Friday, July 13, 2012

Black and Blue and White! The 5 C's of PSU Pt. 1

DISCLAIMER: You can feel free to express your opinions on here but do not leave threats. No one deserves that and it will not be tolerated. I say this because some folks in this "society" feel that PSU FOOTBALL can do no wrong and is "God" above all other "GODS". While this is a place to voice what you feel whether it's positive or negative, just be level headed about it and avoid making threats towards me and/or anyone else.

Today in Happy Valley the "Hounds of Hell"" was unleashed in the form of the now finished and posted Louis Freeh 267 pages with 119 recommendations investigative report. From the report itself  we learned all about what I call the the former Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno and the upper Administration's 5 C's S.O.P. (standard operation platform): Conspiracy, Cover-up, Control, Criminal Acts, and Cowardliness. Most of us have seen or read the report and some of us were not shocked by what was discovered where as some folks were still in a state of shock by what was unveiled in the report. 

The discovery of what was unveiled in the investigative report and how the allegations have already been proven in a Court of PA Law, shows and tells the story of how the "Big Boys of PSU: President Graham Spanier, head football coach Joe Paterno, Athletic Director Tim Curley and Vice President Gary Schultz" were protecting their images and their legacy while covering for a staff member (who was more in touch with his pedophilia side than his humanitarian side) who was performing in what has to be the lowest, disgusting, and one of the most despicable acts committed against other human being: the raping of a child. So these "officials" who had the power to stop the monster in his tracks, refused to do or make the moral and obligational power move and instead opened the door for Mr. Sandusky who ran through it swiftly. They did nothing but discuss among themselves what they could do to keep it swept under the carpet while maintaining a clean cut professional image. Could they tell the world the truth of what was going on behind closed doors? No. Could they face their families and tell them the truth of how a monster was lurking in their neighborhood as they watched their own children walk by Sandusky's house on their way to school? No. Can they confess in court to a judge that they made a mistake and that they feel remorseful for their actions and that they should've acted sooner rather than let more and more children get hurt and take into consideration the emotional and physical suffering and stand up and say, "Enough Already"? No. They instead have followed the traditional pattern of answers given by politicians, mass murderers, and governmental cover ups: The "Deny, Deny, & Deny" route. 


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