Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've lost a part of my mind ....officially

Hey folks! Just a small note to share with all of you:

Some of you may find that what I am about to share with you is very hard to believe but I assure you that it is all 100% true (scout's honor). It has come to pass that a part of my mind has vacated my body and while he has gained his own independence in terms of freedom and thoughts, he feels that it would be in his best own interests that he does not come back home to the brain where it's ultimately safe. Instead he has decided to start his own little blog and while I am totally against the concept of it I still do love him ('s a part of me) and I've decided to support his habit for now until he realizes that he needs me and that he finally comes back home soon. Feel free to pay him a visit but please.....I beg you not feed his ego by following what he has to say about baseball as it will only make him stronger in his feelings of independence. Please don't feed him hot dogs, beer, peanuts, and women dressed in skimpy bikini outfits either! Make sure you wash your hands after your finished too!

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