Friday, February 18, 2011

My Topps Million Cards have shipped....Finally!

I had a total of 17 cards that I had "opened" on the Topps Million Cards giveaway site. 10 of those cards I felt were worthy enough to be purchased and I was rather quite surprised as I did manage to pull a few vintage cards and I just about had a heart attack when I pulled my favorite all time NY Mets rookie card of: HOJO (clap I say....Clap fool) ! As for the other 7 cards that I chose not to order I decided it was best to let Topps throw them back into the vault because they were mostly junk and I do mean junk (1990 topps, 1989 topps and 1995 topps). So Four score and seven years ago, after billing my credit card quite some time ago Topps deemed me worthy enough and decided to finally ship my order out. Hopefully these cards will not be in poor condition when they arrive as I've been hearing some awful horror stories lately.

Thank you for your order

1955-BB-TS1-81-NA Gene Conley 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1972-BB-TS1-551-NA Ollie Brown 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1957-BB-TS1-116-NA Mike Fornieles 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1968-BB-TS1-190-NA Bill White 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1985-BB-TS1-192-NA Howard Johnson 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1972-BB-TS1-62-NA Angel Mangual 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1974-BB-TS1-480-NA Willie Crawford 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1976-BB-TS1-75-NA Larry Dierker 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1971-BB-TS1-126-NA Danny Coombs 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED
1967-BB-TS1-321-NA Mayo Smith MG 1 02/16/11 SHIPPED

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TheIronLung said...

I had two cards shipped this past fall and 30 more about a week ago. I loved the trading feature. Making two-for-one deals on junkier cards to get further and further into the past. I ordered all 30 of my cards from the 1956 Steve Gromek all the way to a 1986 Joe Carter.

Looking forward to April 1st so I can start moving some of my Diamond Giveway Cards.