Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The article as found on Topps web blog!

The much anticipated 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball officially streets today (4/27) and overall the product looks great, but it has come to our attention  that not all hobby boxes include the originally solicited 2 Autograph & 2 Relic guarantee (some  contain 3 Relics & 1 Autograph).  Any customer missing an autograph from their box will be taken care of.  Please mail in the box’s UPC code to Topps to receive a Gypsy Queen replacement autograph card. Please Send to:

The Topps Company Inc.
PO BOX  2036
Duryea, PA  18642

So now you have to spend more money sending in for the crap-shoot auto you didn't get when they had the "EMAIL" system set up in place to cover this well botched quality control issue. How can such a delayed product like this one have this kind of a mess up? Kudos to Topps for stepping in quickly again to fix a "quality control" issue. However just because Topps has stepped up to quickly "correct" the situation does not mean they're going to fall back into the "good graces" of the hobby enthusiasts. It's also apparent that topps are giving you less product then advertised if you're a set builder. How many other times has this happened where they're selling something that does not match the advertised sell sheets? You're getting about 350 cards instead the advertised 450. FAIL! NOT WINNING!


Joe S. said...

So stop buying it. Problem solved. P

The Big Kahuna said...

Oh I didn't buy any of that stuff! I won't even touch it. I just think it's funny Topps has another FAIL on it's hands. The kids and I are mainly focused on Chrome instead.