Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season to be GIVING AWAY!

It's giveaway time here on "Enough Already". This contest is a special contest. It will require a little work on your part and a little thing called "Honesty and integrity" and little thing called "consideration of others". In order to sign up for this contest you must follow these rules that I have layed out before you-NO EXCUSES:


1. Leave your first name and a comment of any type promoting your blogsite or whatever you feel like letting the world know.

2. Tell your friends and other bloggers about the contest and mention it on your blog.

3. Please pick and do any one of the following letter choices to be entered into the contest:
A. Take 15 canned goods to a food/homeless shelter and donate them.
B. Take 15 canned goods and donate them to a church's pantry for people in need.
C. Take 15 good toys and donate them to the Toys for Tots program.
D. Take 10 good warm wearable coats and donate them to a shelter.
E. Take 30 good presentable wearable clothing items to a shelter.
F. Take 15 Baked good items and Donate them to a food/homeless shelter.
G. Make a donation to the American Diabetes Association
H. Make a donation to the American Cancer Society
I. Donate a pint of Blood or make a donation to the American Red Cross
Here's where it can get fun with a Christmas Bonus: If you do one of these events and include a photo of you doing the event you chose to do you will then be entered for a secret surprise Christmas Bonus prize. If you have a pic then please contact me first and I will send you my email/contact info and then you'll be entered for the Christmas Bonus.

The giveaway prize package will consist of a surprise autographed official mbl baseball player (hint: member of the 500 HR club -no not Gary Sheffield as I will say that much-lol) and 2 other Hall of Fame autographed 8x10 pictures. (HINT): One player is the "most linkable" player in all of baseball history! (HINT 2): Both players are on the 100 Greatest Players of Baseball by The Sporting News. Also included is a package of 100+ varieties of refractor cards of various baseball and football stars and rookies. HOT rookie cards from Football and Baseball. A special Tim Tebow Topps Chrome rookie refractor card and a few other Christmas surprises (we're not telling you everything that's included cause it's CHRISTMAS for pete's sake! As Rod could tell you as he was my last contest winner, here at Enough Already- we like to give generously and surprisingly! Dave from First and Goal can attest to this as well! So can Marie from her blog! By the way...the Prize package....it will be shipped UPS.

Things to remember:
1. Follow the rules of the contest to be officially entered!
2. Deadline for Entry is December 24, 2010 @ 11:59pm
3. Contestants will be listed in no particular order and Random.org will select the winner.
4. Contest winner will be drawn on the afternoon of Christmas Day.

We enjoy giving things away here at "Enough Already". With a little help from you and me let's give to those who need a helping hand.

It would be nice if Reps from the card companies (UD, Topps, Panini) would take place in the card contest by donating additional prizes or matching to the charities!


Dawgbones said...

Wow, I'm first in line. I think this has the makings of a great event. This is the completion of Step one. I've also plugged you in on my blog for step two, over at:

I will let you know when step 3 is completed.

Thanks for a great contest.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Step 1: Great idea, perfect timing, Jason

Step 2: http://clearcutcards.blogspot.com/2010/12/awesome-spirt-of-season-contest-over-at.html

Step 3: Half done already with pleasure (but without a photo), the other half will be done tomorrow (also without a photo though).

Fuji said...

I'm glad you're spreading the holiday cheer. My students donated over $150, so that my friend and I could buy some toys for the Toys for Tots foundation.

She matched her student's donations... and I matched mine and we were able to buy a little over $300 worth of toys.

Some of my students (seventh graders) got teary eyed when I explained how some kids will wake up this year in a cold shelter without toys and that we all need to appreciate the things we have.

This contest is awesome... if you get even one person to participate (looks like you already have two).

Mark Aubrey said...

1. Mark. And my comment is a thank you for this contest.

2. Shared the link at my blog.

3. A. Purchased the items this evening, will be taking them to a local food pantry on Saturday.

Christmas Bonus - Photo to be taken at time of delivery. I'll need your email address to send it to you. Mine is: mark dot aubrey at gmail dot com

Thanks, again.

BA Benny said...

A truley great and inspiring idea. I'm in and done. Here is another plug I did after the initial one a week ago.

Send me an w-mail and I will return a pic with the details.

Dawgbones said...

Okey Dokey, Third times the charm. I knocked 3-I out today! Picture to be emailed shortly. Great contest, regardless of the outcome, bunches of people, kids, and animals are winners this season.