Saturday, July 7, 2012

drewscards: 1000th POST CONTEST- CHECK IT OUT!

The Big Kahuna says to be sure and drink your .......I mean check out the awesome blog: drewscards

He's having one heck of a cool contest in this tetchy heatwave (that is hitting us and making our sweat actually sweat) that just screams AWESOME! Check it out folks! You won't be disappointed. So go now and get yourself an ice cold beer or a cold lemonade or iced tea or a DQ Blizzard or a Mike's HARD LEMONADE or a bottle of cold survival juice or just suck on a ice cube. Then set your computer next to the air conditioner (which should be on full blast) and check out Drew's blog. For you Wi-Fi fanatics just sit in your car with the AC on full blast or hit up the local McDonalds or Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles which all have free signals or just hack somebody's Wi-Fi signal and then check out Drew's blog.

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