Friday, February 19, 2010

Chicken Scratch

Ryan Alexander Gordon Smyth is a Left Winger who currently plays for the L.A. Kings. Smyth was selected in the 94'draft by the Edmonton Oilers where he played 12 seasons. He then played for NY Islanders and the Colorado Avalanche before playing with the LA Kings. He is also known as "Captain Canada" due to his participation in the Olympics/World Championships.

Ryan's autograph looks like the result of getting slapped upside the head by Todd Bertuzzi's hockey stick. The only legible letter in this autograph is apparently the "R". You can also identify his jersey number "94" as well. As for the last name signature portion...I have no clue. Over the years he's had the same consistent signature so there's really no chance of him making it any more legible apparently. I'd say this signature was slapped off the goal post.

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