Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird things on NFL Sunday

This past Sunday was very interesting for the NFL. Here are the thoughts:

People are chanting, "The Raiders are back, the Raiders are back"!

Yes, the Raiders did play another good game. Yes, they have a 3 game winning streak which is their best since at least the 2002 season. Yes, Darren Mcfadden is proving that when he's healthy and not making kids or videos or fighting at night clubs that he can produce. Yes, Jason Campbell had another nice passing game with help from Jacoby Ford and McFadden. NO this does not constitute them "being back". Wait until week 14 and then if they make the playoffs then belt the tune out. And just because an offensive lineman scores does not mean they'll make the playoffs.

Did anyone notice that the Cleveland Browns has defeated the New Orleans Saints and now the New England Patriots? They beat the Saints on the road and they beat the Patriots at home this week. It was the Peyton Hillis show again that contributed. Colt McCoy had another start with success. Could this be a new formula?

Did anyone notice that the Houston Texans have now fallen to 4-4 after such a hot start?

New York CB Darrelle Revis: Calvin.....your butt is mine.
Detroit WR Calvin Johnson: Your so slow I could have sex with your mom twice and then
rollover twice and still be on her and then get off and still have time to outrun you.
New York CB Darrelle Revis: Your momma so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone!
Calvin had one catch for 13 yards

BREAKING NEWS: Matthew Stafford was hurt AGAIN. That's right folks....hopefully you chose to double down on the same injured shoulder that kept him out for 5 weeks. ALWAYS double down on the Detroit Quarterbacks in the injury pool because you'll be stinking rich when they go down!

Did you know that the Buffalo Bills had the lead only to blow it again and lose the game? Buffalo has yet to win this year.

The Eagles beat the colts!!! Michael Vick still has no interceptions on the season.

There is job openings available for a Quarterback position in the Carolina Organization. None of ours seems to work.

So........who's gonna lose money this week's episode of "NFL: HARD HITTING LAWMAN"?

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