Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg broken = EPIC FAIL TOPPS

Stephen Strasburg has finally broken!

Like I have said since the beginning of the season, this kid is the next Mark Prior. So who's at fault? Did the Nationals push him up through too fast? Was it all of the hype laying tons of pressure on him? Was Stephen unable to handle the pressure and finally break his body in trying to live up to the hype? Well he has finally broken down and now has to get Tommy John surgery and will be out the 2011 season possibly. I bet TOPPS is sweating and crapping in their pants now. But now that I think about makes perfect sense in a way. Stephen is now a broken over-hyped product much like how TOPPS is kind of right now and Stephen has been slapped on TONS AND TONS of TOPPS PRODUCTS. Yeah.....I wonder how many people are kicking themselves right now. I wonder how many have already begun placing their Strasburg cards with the Mark Prior, Brien Taylor, and Todd Van Popple files? How are them prices on EBAY? Did I just hear a loud clunk? I wonder how long it will be till TOPPS starts removing his image from their products? I wonder how long it will be till TOPPS lowers the price to get his auto? I wonder how many people are slapping themselves with a 2x4 for paying what they did for his card prices? Yes I feel sorry for the guy and it sucks that he has to have surgery but there is a lesson to learned from all of this as well: Patience is truly a good thing. Perhaps now some people will learn of it.

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