Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh where to begin......where to begin

Been a few days since I've posted anything on here. Between my son's ball games, my daughter's ballgames, my screwy work schedule, lack of sleep, lots of work, my GMC Envoy breaking down, lack of sleep, reports reports reports, clients going crazy, lack off sleep, son wanting to practice pitching techniques, daughter wanting better batting skills, lack of sleep, 6 hrs worth of grass cutting that has to be done, parents that have to be tendered too, and did I mention a lack of sleep. I'm gonna go crazy pretty soon and end up like this.....
Of course if I turn into him then I won't have to work anymore.....yeah!
It's been a little crazy lately though in the sports world as well. We have 17 yr olds getting tasered on the ball fields. We have an NFL Hall of Famer (Lawrence Taylor) being accused of rape. We have JaMarcus Russell officially rebirthed as RYAN LEAF and is now officially the biggest draft bust of all time. We've had a famous ball park announcer finally make it home (Ernie Harwell January 25, 1918 – May 4, 2010) to call the Big Game. Milton Bradley has asked his team for help with some personal issues (SHOCKING). HOF Phillies Pitcher Robin Roberts passed away today. THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES SWEPT THE CUBS IN A 3 GAME SERIES------THIS IS REALLY CRAZY!! Alex Gordan has departed the majors. Ben Roethlisberger plans to sue his concussions for his off-field behavioral problems. PACMAN JONES is coming to the BENGALS! Vince Carter is still making noise in Orlando. TOPPS is returning to Football. UPPER DECK is making a pretty bold statement with the NCAA college exclusive license because Press Pass and Sage will just end up having pictures of guys heads on their cards. And finally.... those pesky Pittsburgh Penguins are still in the NHL playoffs.
So if ya want crazy.....welcome to my's a peak inside what I like to do in my spare time. I will never be good as Charlie Benante (MY IDOL) or Mike Portnoy but these are some wild and crazy drummers:

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