Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks Beckett!

I was one of the latest winners for the "Free Friday" contest. My prize was a 2009 TRISTAR PROjections Ike Davis autograph. The best part is.... he's a Met if you didn't know! I have been a member of Beckett since 11/19/1997 and I've seen the ups and downs and I've made my fair share of moans and groans but this one takes the cake for me personally!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Daughter's 2nd softball game results in a injury.

Well my daughter had her second softball game of the season today and she received an injury from it too. When it was her first at bat she ended up drawing seven pitches again (4 balls 3 foul tipped) and was walked. She safely stole second base and then on the next pitch she attempted to steal third.....and was thrown out. I blame the coach for getting her out because he waited till the catcher almost had the ball in her hands from a wild pitch before telling Caty to steal. LAME-O- on the coach's part.

The pitcher from the opposing team was 11 years old (the league consists of ages 7-11) and was throwing flames! I was impressed and I will say for the record and they can claim they heard it here first... this girl is going to be a factor on somebody's high school/college/pro softball team! She was striking out our kids left and right! She was humming that ball pretty hard that the catcher probably had to ice her hand down after the game. Half of the team was watching her throw during warm ups and some of them looked scared watching her pitch. Honestly I could say I don't blame them for feeling nervous as if I would've been their age and saw those pitches she was throwing.

It's the fourth inning and it's Caty's turn to bat. The first pitch is high and directly at my daughter's head. The second pitch is high again and at my daughter's head once more. The coach for the pitcher's team in a rude smartly manner says to Caty, "She ain't gonna hurt you. You've got a helmet on anyhow so don't worry about it". The next pitch is inside again and nails my daughters left hand. I heard the crack and my heart started pounding when I looked and saw the open mouth but no scream sound coming from my daughter. The coaches and the Umpire rushed immediately to her and she started crying and was hollering for Daddy. Her hand was beginning to bruise immediately and there was "seam marks on her hand" and it was swelling rapidly. They brought ice down right away from the concession stands and we iced it down. We had it checked out just to be on the safe side. The good thing is nothing was broken and she could do full range of motion exercises. As of this moment it's bruised with some heavy swelling but otherwise she'll be okay. She was given some pain medication and it seems to only bother her if it hangs down. Oh yeah....it's her 8th birthday tomorrow! She started her 8th birthday with going on the disabled list....lol! She was a trooper though and wanted to get right back out there tomorrow to practice at 5pm. I explained to her that she has to take a few days off practice and I explained to her why she would need time off to heal. She looks right at me and then says, "Dad how am I gonna play the Wii"? So much for explaining things in a serious manner. Kids....ya gotta love them!

I would've liked to have a few words with that coach regarding the comments he made towards my daughter but then I wouldn't want to do that in front of her either. I don't want her to see me choking the life out of someone. That would not be a positive role model sign for her to see. I know it wasn't the pitcher's intending purpose to nail her as she was starting to lose control of her fastballs even more after beaning Caty. Still....I wanted to smack the coach for his pointless words directed towards my daughter. Perhaps I will have to "help out" with batting practice the next time we play them again.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Daughter's first softball game....A Very Proud Daddy!

Today was a very good day for me as I was able to watch my daughter play in her very first softball game. I was so glad to see that she made the team and she has done so well at left center and at second base in her "rookie season". When she went up to her first at bat she kept a real good solid stance and the first ball pitched to her was called an outside ball. She had made contact twice on the next two pitches but both were foul balls in opposite directions. Then 3 straight pitches called for balls and she drew a walk. Then she stole second base as the catcher was fumbling with the ball (she paid attention). She then tried to steal third base but was caught in a pickle play. However luck was on her side as the third base girl threw the ball into center field. Caty proceeded to and safely went into third base. Then when her next at bat came up she was not so lucky this time. She found herself in that "old baseball legendary batters position" that consisted of three balls two strikes and 2 outs. next came the pitch and then...and then... and then she swung out. Her team (Belleville Bombers) lost 16-1 in 5 innings. She didn't cry about striking out and she didn't say much of anything because she was smiling. She just looked at me and grinned. After the game Daddy was given the celebratory hug and kiss from his happy little daughter as she could barely contain the excitement of her first game ball game ever played. She wasn't concerned about winning or losing...she was just happy to play and have me there with her and cheering her on.

As for my Son's baseball season...well those games starts this Saturday. Now I have to split myself in two because they both have games together on certain dates! Anybody know of a good cloning scientist?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now at WalMart......Enough Already's E.P. The EBAY Gripe Sessions

I'm getting annoyed with all of the listings for 1/1's when there is NO 1/1 listed on the card anywhere. I do believe that is called false advertisement. I'm hoping someone starts buying all the false 1/1's and then when they get the card they file a complaint with PAYPAL because the seller is LEGALLY false advertising a product. You should really learn the legalities when listing Items on EBAY. You could have a field day with some of these listings with Paypal taking to the seller's side due to the listing title.

Here is a list of Ebay false 1/1 idiot listings:

This is just a plain out right joke.
Oh this one
This one is a winner!
This is the tea bagger!

Then you get to some of these listings under the "Buy it Now" tab that just make you wanna either laugh at them for what they're asking for or just feel sorry for them. The best part is when your negotiating the "best offer" and then they quote in the email, "well according to Beckett Book Value". At that point I drop my business with them immediately. I usually find the card somewhere else for a third of the cost.

Let's take a look at some potentials:
Um.....yeah.....I don't think so bub!
Yeah....let me go right out the door!
Um....No sir...I don't like it.
Who the heck is that?

On a happier note, I've surpassed 5,000 views. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to even remotely look at my crazy world. Heck I would be happy just with 5 views let alone 5,000. Thanks guys!

Act of kindness by BEARDY

A while ago my children and I were sorting out our card collection and we found ourselves with too many cards. So my son asked if we could give some cards away to a few people on "daddy's blog" and I agreed that this would be a good way for them to show kindness and generosity towards other people (teaching moment) in the hobby. So we did up a few packages and sent some stuff out to random folks. We were not expecting anything in return and was surprised when we received notice from "Beardy" that something was being sent our way for the items we sent to him. Let us sally forth and behold the awesomeness that invaded our mail box!
Behold the first card in the deck! Jose Reyes Masterpieces numbered to 75!

SUCH SWEETNESS AND SO FILLING! That card bit masterpieces!

The next card my daughter pulled out was this one:


The next card my son pulled was this lovely one of Mike Piazza:

Another gallery shot which is really cool. I did like these gallery cards.

The next one my daughter pulled was:

"Hey Dad, this one's really shiny. I can see all the colors like that rainbow in the sky". Cue Jimmy Hendrix!

The next one I pulled and it was another rainbow of:

Dan Murphy in the Coat of TOPPS CHROME TECHNICOLOR.


My 8 yr old daughter has a thing for David Wright. I have no idea where it came from but once she saw him on the scoreboard at the Pirates game she just likes him. You mention his name around her and she just goes "aggghhhhhhh". She's got a crush on him......that's not right!

As for the final masterpiece in this package of goodness we find this beauty:

My first Mike Piazza jersey card that I have ever had. I was so excited to add that to our collection (sounding borg'ish a little: we will add you to our collective).

Greg, thank you so much for the cards you sent to us. The kids loved every minute of opening the package and was so surpised to see what they received. I thank you for that kindness Greg.

Folks remember to checkout Greg's blog and THE MOJO HAND at: http://mojobeardy.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg is playing in my backyard today.....In altoona that is (45 min drive from my house). It's a beautiful day here at the well packed ball park. Stephen Strasburg has struck out 7 batters so far and has allowed 4 hits and runs and 1 walk. Curve lead 4-3 so far. This dude can freakin hummer that ball in there. Hopefully he doesn't turn into a Brien Taylor or however that yankees draft of a pitcher was. Back to the game folks!

Stephen lasted 5 innings against 22 batters and also got a double when he was up to bat and he picked up the win as well. Overall I have to say he is exactly where he should be: AA baseball. He was a little hyper at first but settled in nicely. He has a pretty nice changeup and had control of his fastball. Hopefully he can continue on that track and stay focused. I just hope that Washington does not rush him at all and turn him into a Ben McDonald case.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the heck?

Through three games so far Travis has been up to bat 11 times and has struck out 6 of those times. He has one single and a double and a RBI and 2 BBS. He's sporting a hefty .091 batting avg and I certainly hope that this trend does not continue. Yes I understand it's the beginning of the season but Ryan Howard and Mark Reynolds does not need any competition for the "Da Big Whiffer strikeout king" title. Besides, we all know that Reggie Jackson is the ALL TIME STRIKEOUT LEADER with 2597 strikeouts.

As for the other "hot bat" on the Blue Jays, Vernon Wells has been laying down a good foundation of hits and home runs. In the last 10 at bats he's produced 6 hits with 4 home runs and 7 RBI and one strikeout and has a .600 avg so far. Let's hope this continues for Vernon and it spreads like wildfire to the other team members as well.

Looks like Jason Heyward is settling down some. I have not heard anything since day one when he smacked a HR. Another Atlanta hot hand, "Tommy Hanson" received his first loss of this season against the cubs. I'm still curious to see how he's going to pan out for the Braves. There is one pitcher in the Braves Farm system that I am keeping an eye on and that player is Mike Minor.

Garrett Jones.....keep an eye on him in Pittsburgh.

And it looks like the Mets have not been impressive so far.

In hobby related news.....Upper Deck is out for 2010 football. I'm quite sure you've heard the reasons why and it's just disgusting. Now we're left with "Flopps" and "Panini sandwich". At least UD will have the college sweet spot for us to play with. I'm pissed. Nuff said.

Anybody up for creating a NFL Pro Caliber AMISH Football Team? We'll be called the Fighting Amish. Our mascot is an Amish Man with Pitchfork in his hand ready to throw it like a football. Team colors are: Black, White, and Purple. .........more to come!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ebay's "HeRo Of ThE sTuPiD"

WOW......this just screams ugly of an EBAY auction listing. A PSA / DNA cut auto?

Random Thoughts that dance in my head

Ahhhh...............yes. What a wild and crazy fun Easter weekend it was. My future soon to be mother-in-law can cook the most awesome meals and she did not disappoint on this holiday! She had such a wonder ham broth gravy that just melted in your mouth and made heaven when splashed on the homemade mashed potatoes. The best part was the Ham. Not salty and slow cooked all night....talk about goodness!
Well, I am going to go make myself a sandwich since I have stirred my appetite up again. In the meanwhile have a look at some random thoughts for the day.

Today was the opening day for MLB and the Pirates, Mets, and Atlanta all won their openers. Jason Heyward hit a HR on his first MLB at bat. Like Gellman said, "It's only one freakin HR". However I'm quite sure there will be 5000 Jason Heyward items listed on Ebay with such bonehead titles listing them as "Jason ROY" or JASON MVP or JASON HOT or Jason just got advice from Chipper Jones or "Jason touched this ball" or even a "Jason is GOD" listing. I can just see the Beckett boarders lighting up, "Jason is a BASEBALL GOD".

BREAKING NEWS FLASH....... Ebay HAS MADE IT OFFICIAL with the latest listing trends. Ebay reports that when listing any Jason Heyward items on Ebay it must include the word "MOJO" in the title or auction will be canceled while we still collect the fees.

Donovan McNabb going to the Redskins.........that's messed up.

Who knew that Willie Parker signed with the Redskins let alone Larry Johnson?

Adam Lind signed a 4 year deal....SWEETNESS!

Cameron Maybin went 0-4 with three strikeouts....Not good for someone who was so over-hyped.

The Mets bullpen did not blow a game....now if they can do that 161 more times.

Colby Rasmus started out on a good note for opening day.

What is up with all of the Earthquakes lately?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You really want my vote eh???

I've heard through the grapevine that Upper Deck is running a contest where you can vote for the best sports blog/box breakers/best community on their website. It has been interesting the last few days to watch this catastrophe unfold and I have stood back silently and watched the emails and comments come in asking me to "vote" for their blog/whatever and I have watched comments being spewed out towards people like it was a presidential election year. I've also seen some backstabbing made to others that were just plain rude. Promises being made of sharing of whatever is given to them if they win and some promising to even give out money if they win. Well it's time for "Enough Already" to contribute my two cents.

When Upper Deck posted the available choices on the poll it would appear that some of the blogs that are listed in the voting section are justified to be on the list but then again there are some blogs that are not listed on the poll and that means some of the blogs got the dreaded "short end of the stick". In my honest opinion we are all winners when it comes to blogging. Some of us have articles that literally quench our deepest hobby thirsts while some blogs give us more of a comedic approach to the hobby. Other blogs incorporate trading amongst ourselves and for some blogs it allows them to show to the community their personal collection and a chance to talk about their favorite players. Heck some of us even incorporate our life into our hobby blogs and thus making us feel like a part of their family in a small way. The blogs allow us to be creative whether it be creating our own custom made cards or by showing us just how many idiots are on Craigslist and Ebay. The possibilities are endless and there is no limit as to just how far some people will go with their blogging concepts. There is a person that created blog about a fellow blogger and blabs about how he's "Upper Deck's Tool" and how he's just plain rude with his remarks and he's a fat and lazy hobby ego maniac slob. What a shallow life this man/woman/transgendered person must lead since his goal is to blog about another blogger and his actions. Needless to say it's still a form of creativity and it's a freedom of choice. Say those words proudly, "freedom of choice".

How Upper Deck came up with such a short list is beyond me. Did they label mice and have a race to determine who would be listed? Perhaps they drew names from a hat? I know there are blogs out there worthy of recognition beyond the list that was created. There needs to be a lot more creative thought process for this to happen properly. Upper Deck should have never said a word about giving away products for the winners. They created such a jolt grabbing frenzy that it is compared to the feeling you get from whizzing on the electric fence type of feeling. Would everyone blab out for so much attention if Upper Deck wasn't giving away anything? All Upper Deck did was unleash the creative ugliness thoughts perpetrated by fellow hobbyists. I suppose if you wanted to have an awards program for the best blog/box buster/best community then by all means do so. Just remember that it will be political and it will be fraudulent and somebody is gonna get screwed over.....kind of like the Oscars.

On a closing note I would just like to ask that you would please....for the love of God please....do not send me emails and post comments telling me about how great my blog is and then start spewing your sales pitch blasphemy on why I should vote for you. You are going to receive the following by doing so:

1. A copy of Richard Simmons "sweating to the oldies"
2. A letter from the Dept of Homeland Security
3. Some freshly squeezed gifts courteously of my two dogs Ginger and Bo
4. 1,000 copies of Ki-Jana Carter and Napoleon Kaufman autographed cards
5. BaBa Booey will take you out to the ball game and you will polish his teeth!
6. 200 legs from ladybugs
7. A gift card good for one Roundhouse Kick from Chuck Norris

Thank you for your time my fellow hobbyists.