, "one day at a time step at a time." I love it when life throws screwballs at you. The nice thing is I have a good "on base" percentage. Hey Mother Nature........BRING IT ON! I'll hit you the same way Roger Clemens hit Mike Piazza with the bat chunk!

P.S. Yes that picture is from Carmageddon 2. Great Game!