Friday, August 6, 2010

To all you lovely MORONS posting the links

To all you kind, loving, thoughtful, and 40 yr old virgins with the Stormtrooper cookie jar in your Mom's kitchen while whacking off to the sound of World of WarCraft at your computer while slapping up spam on websites and then using your tears as lubricate while poundin' the Ol'meat stick to pics of a 65 yr old Grandma with floppy knee knocking pancake boobs....GET A LIFE! For the MORON who seems to have a fetish with posting spam comments on my site on a daily basis I leave you this note:


Unknown said...

Seriously, funniest thing I've read all week.

You'll never find them though. I've had to battle people putting up all sorts of weird stuff on my site. In fact, I think there's some spam about Pakistan I have to take down from one of my posts now that I think of it.

I saw your blog on a link over at TJ's All Your Base Cards. Good site, I'm glad I found it.

shelliebee said...

I'm getting spam comments on a daily basis too! It has become very annoying!

The Big Kahuna said...

We aim to please around my site (occasionally putting the seat up so it's not drenched). We shoot spammers round these here parts. They make for some good chili!