Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicken Scratch David Freese or "Dil Fssssn"

David Freese has a legible signature for the most part. The "D" and "F" are clear and large and recognizable. However it almost looks like his first name is "Dil". I can see those conversations and boy that has a nice ring to it: Hey Dil, nice game Dil, what a home run Dil, way to steal Dil, or What the Dil-Li-O kind of catch was that! As for the second part of his name it looks like, "Fssssn". Heck of a name for ya.....who's pitching- Dil Fssssn! However despite these little things his name is very presentable and can be made out for the most part. David receives 3 sharpies for his efforts.

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