Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AND the hunt is on with Topps Customer Service

On March 6th I received some unfortunate news from Topps:

Dear Consumer.
This email is to inform you that the Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card:

Product:   Card/Player Name
Topps Tier One   Top Shelf Dual Relic of Rickey Henderson

Our staff is working diligently to process and ship your redemption card as soon as possible.  Please continue to check your Online Redemption account for updates regarding the status of your card. If you no longer wish to wait for the redemption card, please contact our Consumer Relations team in order to place a substitution request for a card of equal Beckett value. Do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations department via phone at 1-800-489-9149 or via email at for assistance. A consumer relations representative will be available to assist you
Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30 pm (ET).


Consumer Relations
The Topps Company, Inc.

I called the customer service number and asked for a replacement. Only the SPORTSCARDS GODS knows what I shall be sent. Perhaps if I sacrifice a goldfish, a squirrel, a blind shrew, and a case of girl scout cookies into a volcano then I may not be sent a Willie Fisterbottom jersey card.

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