Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhh yessss.......Mr. Brett "I can do no wrong" Favre has come out of his retirementive ways yet again to show us that an old man can truly take another team down the historic path to the holy "Super Bowl". What happens if this experiment fails? What if Favre does not get his daily Metamucil and becomes "backed up"? It's bad enough that Brett Favre qualifies for the "cash for clunkers" program. If Favre were to become injured that means Sage will come in and try to rescue the team until Sage comes to his senses and realizes that he is not the Jedi Apprentice everyone expects him to be since Favre is his Jedi Master. Sage will quietly go and sit down on the bench and begin to suck his thumb and look for a ball to fumble after realizing his skills are feeble. This in turn will regulate the quarterback position to the one....the only.....BOOTY MASTER aka JOHN DAVID BOOTY (Tarvaris Jackson will be a part of the nation's unemployment percentage by Friday anyhow). However back to Brett Favre (he is the news)! What are some things that might be bigger than Brett Favre's ego? Let's see:

A. An extremely large man (500lbs) jumping belly first into a children's swimming pool?
B. Martha Stewart's ego?
C. John Madden's ego?
D. Paris Hilton's ego?
E. The Pope's ego?
F. The last turd that came out of Childress?
G. Nancy Grace's ego?
H. The Eiffel Tower?
I. Niagara Falls?
J. Scott Boras's ego?
K. Bigfoot?
L. Someones ex-wife mother in law?
M. John Holmes?
N. Ron Jeremy?
O. Beckett Sports?
P. Topps?

Unfortunately none of the above mentioned item's can compare to Favre's ego. Did they sign Favre so we could hear John Madden talk about Brett all the time (it's his mancrush)? Will Brett Favre get to have his revenge? Will Brett Favre zigged when he should've zagged? Will Brett Favre ever leave the NFL? Not soon enough.


Kajirus said...

Who cares? If the guys wants to play and the team wants him, what's the big deal? He is fun to watch, the MIN vs GB games will be bigger events, and just being on the team is certain to help tickets sales and national tv exposure. The Media whining over Favre is 1000 times worse than his indecision.

And can you imagine if he wins a Super Bowl? What will everyone say then? It could happen. That was a pretty good Vikes team, outside of QB. And like him or hate him, the guy has both experience and an arm. What a story that would be. Favre wins as many Lombardi Trophies with Minnesota as he did with Green Bay! That is NFL legend stuff. And it would take Min-GB rivalry to new heights.

Welcome back, Brett!

The Big Kahuna said...

OH I won't disagree with you and I hope something does come good out of it. He is a legend by all means. It's just all of the fun for the media circus that comes with this and in a small way I hope he does shove it down Green Bay's throat for the way they exited him. However on a side note....Favre does have a big Ego. I do always play devil's advocate and I do hope he does succeed with Vikings or else I'm afraid it may haunt him for quite some time if it's a complete disaster. Only time will tell so now I will listen to John Madden talk about Brett Favre.

The Big Kahuna said...

BTW you also stole my comment from Gellman's page about what I said he would do for the economy of Minnesota! LOL!!!