Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shameless Plugging: What I have on EBAY as of now

It's time again for me to dig deep into the collection and sell off some cards that will allow me to do what I need to in order to help make "ends meet" for the month. There was a few unexpected bills for the month that caught us off-guard and things are already tight enough now as it is.......ugghhh! Sigh......that is life sometimes.

1. My Ebay id is: hertz27
2. Take a look at what I have to offer as there is certified auto's from football and baseball players!
3. If you already follow my blog and should happen to win one or more of my auctions then mention it on the checkout for a discount on your total purchase price!

Thanks for taking the time to look. There will be more items listed over the next few days.

1 comment:

Brad's Blog said...

I was looking through your ebay stuff. What would it take for you to take down the 2010 Bowman Platinum Ryan Howard Phillies jersey autograph refractor #605/740. I would like that card but i despise the fact ebay has paypal fees and ebay fees. I can paypal gift you the money and then you can just mail it out if thats cool. Let me know what a fair price to you would be. Thanks

shoot me an e-mail brauer144 at gmail dot com