Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Be safe and enjoy the New Year - Drive sober!

We the collective minds at "ENOUGH ALREADY" would like to take a moment and wish you all a "HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your families!" We would also like to give you a very heartfelt reminder that if you are going to be drinking while celebrating the new year, please make sure you either turn your keys in to someone or please have a SOBER designated driver. In the business that I am in I have seen the damages that are done on both sides of the families due to the results of drunk driving accidents and incidents. If you don't have a driver then check your local ads for driver services or check on here: National Directory of Designated Driver Services.

Your blog just wouldn't be the same without you and not only that but you won't have a chance at winning one of our prize pack giveaways somewhere down the road! BE SMART! BE SAFE! Best of all to you in 2014 (the year topps finally _______)!

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Play at the Plate    is having an awesome blaster contest. Check out his blog and see what the man is all about! You may win and you'll never know until you try!

Friday, December 13, 2013

We're alive I tell you, we're alive!

First off....HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! Things have been busy busy busy at work and my free time has been extremely limited. After the holidays things will slow down and then I'll be able to get back to work here on EA.