Friday, December 11, 2015

Topps redemption blues

I believe that we in some way or another feel a little this way when it comes to Topps and their redemptions so here is a short poem about Topps and their redemptions:

Pulled a redemption card today did we, aren't you excited to see who it will be? Load the numbers up on to the redemption site, then press enter quickly with all of your might. Why is it suddenly saying the code is not valid, you quickly entered the numbers again fully undoubted. The code has expired as the years have come to pass, good luck buddy on pulling any decent cards from our ass. Quick call the BBB, the FBI, the POLICE or my lawyer, Topps customer service has gone out of order. How can they do this to me how can this be, I gave them all my money surely can't you see? "Call us back when we have the power, we have to go as our flight leaves in an hour. We have your money we have your pride, why even bother with us just take it in stride." Damn you Topps and your filthy dirty cheating ways, You're just like that Obama Guy and will bend us over anyways. Now all I can do is grab my ankles and hope for the best, oh look they just sent me an auto of a ballplayer who's under arrest.

T. Hertzog