Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forgotten Rookie of the Week

Limas Sweed was taken 53rd overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2008 NFL Draft. Going into the 2009 Training Camp, Sweed faced competition for the 3rd wide receiver position between veteran Shaun McDonald and rookie Mike Wallace. Sweed entered the season as the 4th receiver, rarely playing in the first 3 games. However, he dropped a pass in Week 3 which, had he held on to, would have been a touchdown.[11] The following week, Sweed was demoted to 5th on the depth chart, and deactivated. Shaun McDonald took his place. For Week 5, Sweed was re-installed to his 4th receiver spot.

Sweed has yet to produce nor live up to the expectations of the Pittsburgh faithful. I am so glad that I sold this card when I did because it just keeps dropping in value like his attempts at catching passes.

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