Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The results are in and the winners of the 1982 YUGO is.......

Here is the list of people who entered via comments:

1. Night owl
2. Captain Canuck
3. High-Five Man
4. Greg Zawkin
5. Ryan H.
6. The Lost Collector
7. Irondequoit36
8. Dhoff
9. The Dimwit
10. The Angels In Order
11. BA Benny
12. Chunter
13. AdamE
14. Richard Nebe Jr.
15. Wilson
16. Joe Average Card Collector
17. Play at the plate
18. Skroeker
19. The Brooklyn Met
20. Jeff Wilk
21. Cynicalbudda

AND NOW the first winner of our two showcase showdown is: 

GREG ZAWKIN is our first winner! He also receives a bonus for tweeting to topps about the contest!

Once again there are two prizes so we need 2 winners so we will turn to the RANDOM.ORG GODS again for a second winner and that person is:

RYAN H is our second winner!

BUT WAIT..............there is one more consolation prize winner to be declared and after a few more shuffles that winner is:

 MR. BA BENNY......come on down!

Congratulations to all who won and a big "thank you" and a round of applause to all of those who entered. What I will need then from the winners is the following:

favorite player and team (your choice of FB or Baseball)

email that info with the title in the subject line: Contest Winner to my email: hertzog27@msn.com

Thanks for following! Aloha!



Greg Zakwin said...

woooo! thanks for the contest! e-mail sent with the requested info!

Play at the Plate said...

Thanks for the contest!

Chunter said...

DUDE I wanted a Yugo so bad....

The Big Kahuna said...

I can sell you the matchbox version!

BA Benny said...

Sweet, thanks for the contest!