Monday, December 6, 2010

Topps Prime is the Old Stadium Club

Seems as if Topps made Stadium Club a little bit better with the release of "Prime". It Doesn't matter that "Prime" is almost the same photography shots of Stadium Club lore past and present with the action bleeding through the card. Obviously Topps did not get the memo about "sticker auto's" as this product is LOADED with them. It seems that the art of "on card auto" at Topps is non-existive anymore. The odds of you pulling that star rookie autograph of "Ben Dover" makes his return in this product. If and when you decide to purchase this product you get 10 packs per box and 4 serially numbered and or autographs per box with a price of $10.00 a pack. The inserts in this series just plain look blah with the 1,2,3,4 quarters jersey combo's. The only positive highlight of all the inserts is the Red Zone rookie autographs.


flywheels said...

While the inserts may be blah, the photographs make up for it IMO. I'm sticking to buying retail though. Something about paying $10.00 a pack that doesn't sit well w/ me.

The Big Kahuna said...

Well retail has been blah so far. I opened 2 blasters and was not really impressed. Yes the photography may be good but it still smells of stadium club. It's definitely not worth 10.00 a pack though!