Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My little ol box of 2011 Topps PRECISION football

In the madness of the boxes of card products that I was buying I decided to take a chance on a box of 2011 Topps Precision football from my LCS and I have to say that the boxes I have been opening from my LCS have had NY GIANTS players in them left and right and this box was no disappointment by any means. 

The first "hit" card that we pulled was of NY Giants rookie wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan. Now I'm pretty stroked about this "hit" because it's a Giants player and it's a jersey autograph as well. The only thing I thought Topps could've done was have the card hard signed instead of putting a crooked sticker auto on the card. 

My next big "hit" that I pulled was of a retired legend and a first for my autograph collection: EARL CAMPBELL (I will confess that I am also a bit of a Houston Oilers fan also which also makes me a Tennessee Titans fan as well). What I love about this autograph is that it's clearly legible!

 Like I said before in one of my previous posts, "Jon Baldwin" is haunting me. Here is another autographed jumbo relic serially numbered 25/25 that I pulled of Jon. I can hear the mojo'ers in the background screaming, " OMG- It's a 3 colored patch EBAY 1/1 ". Oh yeah....it is another sticker auto.

In my final pack that I opened I managed to pull this "autographed hit": Marcell Dareus. The really nice thing about this card is that it's a hard signed copy. No sticker is needed. No sticker is applied. I love how his signature is signed "MD".



Play at the Plate said...

That is one sweet Earl! Congrats.

The Big Kahuna said...

Yes it is! I love a good clean signature!

Arno said...

Sweet, Earl Campbell.