Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to do oh what to do......We need a Savior (and not Y2J either)!

Today I am officially retiring from purchasing anything that bears the name "TOPPS" on it for the upcoming football season and the remainder of the 2010 baseball season. After seeing the loads of crap today that came pouring out of a case of 2010 Allen & Ginter Baseball and by "crap" I mean poorly cut cards, not getting your "Guaranteed Hit/jersey/auto/someone's swim trunks cards", Coalition issues out the ying yang, and packs of cards missing the proper amount of cards (watched three boxes freshly opened from a case to see 14 packs of cards short 2 cards in the packs to make them full packs). Topps obviously has some serious quality control issues and until things improve I'd rather spend my spare change on toilet paper and tissues then to buy another pack of crap. I felt so bad for my friend Troy after seeing him pull 6 Brian Roberts Game used bat cards, 4 Jay Bruce jersey cards, 3 Matt Kemp jersey cards, 3 Darren Taylor Swim suit relic cards, 2 Adam Dunn game bat cards, 2 Rich Hill auto's, a Cameron Maybin auto, a Ricky Nolasco auto, a Ross Ohlendorf auto, and the BIG PULL: an Avery Jenkins auto. NO MAJOR CASE HITS AT ALL. He took pictures of everything as it was being opened so I hope he'll post it on the web soon. He said he was going to send it to Topps customer service as well. I'm glad it wasn't my money spent! His only bright spot was pulling a David Wright mini limited to 50 for which I may have to kill him for.....I mean trade with him for it!

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Play at the Plate said...

I got a mutant box that had 4 hits including an Adam Jones auto, a rip card, an Easter Bunny Mini and a Bazooka back mini numbered to 25. In order for a box like that to exist other boxes have to get shorted and it sucks to get one of those boxes. I also got ton of dinged up cards out of two ginter blasters.