Thursday, October 12, 2017!

Oh sweet lord..............I'm still alive and kicking. I have gone through so many life changes in the last year that it might make some people's head spin. I had to change careers and then I had to change homes and say goodbye to the wildness and say hello to having neighbors and being part of a community again. I guess no more peeing out in the yard with the dog anymore as the neighbors and their kids might find it offensive (maybe that's why they were looking at me in a funny manner the first few days). Oh yeah.......neighbors......UGHHHH! For 11 years I enjoyed peace and quiet with the bears and the snakes and the sounds of mother nature's finest eating other animals. Instead of hearing the coyotes running around in the woods chasing after their dinner, now all I hear is kids screaming across the road from me in this lovely small community. Oh and let us not forget the lovely sounds of the thumping bass emanating from some guy's chevy celebrity every time he pulls into the community. I swear he's got a $1,000 system in a $425 vehicle. You can hear that car a mile down the road and you can hear the trunk rattling. I just might have to set off an EMP grenade one of these days. So for therapy purposes and so that I do not pee in the yard outback, I have returned to writing on here again. Let's take a brief look at the NY GIANTS:

0-5 for the season so far.
lost 4 wide receivers in one game all to ankle injuries.
Lost O'dell Beckham, Brandon Marshall, and Dwayne Harris for the season. Sterling Shepard is a question mark.
Ereck Flowers still sucks as lineman.
Coach McAdoo Wackadoo enjoys throwing Manning under the bus.
Coach McAdoo cannot make the right calls at the right time.
Coach Wackadoo needs to be released along with Reese and Flowers

God I hope this NFL season is over very very very soon.

Ok.....rant over.

Well.......more to come now that I have time for this again.

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Fuji said...

Glad to hear you're alive and kickin'!