Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UUGGHHHH .....Nervous thoughts, Random Thoughts, Ignorant Thoughts!

Nothing on cards today. Today is a random thought session:

I have been making full use of my XBOX 360 as of late. I recently had completed "Just Cause 2" which is an awesome and fun game to play IMO. I absolutely love having the freedom to do whatever and whenever and shoot whomever I want to in a game. I just recently started playing "Red Dead Redemption" and I'm really enjoying this game so far. I love western themed movies and western themed games and I love how the game has stayed true to it's western roots by doing such acts as shooting the animals and skinning them to sell for cash/supplies. You perform such acts as lassoing a wild horse and then trying to tame it/break him. Heck you even have to learn about controlling the speed of your own horse during missions or else he'll buck you off his back. There's poker, whores, rattlesnakes, wolves, dust bunnies, tumbleweeds, snake oil, and even cattle!

My son found out the hard way on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" that Daddy will get a tactical nuke after 25 kills on the deathmatch/free for all levels. Yes I know....A Dad devastating his son's ego but yet teaching him to be competitive in the long to speak. Sorry but we can't play online out here in Amish Wonderland. We don't have broadband access and my only internet connections are at work and my data phone. However we manage to do just fine without it and we seem to both enjoy working together and playing against one another. He has still yet to beat me in Halo 3, Left for Dead 2, and Smackdown vs Raw 2010. seems that a lot of people have been complaining about how their XBOX 360 has died or has had the 3 RROD or some other godly death issue. I happen to have the 20GB system and I have not had any problems with it at all and it works great! I have both the PS3 and the XBOX360 and both are good systems IMO.

Violence in the workplace seems to be on the raise again. Perhaps I should take a different approach for when I get fired from work. I'll be nice and give AchMed Bullubihabla and Haven Benfocked their tactical nuclear bomb back that I bought off of them and was planning to use on my exit. Instead I think I'll just eat 8 cans of baked beans along with a gallon of milk and some fresh brussel sprouts and then I will light a match. My mushroom gas cloud will be visible from the moons of Saturn. My gas will make the paint peel off of cars and boats and will instantly vaporize cockroaches. Even Bin Laden would go, "Holy Shit I'm outta here! I've never seen terrorist gas so bad!"
Somehow I would still manage to find a way to blame the gas on the dog. I always do!

Brett Favre is like a prom's on it's's on it's's on it's off.

How can a mother can kill her own children? How can any parent kill their own child makes me sick and sadly puzzled. The lady in South Carolina who drowned her own 2 children should go right to the Electric Chair and save the taxpayers a boat load of money.

How about Eli Manning getting his head ripped open? How about them Giants beating the Jets? And who the heck is this Cruz Wide Receiver for the Giants (6 rec 145 yds and 3 td's)? I BE HAPPY!

Tila Tequila going after ICP juggalos......Yeah....I wonder who's gonna win that one. One big clown going after a bunch of smaller clowns. Tila is fake like her tits like the juggalos who are fakes. Fakes going after fakes. What's next...Miley Cyrus at OZZFEST? Then to top it off she takes her top off and you reward her with rocks.......Morons. What if that silicone leaks all over you or worse....they bounce off of her chest and it leaves a dent in your forehead? Morons.

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