Saturday, February 20, 2010

Topps Platinum Blaster Box = LOADED

Today I visited the Altoona Target store with my son and daughter in tow. We walked by the card isle and it was Christmas time all over again for these two children of mine. They gazed upon the cards and then I must've heard "Dad can I have this" a million times. I had to whip out a flurry's of "NO's" by the boatload. However after receiving the dreaded, "4 brown eyes stare" from them and then I glanced at a box of cards in my daughter's hand I gave in and said, "yes" to them picking up a blaster box of Topps Platinum. Well for once saying, "yes" paid off and I mean it PAID OFF by the boatloads.

You get 8 packs total per blaster box and one rookie card per pack. Well this must've been one heck of a hot box because what you see here is exactly what we pulled from this box. There is supposed to be one rookie per pack and we pulled 4 James Davis cards, 2 Matthew Stafford cards, and 2 Heyward-Bey cards. Talk about collation issues...where do I begin?

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