Friday, May 21, 2010


It's our first giveaway here at "Enough Already" and do I have a nice little treat for you. In order to be eligible for this contest you have to answer the following questions:

1. What is your Name
2. What is your this life?
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment?
4. Would you let me date your mom?
5. How do you unwind from a bad day?
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why?
7. Spread the word about the giveaway!

The winner will be receiving:
1. A Derek Jeter Game Used Jersey Card, a mystery surprise Baseball star Game Used Patch Autograph, and a UPPER DECK MASTERPIECES Albert Pujols Game Used jersey Card (with some lovely Stitch holes).
2. A mystery surprise Football Super Bowl superstar game used patch auto card, and 2 surprise superstar game used cards.
3. A surprise 2009 Topps Chrome rookie refractor
4. A mystery BOWMAN PROSPECT AUTOGRAPH (who is now in the majors and making some noise)

Now these are not scrubs mystery picks. These are major star players and I think you'll be rather pleased and surprised with who they are since I've let you seen a glimpse of some of the prizes. The winner will be picked via RANDOM.ORG and the deadline for entry will be May 30, 2010 11:59pm est.


the sewingmachineguy said...

1.) The SewingMachineGuy
2.) To live my life in such a way that they say at my funeral, "now that was a loving and generous guy".
3.)Tie: Vinnie Johnson hits game winner as clock expires to vault Pistons to second title over Portland. Kirk Gibson slams home-run against Eckersley to win game 1.
4.) My mom is married, no.
5.) A beer, and an episode of the King of Queens or The Office.
6.) Alan Trammell. My role model and hero.

TheRealDFG said...

1. There are some who call me...Tim? Or DFG, whichever you prefer.

2. To seek the holy grail...I mean, to not take for granted every moment I spend with my children.

3. I have a lot of least favorite moments but I would have to say my favorite was San"Smokio" Holmes tip toe catch in the Superbowl to beat the Cardinals. (followed closely by the Pens winning the Cup last year).

4. I would, but my step-father might object to that.

5. Music. It's the only cure. (or alcohol).

6. I would get an autograph of Roberto Clemente because he is dead and having a dead guy autograph something would be next to impossible. That and the fact that he is one of the greatest ball players to ever suit up. Not to mention the fact that he is probably the greatest humanitarian and ambassador for baseball the world has ever seen. Who wouldn't want an autograph of one of the greatest humans ever?


SpastikMooss said...

Giveaway? Cool!

1. Tim, aka SpastikMooss

2. To be happy, to not take anything too seriously, and to collect every Seneca Wallace card ever made (haha)

3. Dave Roberts' steal in Game 4 of the ALCS. Epic moment.

4. I don't know, haven't really read the blog. But she's still married too, so probably not.

5. PBR and a good movie usually does the trick.

6. Kywin Supernaw (former Detroit Lions Safety), if only because he has ZERO memorabilia. No cards, no game used jerseys, no anything. So I'd love to get his auto and have the only one.

7. You got it dude!

hamrammobtown said...

1. Hamrammobtown aka Pop Startled bka Chuck
2. I seek the Grail
3. Luis Gonzalez's bloop single to win the World Series.
4. I have it on confirmed sources that my mother hates sports card collectors.
5. A nice, fresh baked rant does the trick.
6. It would be cool to have had a stereotypic childhood sports idol moment way before my time: have one of the original greats like the Babe or Mantle walk by and sign a card. Instead, my memory is a fur-swathed Patrick Ewing walk by tossle my hair while saying that he was too busy to stop to sign for we three kids who waited for a few hours for him to show for a commercial shoot. Disappointing, but how many people had their head palmed by a HOFer?
7. I've linked it on my blog. Thanks.

RoofGod said...

Thanks, SMG for the link.

1. RoofGod
2. To be better to others than them to me
3. Verlander's no hitter in 07, I actually watched the entire game, not just the highlights.
4. My dad might have an issue.
5. Just drive baby, no destination in mind.
6. Mark McGwire, still don't have one of him yet.

Captain Canuck said...

1. Canuck
2. To give my family happiness
3. 1986 Stanley Cup Playoffs
4. Well, she passed away 6 years ago so..... that's up to you.
5. Spend time with my wife. She always makes me smile.
6. Chipper Jones. He's the first true lock Hall of Famer I've watched from his rookie year all throughout his career.

Thanks for the contest!

dayf said...

1. What is your Name
Sir Dayf

2. What is your this life?
I SEEK THE GRAIL (grail in this context being a 1954 Topps Hank Aaron card)

3. What is your favorite all time sport moment?
It's gonna beeee... outta here! It's gone! It's 715! There's a new home run champion of all time and it's Henry Aaron!

4. Would you let me date your mom?
My mom is a grown woman, she can do what she wants

5. How do you unwind from a bad day?
Futzing about on teh interwebs

6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why?
I picked up an official 1994 World Series ball cheap somewhere a long time ago. I would love to get Bud Selig's signature on that thing.

7. Spread the word about the giveaway!
Done. - Linked in the News Box and in the Daily Reading blogroll.

Orioles Magic said...

1- Ryan aka Orioles Magic
2- I want to collect autographs from everyone who played for the O's
3- Cal's 2131 game
4- Mom is married, no
5- Yard work, O's game on the radio & a beer
6- Howie Fox-O's pitcher who died in 1955-my white whale

shahekee said...

1. Aaron
2. To collect every Ozzie Smith card made before he retired.
3. Cardinals clinching the '06 World Series
4. Mom's taken, so no
5. Watch some tv.
6. Stan the Man

Anthony K. said...

1. What is your Name -- Anthony. Or, Ant, if you are my wife or any of my good friends.
2. What is your this life? To be the best I can be, at whatever I choose.
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment? 1999 AFC Playoffs -- Titans versus Bills, the Music City Miracle
4. Would you let me date your mom? Of course, i'm a good guy like that.
5. How do you unwind from a bad day? XBOX 360, Rum and some bedroom "exercise" with the wife ;)
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why? Bob Gibson; he is my favorite LIVING player and I would love him to autograph his Bio for me.

AdamE said...

1. AdamE
2. To own one of every Red Sox card.
3. Foulke's flip to Mientkiewicz.
4. No
5. With a ballgame on TV.
6. Ted Williams - Because it isn't possible to meet him and get one.

night owl said...

1. Night Owl. Some call me Owl or Owlie or Night or N.O.
2. Be a good dude.
3. I don't believe what I just saw!
4. I'm not the guy to ask. You'd have to ask my dad. That would be ugly.
5. Read the blogs!
6. Jackie Robinson
7. I'll get to it after work.

Steve said...

1. Steve
2. Be a man for others
3. Manny Pacquiao beating Oscar de la Hoya while surrounded by a bunch of Filipino friends
4. She's got high standards
5. Go for a relaxing walk
6. David Wright. Although he's struggled the last couple of years, he's been the face of my favorite team during these years of unmet expectations

Mark Aubrey said...

1. Mark, the Ephemera guy

2. I'll go with, "Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing."

3. Game 5 of the 1988 WS. Hershiser pitches a complete game to beat the A's.

4. Probably not, although I'd like to have your resume on file.

5. A cup of chamomile tea, the kids in bed and a good book while my wife sits beside me.

6. Edd Roush. He grew up in the same county that my father-in-law did (Gibson Co., Indiana).

7. Up soon at Mark's Ephemera.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

2. To get to the next one
3. MJ's return to the Bulls
4. She's married so no.
6. Living- Michael Jordan do I need to explain. Dead- Babe Ruth Ditto
7. Will do and thanks!!! Tweeting it now!

ethan cahn said...

1. What is your Name--Ethan Aka HHliving1101
2. What is your Quest......I seek the Grail
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment?---Timmy Smith Running for 217 in the SB
4. Would you let me date your mom?
Yes, Hit her up
5. How do you unwind from a bad day?----ESPN!!!
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why?---Lynn Swann, need him for my 2001 hof class ball

darkship said...

1. Todd or darkship17
2. To be a good dad
3. Getting to attend a World Cup Qualifier at Arrowhead Stadium
4. If she wasn't' married to my dad...sure
5. Read a book or play Hot Shots Golf on the PS3
6. George Brett, he's my favorite ball player but I've never had the chance to meet him and would like to do so
7. I'll do my best!

BA Benny said...

1~ Mike (BA Benny)

2~ My quest in life is to survive it as long as I can with a lot of fun along the way.

3~ Being with a bunch of friends when the Mets won the 1986 World Series.

4~ My mom passed away so I don't think you would have much luck.

5~ Beer, Baseball, and Bloging.

6~ Angus Young (Guitarist for AC/DC). I have enjoyed their music for many, many years and he is very down to earth.


CamHartman said...

1. What is your Name- Cam, the fan.
2. What is your this life?- To establish a love of anything sports instead of just most sports while becoming a musician as a career. :)
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment? Any and Every time the Astros win.
4. Would you let me date your mom?
Uhhhhh no.
5. How do you unwind from a bad day? Listen to music and go through Baseball Cards.
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why? Hunter Pence. I already have one, but when I met him he was the nicest person and I would love another chance.
7. Spread the word about the giveaway You got it!!

flywheels said...

1) Colbey
2) To be the best husband and father possible
3) Sid Bream's slide into home plate during the Brave's NLCS victory over the Pirates
4) Let me think about it...nope.
5) Kill me some zombies
6) Mark Lemke of the Atlanta Braves. Awesome guy, great glove and played during a time when the baseball card companies didn't produce a lot of autographed cards.
7) You got it! Will post on my own blog (

TheBrooklynMet said...

1. Jason (TheBrooklynMet)
2. To lead others toward truth and not away from it.
3. October 7, Benny Agbayani hit a game-winning home run in the 13th inning of Game 3 of the National League Division Series against Aaron Fultz of the Giants.
4. Nah, she shouldn't be going out on dates with people other than my Dad.
5. A Mets game, though lately that makes the day worse.
6. Edgardo Alfonzo so I could tell him how much I enjoyed following his career for the Mets.
7. Done:

Mariner1 said...

1. Mariner1(Larry)

2. To collect every base Mariners card ever made

3. It would have to be May 9, 2004 when my son and I attended Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals in San Jose. Even though the Sharks lost in OT.

4. I guess. She's old enough to decide for herself.

5. Standing in front of the BBQ with a beer in my hand, and a Mariners game on the TV.

6. It would have to be Jackie Robinson. I admire the way he carried himself.

7. You my friend have been pimped:

dpuccio said...

1. David
2. To survive
3. Dave Roberts steal in 2004
4. Absolutely not
5. Xbox and some Ebaying
6. Ted Williams - the great hitter who ever lived
7. It has been tweeted (oiccup41)

Anonymous said...

1. Rhubarb_Runner
2. my quest this life is in the next life.
3. Being at the Big A when childhood hero Rod Carew hit his 3000th hit.
4. No. Dad has dibs, and after 49.5 years, he obviously isn't giving her up.
5. I don't have many bad days. Any distraction is good.
6. I don't live and die by autographs, but I guess I'd say Rod Carew. Lots of farmboys in NW MN in the '70s learned to switch hit so they could bat like he did.
7. sure thing -

Dustin said...

1. Dustin Sounds-Like-Some-Famous-Dude

2. To collect every Coot Veal card ever made! Oh, and I guess to be a good teacher and writer, but that's secondary.

3. When Randy Johnson hit a bird with a fastball. And that ties for me with Doc Ellis throwing a no-no on LSD.

4. Well, Dad may have an issue with this. But if you can clear it with him and Mom's cool, then the question becomes: What are your intentions and when will you have her home?

5. I unwind by shooting zombies, of course.

6. Another tie: The brilliant and hilarious writer George Saunders, because he's my hero; and Coot Veal, because he has one of the coolest names in baseball history. I better get to TTM-ing, since Coot's 77 years old.

7. I told my dog. And once my wife gets home I'll tell her and she'll roll her eyes. Then I'll climb onto my roof and shout with a barbaric yawp.

Chris Stufflestreet said...

1. Chris.

2. I just hope to break even by the time it's over.

3. Super Bowl XIII, Steelers beat the Cowboys. It immediately set the tone for what I've viewed as football ever since.

4. You can ask her, but she might slap you.

5. There's nothing that a little cardboard therapy won't ease.

6. If any way possible, I'd get John Hancock's signature, just to say I own his "John Hancock."

7. I told me wife...but I can't guarantee she'll spread it any further. I guess if it was a reunion of the gang from "Friends" she'd be more excited, but no...

CamHartman said...

I change #3s answer to When Lewis hit the 3 buzzer beater to advance Ohio State to the Final 4 in 2006, although I'm no longer an Ohio State fan.

Play at the Plate said...

1. What is your Name? Brian

2. What is your this life? To be a good parent...
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment? Michael Young hitting a walk-off grand slam to win Game 7 of the 2010 World Series....I hope.
4. Would you let me date your mom?
Can I start calling you dad now or should I wait?
5. How do you unwind from a bad day? I don't have too many bad days, fortunately, but a good game of catch with the boys puts a smile on my face.
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why? Only one...that's tough. I'll say Chuck Yeager, first man to break the sound barrier.
7. Spread the word about the giveaway!

bgm838 said...

1. bgm838 (Billy)
2. Have fun! What else is there?
3. Dale Earnhardt winning the Daytona 500
4. Sure, but at your own risk
5. Sports card forums and cruising random blogs
6. Pujols, the greatest player of my generation
7. Not a problem, dont be surprised if more people you have never heard of enter

Rod (Padrographs) said...

1.Padrographs (Rod) get at least 1000 different Padres autos on cards, now at 750
3. Kurt Bevacqua home run in 1984 World Series
4. No, for your sake
5. Read and a little tequila
6. Red Skelton, he made me laugh alot
7. Ok

longlivethewho said...

1. Nick (longlivethewho13)
2. To be the best at what I do
3. Lou Gehrig's Farewell Speech
4. Only if you took her to Red Lobster
5. Kick up the feet and watch MLB Network
6. Baseball related? Lou Gehrig. Any other category... Alexander Hamilton.

Thanks for the contest!

Johngy said...

1. What is your Name
I am Johngy, creator of Johngy's Beat
2. What is your this life?
Inner peace
3. What is your favorite all time sport moment?
The Bears winning the Super Bowl on my 21st birthday
4. Would you let me date your mom?
Sure, it would give my dad some free time
5. How do you unwind from a bad day?
A big fountain Coke and some bad tv
6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why?
Billy Joel. His music amazes me.
7. Spread the word about the giveaway!

PunkRockPaint said...

1. My friends call me Travis... The internet folks use my c.b. handle, PunkrockPaint.

2. My quest in life is to avoid responsibility.

3. Tony Gwynn's final game/Rickey Henderson's 3,000 hit. Same game. Either that, or when the US wins the World Cup.

4. I love my mom... and you can too! For only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. (no handling on the first date.)

5. I tear open wrappers and look at pictures of baseball players printed on cardboard... and I watch way too much TV.

6. If you had one chance to get an autograph (that I don't already have) of someone, it would probably be Pele.

7. Word spread... 2 hits a day! Boy!!!

gcrl said...

1. jim
2. to reach the unreachable star
3. kirk gibson's home run in game 1 of the 1988 world series
4. neppers
5. i sit in traffic and listen to music
6. charles schulz, especially if he doodled something along with the auto. because he created 'peanuts' for goodness sake! auuuuuuuugh!
7. check my blog

lisa said...

1. What is your Name : Tommy Fusco

2. What is your this life? : Well being an eco-ist/vegan, its to help others. if i have ten bucks, someone needs ten bucks, they get ten bucks. It all comes back anyways. Plus, doesnt it feel good?

3. What is your favorite all time sport moment?: Wel, theres a lot. for a lot of different reasons. First yankees world series win i saw 96, seeing bernard king as a kid get 50. But the winner for sheer situation was Larry Johnsons 4 point play. I was at work at the WIZ [ELECTRONICS STORE] and me some customers and other workrs along with the mananger were watching it on the screens. When he hit it on 40 different screens, the sound and feeling was untouchable. We were all best friends at that moment.

4. Would you let me date your mom?: If she was alive yes. She did life the right way. No on more caring
why not infect someone with that vibe?

5. How do you unwind from a bad day? Yoga and talking to my girlfriend Lisa.

6. If you had one chance to get an autograph of someone who would it be and why?:

Non sports? Bob Hope, but hes gone, so Ill go sports: Mike Pagliarulo. He was my guy growing up. Getting that, especially in prson would be cool because of my love of his as a kid. Plus hes not that well known.

7. Spread the word about the giveaway! :

Matt said...

1. Matt
2. Happiness
3. I'm tempted to answer with something like the Phillies' World Series win but really it was meeting a very young Doug Glanville when he was in the minors. He was the nicest guy.
4. As long as you spoil me rotten.
5. Beer, wine, vegetating
6. Ozzie Smith ... he was my favorite player growing up.

MarieBay said...

1. Marie
2. To take over a warehouse full of baseball cards and open every single pack. That is my eeeeeevil Quest. The nice quest would be to finish school.
3. Favorite: seeing the Yankees win the World Series in 2009 in person.
4. Depends on what you were trading me for my mom, but you seem nice enough.
5. I buy cards or workout, or both usually.
6. If it were in person and getting to meet the player, I may pick Jeter over Pujols. Then again, maybe they are together and I can meet both. Yeah! Ohhh maybe A-Rod is there... oh, wait this is for an autograph.... nevermind.
7. You want me to tell the others? Then you might pick them. Nuhhh uhhhh I will do no such thing.

madding said...

1. Kerry
2. To write a tell-all book about the perils of Pez abuse at the Little League level.
3. The Cards winning the 2006 title.
4. Only if you fixed her phone, because she keeps calling me about it (yeah, I don't get it, either.)
5. Drink beer and watch baseball or play video games.
6. I'm not much of an autograph guy... probably Ozzie Smith or Jim Edmonds.
7. If I can remember, I'll put up a reminder tomorrow before the deadline at

Jeremy said...

1. Jeremy
2. To be loved
3. When Quentin Griffin scored a touchdown in the 2001 National Championship game.
4. Not really up to me, but if I had a vote, I would say no. She's too old for you anyway, dude.
5. Drawing
6. Jack Kirby. He's no longer alive, but he's one of my heroes. I've always liked his artwork.
7. I will link it right now!

Drew said...

1. Drew
2. To get myself a beautiful memorabilia room in my house when I'm older.
3. The Yankees winning last year, what a great night in my life!
4. No thanks
5. Looking at cards
6. Babe Ruth, the king of baseball, and certainly an oldie.
7. Ok will do,, theres the link!


--David said...

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya... Oh, wait...

1. Tribecards (aka David Henderson)
2. To be a successful author
3. My first Indians game ever - happened last year!
4. My Mom's probably too old for ya, man, but whatever floats your boat.
5. Check out the card blogs.
6. Jim Thome - he's one of my all-time favorite players.
7. I'm linking as soon as I post this (