Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When will it ever end?

Wow.... things have been a little crazy around these parts as of lately. I have barely had time to wipe my butt before my kids are pushing me out of the bathroom because they need to get ready to go somewhere. Between Umpiring ball games, being a Dad, being a fiance, being a co worker, being a counselor, being a Dad, shuttling kids somewhere, running kids somewhere, attending my sons games, attending my daughters games, working a heavy load, and then somehow manage to not fall asleep on the lovely lady whom I share my bed with so we can have a little "us" time to talk and "things". Damn.....I forgot sleep in this whole equation. This blog has been lacking due to all the other parts of my life. Work will be settling down soon so I will be able to resume some normal posts again soon.

Much thanks to all of you for pushing me over 6,ooo views. This Friday (May 21) will be "Enough Already"s first giveaway! Details will be posted tomorrow night so get your thinking caps on backwards, slap a little pine tar on the bat and knob, get your pitching balls dirty and broken in while I go and slip into something comfortable while working on this here strike zone blog.

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