Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicken Scratch: Ian Krol Edition

How Obtained:
I pulled this lovely autograph from a Bowman Platinum blaster box at the Huntingdon Wal-Mart.

19.95 plus PA tax for the blaster box

This is the first autographed card that I've really enjoyed pulling based on the layout of the card design. I love the fact that is was touched by the player to sign it since it's an on card autograph. The other reason I like this card is how the layout design was done as the autograph next to the player really stands out even with the white in the background. Of course the refractor background helps it to stick out as well.

Autograph Laziness:
I can't really make out the first name portion of his autograph as it looks like some kind of Hybrid "S". I'm not really sure how you get "Ian" out of that one? As for the last name portion of his autograph you can easily make out the "K" and the "L". The other letters are "missing in action" (somebody call Chuck Norris).

Sharpie Results:

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Matt H. said...

Couldn't help but laugh when I saw you pulled this card at the Huntington Wal-Mart and checked your profile to see you live in PA. I have a bunch of family that lives in Tyrone and Bellwood (and even Huntington! Small world I guess.