Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say "Mojo" one more time........ I dare you!

To all the Ebayers who call their Kurt Rambis serially numbered jersey card a 1/1 just because it's 24/100 which happens to be his jersey number. GET REAL!

To all the Ebayers who are making fake patches..... I hope you get ripped off in the politest and most unforeseen way.

To all the people on the Beckett Boards.... Who really trades at book value anymore? I find a nice David Wright jersey auto card (2006 topps triple threads) that someone has for trade and he in-turn wants my Topps Finest Joe Flacco rookie autograph 22/25 and my Alex Rodriguez and Tim Lincecum Bowmans Best autographs and lists all my stuff as low book value and his card at high book value and then calls that a fair book value trade? Get over yourself and your over hyped shameful magazine. Go screw yourself!

To all the people on the Beckett Boards listing their cards as "Mojo"..... You're just plain retarded. Just keep sucking off of Tracey's tit and drooling over Chris Olds mighty box busters videos. Beckett sucks. Plain and simple!

To all the Ebay sellers that are charging $4.00 for shipping and then ship stuff out in white envelopes...... your scum. No other way of putting it. YOUR SCUM! I always shipped my products out for $1.65 which included combined shipping and in bubble mailers and the card was double protected and sealed so it wouldn't come out of the holder during transit.

And finally to all the Ebay buyers who receive the product and file a claim that you didn't receive the product (ahem... ohscards ebayID) yeah..... I busted you. I set you up and busted you good. It's people like him that make me want to say, "Enough Already".

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Clayton Kershaw has been playing much better as of lately. So far he's 8-5 on the season with 104k's, a 2.95 era, and a 1.22 whip. In his last seven starts, he's 5-0 with an ERA of 0.63. With this rookie card of his signed here it looks like it's a cryptic message almost. Perhaps Joe Mather could teach him how to sign even though his own signature is not that much better. At least you can make out the Joe part. Surf's up dude!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

I am a die hard NY Giants fan and I love pulling Giants Players more than anything. I started collecting Mario Manningham after these 3 big pulls and I've found his signature is consistent 98% of the time. However as you can also see it almost looks like he signs it, "MM". Guess it stands for: My Michigan, My money, or My chicken scratch.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OH the Governor of PA ...what a web you weave

If Governor Rendell soon doesn't pass a budget for Pennsylvania does that mean he can't go on his beloved safari hunting trip until the budget becomes approved or will he be forced to use our supposed "closed" State Parks for the Safari hunting grounds instead? Does this mean that certain members of his staff will be dressed up in lion and rhino outfits? Heck, why not just throw some state legislatures in as monkeys too (no costumes needed) to hangout in the trees and throw "things". Oh and he wants, "no whining" as he shoots at you with the TAX bullets from his big fat pork barrel gun! Unfortunately the natives (800+ layoffs) will not be able to receive economical assistance from his pockets as the money is being diverted to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to rectify a golden statue symbolizing the presence of the mighty Rendell Safari Hunter and more pay raises for state legislators. In the display case at the base of the statue will be his state funded GPS unit, state funded per diem account, private chef (mounted of course), his fork (Excavator) and spoon (armored bulldozer with actual teeth marks) from his daily feeding rituals and a slot machine and his own brand of cereal, "mini slot machine O's shredded fiber". In the gift shop you can purchase mini slot machines, posters of slot machines, gambling anonymously in PA books autographed by Rendell and Bob Casey, slot machine t-shirts and hats, and even your very own PHEAA diploma certifying you in slot machine repair. You can layaway a slot machine with little or no money down (depending upon which party you belong to). You can also purchase additional quantities of "mini slot machineO's" cereal and PA casino tickets in advance.

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Here are two signatures that are not too terribly bad. With Derrek Lee at least I can make out the D and L. As for the Antonio Pittman.... well it looks kind of garbled. I do hope that Pittman does get some more playing time this year with the Rams as I feel he's a very talented athlete.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Harold Martinez, L.J. Hoes, Garrison Lassiter, and Matthew Purke are all members of the 2008 Team USA Junior National team. Most of the auto's here are decent with the exception of one Harold Martinez whose autograph is clearly a sign of "I'm to busy to sign this". I do like how Mr. Hoes signed the end of his name with what looks like a "z" to it. Pimpin ain't easy!

As always...clicking on the picture will make it bigger.

TOPPS supplies Ryne Sandberg with Steroids???

Let's take a look at Ryne Sandberg's 2001 Topps Archieves card for a moment and look at his stat line for 1996 after taking a year off in 1995. Do you notice anything out of the unusual? Holy Cow!!! Ryne hit 252 Home Runs that year! Move over Barry Bonds...Go Andro McGwire...Put a cork in it Sammy! Perhaps we should ask, "did Ryne use a clear gel too?" Perhaps he was using Sammy Sosa's trainer also? Nah! It's just a mistake Topps made and we all know Topps never makes a mistake. That would be most rather interesting to see someone hit that many taters! My first reply would be.... "fill the cup please".

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Gary Sheffield... I was able to see you play in Pittsburgh this year when my beloved Mets took on the Pirates in June. You still have the "holy moly of a rocket arm for a 40 yr old guy" zip and you can still swing away. Now if you could just learn to write a little cleaner. BTW...On December 13, 2007, Sheffield was named in the Mitchell Report as one of the players who had obtained and used steroids. Perhaps shaky hands is a side effect of steroids. Who knows?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Mr. Mendenhall! Could you please scribble something on this card for me? I like it when you draw a picture of the mountains and a valley on the cards. YECK! Rashard gets an "B+" for effort.... in Art work.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It was nice tonight to have some free time to spend with my Fiancée and so we decided to make it a movie night. The choice was Transformers and neither one of us had anything to really say bad about the movie. Now I am no movie critic and yes there was a few things that could've been improved but overall it was a good movie and I enjoyed the darker tones in this movie. If the critics says, "it stinks" it's usually good then IMO. If they say, "it's 5 stars" then I'll just wait for the dvd to come out. Just because it does not scream for every academy award it seems the critics have really blasted it into outer space. Yes the story could've had a tweeking or two and I felt that the ending was rushed a little. I have been a fan of transformers for over 20 yrs and had most of the G1 toys/figures. But the part I liked the best about the movie....I was able to spend time with my Fiancée and watch a movie that we both like and we had a good time. Thanks Kathy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chicken Scratch of the Day

Today's special guest:
Joshua Vitters
Daytona Cubs Class A Advanced Florida State League

I seriously don't know how some people can even pick out his name from that "gracious " signature. If you look closely you can slightly make out a little of his last name. However on the bright side at least it's not auto penned.