Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. His defense attorney Joe Amendola was not much help offering comments like this:

But Joe Amendola is a defense lawyer, representing Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coordinator accused of raping children under his care. And Amendola seems to think he’s starring in a soap.
When asked Tuesday if he’d put Sandusky on the witness stand, Amendola said something astonishing.
“Stay tuned,” he teased reporters. “Come on, it’s like a soap, you have to wait and see.”
“Is it ‘Days of Our Lives’?” a reporter asked.
“I think it’s ‘General Hospital,’ ” Amendola said. And then he added, “Actually, it could be ‘All My Children.’ ”
“All My Children?” There were 10 boys who believed Sandusky cared about them when they were part of The Second Mile, Sandusky’s charity for at-risk youth. They were children once. As men, they testified against Sandusky. They testified that Sandusky put his hands on them and raped them in the showers at Penn State, groped them at university facilities, initiated oral sex at his home on sleepovers.
And Sandusky’s lawyer makes jokes about “All My Children.” 

or another bright eyed one like this:

Outside the courthouse, defense attorney Joe Amendola said: "Jerry's indicated he's disappointed with the verdict. Obviously he has to live with it."

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Either way his lawyer is going to file an appeal because he felt he didn't receive a fair trial. I think his attorney has run out of ideas to keep his client afloat in the sea of shit he created! 

However this is just the beginning of the storm that is going to come forth into HAPPY VALLEY. Let us not forget about the attempted cover up at Penn State by a few administration members and their pending court cases and the potential outcome for that bologna. I'm also quite sure the NCAA will have something to hand down to PSU once their investigation is complete. PSU was SUCCESSFUL in covering up Jerry "tickle monster" Sandusky and that is far more damaging than a pay-for-play player or receiving booster money or other perks. Or is it fair to say that PSU will not be sanctioned by the NCAA because it did not break any NCAA rules? Will the NCAA turn it's head and just say, "oh a two year probation will work"? Who knows? I do know that the number of pending civil suits currently against PSU is going to probably result in raising the cost of tuition but the Administration Board will just say that it's covered by blah blah blah insurance. you guys haven't lied before.

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