Friday, December 17, 2010

Enough Already's "End of the Year Fools in Sports"

We the collective thought here at Enough Already decided to compile a list of what we felt is the top 15 "FOOLS" in 2010 who made a commotion in the sports world and in the hobby world. We will begin counting down in no particular order a character/company/item that made not only a fool of themselves but truly made us wonder, "what the hell were they thinking?"


I wonder just how many ladies got to see this disturbing facial expression. Looks like the guy in front of him is scared or just wanting to be next in line to pick up a check perhaps.

Tiger seemed to have it all.....a hot Swedish wife, quite a few major golf titles, and lots of endorsement deals that were very profitable for him. However, Tiger also had a lot of other "side projects" that consisted of hitting his balls into more holes than anyone could begin to imagine. His "magical golf course" consisted of hitting endless "holes" with no mulligans and no penalty strokes. Reportedly over 120 holes to boast! Then there was the SUV accident involving him and his wife. Then all of the "lady lions" started coming out of the jungle claiming to be tamed by this "big' ol Tiger".

Long story short: Hit his balls into one to many sand traps and was not given any mulligans and received a multiple penalty stroke!

Outcome: about $90 million lighter in his wallet thanks to the former "Mrs. Woods".

Highlights of foolishness: Was a "guest" on SOUTHPARK. Gatorade drop his endorsements. Gillette had suspended any advertising with him on their products. AT&T dropped him like a dropped call. Golf Digest canceled articles on him. He took the neighbor's 21 yr old daughter and showed her how to use his "1 wood" club. Then there was the bogus "no questions allowed while I read this prepared statement that was written for me by someone else" interview.

We hope that Tiger can turn things around for the better. Perhaps in 2011 he can regain his old form on the golf course and even turn his life around for the better and make better decisions. However he needs to focus on two things more than anything: His children and his Golf game. Let everything else go.

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