Monday, October 26, 2009

Eli Manning.... ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Manning 2009 1st 5 gms
Comp pct 64.4
Yards/gm 242.4
TD-Int 10-2
Passer rtg 111.7

Manning 2009 Last 2 gms
Comp pct 48.5
Yards/gm 210.5
TD-Int 2-4
Passer rtg 53.6

ELI.... INT's will not help us any.

Jeff Feagles did not do his best punting in this game at all.

The Cardinals used a hybrid 3-4 defense that kept disrupting the Offense and forcing Manning to throw quicker than he had to and not getting a good setup. The Cardinals defense just kept alternating blitzes of 5 man rushes and sending multiple extra defenders into the coverage areas. The Cardinals are team you cannot take lightly anymore.

Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith...Amazing grabs but do a little better getting the separation from the cornerbacks.

Brandon Jacobs found the endzone today. Glad to see he remembered what it looked like. Now if he could just find it a little bit more often that would be a big plus.

Bradshaw did not have a good game at all and fumbled.

The Giants are not playing with urgency.

The Eagles are next week.

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