Saturday, June 7, 2014

In all of the goodness and luck in this world.....I pulled this.....

So my Fiance and I visited

 last night and I bought one rack pack of

Came home and watched a movie and went to bed forgetting about the rack pack.

I got up out of bed this morning and forgot about opening the rack pack from yesterday. So I opened the the first pack and pulled a Hunter Pence ice card. Opened the second pack and just regular old cards. Opened the third pack and then it released the good

my initial reaction was

and then I flipped it over and saw the numbering in the corner and 

because this is what I saw

The moral of the story's always nice to pull a goodie like a 2014 Bowman Byron BuxtonTop 100 die cut refractor autograph serially numbered 01/24.

Let's just say I had to change these