Friday, July 6, 2012

Thanks Upper Deck for the crap you produce!

So I finally was able to see some shots of the "ever so secretive" 2012 SP SIGNATURE baseball edition and make sure you have this nearby:

(not the cat but the toilet)

Here's the first shot of a sample of $225.00 box of cat crap looks like:

Wow.......sticker auto's....why we've never seen them before. Geeze, so much thought was put into this card design.

 A card that just has autographs with names and lame dates on it. No reference to what position they played. It looks like a label off of a bottle of generic steak sauce. "Here ya go son.....put some of this Seattle Focus sauce on yer burger and it will taste even more watery!"

This is one of the chase cards you could pull and this is a US patch flag of Maury Wills. Well that says a lot about where he played or what position he played. Basically it's just saying, "he's a guy that has a USA patch" if that much even.

Folks..........this is what Upper Deck is doing to you when you buy this product:

In other yourself and take that $225.00 you have and go somewhere else with it. Save it, invest it stock, spend it on a AMISH hooker named Ulga, donate it to scientific genetic mutation research, pickup a ticket to a couple of rock concerts, or just buy some "special brownies" from that surfer dude down the street. I would suggest that you seriously skip this product and get something that is of better quality.

but wait........there's more

So I decided to look at the comments on UD's Facebook page to see if they had any reviews of  the 2012 Signature series and there was rather some shockingly positive feedback by some people. I decided it was time to give an honest negative review about the product and I posted it on their comment section along with everyone else's comments and people were starting to agree with me. There was a few people that thought the cards looked awful and those comments were left on. However after a while I checked on it and some were deleted. My review had mentioned that I could not and would not support this product and I listed the reasons why and people were agreeing with me on it left and right and was liking it. Well this must've caught the attention of the UD FACEBOOK POLICE because they deleted my comments/review shortly after a while and folks started complaining. So what did I do........that's right folks........I re-posted it AGAIN. Once again there was many likes and more people agreeing with what I said about it with one guy even commenting about it being a sticker dump product. Then I heard sirens go by me again as the UD FACEBOOK POLICE struck again and removed my comment and a few other negative comments. No one it seems was allowed to leave a negative comment regarding 2012 SP SIGNATURE. So I posted a comment on how it was unfair of them to censor people and that if they can't handle a little criticism about their "SO FREAKIN GLORIOUS PRODUCT" then it's definitely not worth buying. I have not checked to see if they deleted that comment but they probably did as well. 

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