Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picks for NFL Week 3: WE NEED NEW REFS!

 ATTN: contest winners- your prize packages are almost completely put together and will be mailed out on friday morning September 21!

Well here's what I had picked for this past weeks NFL picks:

Chicago at Green Bay                                      GREEN BAY    W
Tampa Bay at NY Giants                                  NYGIANTS      W
New Orleans at Carolina                                  CAROLINA- UPSET PICK   W
Arizona at New England                                   NEW ENGLAND  L
Minnesota at Indianapolis                                  MINNESOTA    L
Baltimore at Philadelphia                                   BALTIMORE    L
Kansas City at Buffalo                                      BUFFALO        W
Cleveland at Cincinnati                                     CINCINNATI    W
Houston at Jacksonville                                     JACKSONVILLE   L
Dallas at Seattle                                                DALLAS               L
Washington at St. Louis                                    WASHINGTON    L
NY Jets at Pittsburgh                                        NY JETS             L
Tennessee at San Diego                                    SAN DIEGO      W
Oakland at Miami                                             MIAMI               W
Detroit at San Francisco                                   SAN FRANCISCO  W
Denver at Atlanta                                              DENVER                L

My stats for the season so far go like this:
week 1: 6-10
week 2: 8-8

Now here's the BIG KAHUNAS picks for week 3 of the NFL:


Giants at Panthers                                       NY GIANTS
Buccaneers at Cowboys                             TAMPA BAY
Rams at Bears                                            CHICAGO
49ers at Vikings                                          SAN FRANCISCO
Lions at Titans                                             DETROIT
Bengals at Redskins                                    WASHINGTON
Chiefs at Saints                                            NEW ORLEANS
Jets at Dolphins                                           MIAMI
Bills at Browns                                            BUFFALO
Jaguars at Colts                                           INDIANAPOLIS
Eagles at Cardinals                                      ARIZONA
Falcons at Chargers                                     SAN DIEGO
Texans at Broncos                                       HOUSTON
Steelers at Raiders                                      SQUEELERS
Patriots at Ravens                                        RAVENS
Packers at Seahawks                                  GREEN BAY

Those are my picks and that's what I'm sticking with!

On a side note, I wrote a poem to Roger Goodell about the replacement refs and it went something like this:

The happiest time of the week for me
is when the NFL would play on sundays,
But the refs threw the flag on the season
because for them it's all about the money.

Replacement refs are calling ghostly penalities
and giving one of the teams an extra "TIME OUT",
Now they're calling an incomplete pass a fumble
and letting Jake Locker's shoulder pop out and about.

Players are having their helmets removed via foot job
and then they get smacked with a penalty for removing it,
Letting the clock run when it should've been stopped
and not knowing how to spot a yard instead of an inch you idiot.

The refs should be so lucky they have survived
and week three is coming around the bend,
One ref was busted for being a proud Saints fan
So the NFL tossed his ass to the curb end over end.

The replacement refs know they hold some power
to determine the outcome and cover all of the bets,
We'll pull some strings and make a sick wad of cash
and how Tim Tebow will never quarterback for the Jets.

We'll let the horse collar tackle slide this time
and turn a blind eye to the QB getting illegally hit,
We'll screw up a few calls when the defense looks too good
and then call out some infractions that were not legit.

One ref says, " hey McCool you need 4 more yards"
because in my fantasy league I chose you in the draft,
For every first down and closer to 100 yards you get
that's more money for me while the others get the shaft.

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