Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joys of Parenting

Attention married couples and "happily in love young couples"- When having children please note that it is impossible at times to attend both sporting events that the children are participating in at the same time.
I hate it when my daughter's soccer games is scheduled around the same time as my son's football games. Like any good parent I try to attend a little bit of both games so no one feels "left out". However when their games are two counties apart then it's almost impossible. Now try to explain that to a crying seven year old who wants her Daddy at her soccer game instead of going to her "rotten" brother's football game. Then after talking with her for about ten minutes she finally calms down and says it's okay for me to go to her "rotten" brother's game. When Scott's football game was over we came home to see Caty looking kind of sad. She then proceeds to tell me, "Dad, we lost today 5-0 so I'm glad you weren't here to see it". A little dose of hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement from Daddy seem to make it all better for her as she then walks away smiling and happy as she can be. As for my son's pee wee football team...well they've managed a measly 1-8 record and are still going to the playoffs (everyone gets in). Hopefully they will have some type of mercy rule or something to that effect because his team has lost by an average of 32 points a game and I don't see things changing anytime soon. We need some new coaches badly! Anybody up for it? You cannot have a productive offense when you run the same plays over and over. Let's run it to the left...let's run it to the left again....let's run it to the left one more time. His football team has run up more negative yardage than any other team that has tons positive yardage. When you have 2nd and 25 and then 3rd and 35 you seem to just keep going that way. Then the kids are fumbling WAY too much. These kids are supposed to be learning the fundamentals and then you come to find out that some of the coaches never played football...makes you want to have some heads rollin! Poor kids!


James said...

I know how you feel. I'm coaching my boys' flag football team this year. Of course, they're at an age where we're still reminding them which direction to run. But it's crazy. I think I'm more exhausted at the end of the game than they are.

What age group is pee-wee football?

The Big Kahuna said...

7-9 yrs old and under 110 pounds

James said...

That's a great age group to be teaching the kids. There are so many fun drills to do and things to try.

We have rules where everyone plays and everyone has to carry the ball twice a game.