Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's over.....Finally done.....It is complete.

Yesterday was the closing of another chapter in my life........helping with coaching my daughter and her softball team mates. Thanks to "Mother Nature" this past spring most of our games had to be rescheduled and since May 16th we have had a game almost every day or prolonged practices. This past weekend wrapped up our playoff system and despite the girls playing their little hearts we couldn't advance past round three. The tournament started on Friday night and we lost the first game but it was a double elimination so we still had a second life to play on Saturday. Well......wouldn't you know ended up raining on Saturday and everything was moved to Sunday and the time limits were shortened for the games (basically you got to play 3 innings). I will say one thing: little girls are not meant to play ballgames at 8am on Sunday mornings because that means being there at 7 am and let me tell you there are some cranky 7-12 yr olds at that hour. Unfortunately we fell victim to the time frame and lost that game due to it.

My schedule was at an all time high with work, ballgames, practices, chaperoning school trips, tending to the Future Mrs. Big Kahuna, tending to being called into work on my days off, and somehow managing to find a little time to get some sleep in between the craziness. Now I will finally have a chance to get caught back up with everything as my son will be finishing out his ball season on next Friday and then their playoffs begin that following Saturday.

BRIAN-PLAY AT THE PLATE: I received a package in the mail from you on monday and just got to it today. Thank you my friend for filling in my checklists. I will return the favor! BTW Your prize package was shipped out today! Sorry for it being a little late but we wanted to add a few more goodies before it shipped out. The lady at the post office asked how the box could be so heavy for the flat rate priority mail. She asked me if I had weights in it and I said, "No ma'am......just sportscards".

I had emailed a few bloggers requesting some addresses and I did not forget about you! The little surprise packages I have for you are going out the end of the week. I'm just playing catch up with everything and the kids were filling up the bubble mailers today.

BTW.....DID YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND WHY I ASKED IN THE LAST CONTEST I HAD: HOW MANY GAMES WILL IT TAKE TILL BRYCE HARPER GETS SUSPENDED? There is always a reason for the method of my madness. Bryce Harper is Capt. Attitude (especially with that gay porn-stache he was sporting). He's so macho he even blew the pitcher a kiss!

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Play at the Plate said...

I'm glad I could help a little. I can't wait for that monstrous prize box !!